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  1. December 7th, 1941 the Imperialist nation of Japan screwed up bigger than any nation God or any other power has ever put forth on this earth.
  2. Tieberion

    Losing intrest

    Holy wall of text Batman. All I can offer is their are fun, good changes and events on the horizon starting with Christmas. Take a week off, no one says you have to be here everyday, even in Supertest we have burnout from all the things we test and will take a break, or sit a round out. It happens in every game eventually, but hope to see you back sailing soon!
  3. Just saw World of Warships is supported in Ansel how, and was wondering if anyone had taken shots to try it out yet, if so, please post them up! For more information on GeForce Ansel: https://www.geforce.com/whats-new/articles/ansel-revolutionizing-game-screenshots
  4. This is an idea I can get behind. Most toxicity comes from the first few killed players.
  5. It means DD's can walk up and slap a BB with 12-85 torpedoes then disappear quietly into the night, err smoke.
  6. A complete CV rework. All ships, and AAA in the game will be rebalanced so there are no more Graf Z's in the world.
  7. Random teams in tier X. The way statistics work, most log off after 1 win followed by a 5-6 loss streak. Had those same players not logged off after the losing streak, they "should" have an eventual win streak for the day to match the game day out at roughly 50%, possibly higher if playing with clan mates.
  8. Just been picking up spare crates and hoping for/using the uber flags from them.
  9. Tieberion

    Best Secondary Ship?

    Maas if you want a primary secondary build, after it is German Ships like Tirpitz.
  10. Tieberion

    Bonus Code 04 Oct 2018

    Thanks for being the hero we need.
  11. Tieberion

    Ships that have me tearing my hair out.

    Seattle. Save your hair and flair and FXP to tier X.
  12. Tieberion


    We still have it to test the early, buggy stuff and work through that. But WG can only get so much info from us there, so the ships are tested on live for a set period of time for WG to get "the real numbers" that go into a ships final form.
  13. Tieberion

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Normally I wouldn't reply to a troll post like this, but I will use this as a learning and communication tool. Supertesters come from all walks of the game. Some only play DD, BB, CA, CV and hate one class or all the others. We're allowed to have personal opinions. But when it comes time to test, every ship gets a fair and balanced review by the group, we play it for balance, for its strengths, and weakness. Usually we get it right after the Devs combine our feedback, sometimes wrong, but usually we will test every ship twice or more so you get it bug free and ready to fight.
  14. Tieberion

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I couldn't agree more.