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  1. Tieberion

    Anchors Away Tour Stop 7: USS Alabama Oct. 12th!

    Was great Fun meeting everyone, and congratulations again to all thd Epic Card Ship winners I enjoyed giving you all the ship! Don't forget to thank the Devs that puled it together for us: Karmat1ka, Femennenly, _irony_, and TheURLGuy
  2. Tieberion

    Alaska in premium shop now.

    Time to have a limited run of MissourI in the Premium Shop.
  3. Tieberion

    This is not fun anymore

    I noticed that this weekend for the first time. There were no close matches, it was a slaughter either 1 side or the other.
  4. Tieberion

    How many is your losing streak?

    Only had time for 2 today, so added to 12 from yesterday including loss from the jaws of victory, I'm down 14 in a row right now. Hopefully tommorrow will change that.
  5. The rework was to help put the CV back in the field, and even it out with most other ships. Say 60k in a bad game to 120k in one of your better games.
  6. Tieberion

    16-inch AP vs cruisers

    Overpen Overpen Overpen Penetration Overpen.......
  7. Tieberion

    Well You got your Wish, CV Rework and AA

    After testing it, I agree slightly with OP, the CV nerf/AA buff has swung the pendulum way to far in favor of the AA, so hopefully WG will look at these numbers and dial it back some.
  8. Tieberion

    Will there be A PT 0.8.0 Part 2?

    Thanks Gneisenau013, looking forward to it!
  9. Tieberion

    Matchmaking - was this a fair match?

    Wow, the opposing team really took ownership of the air, so that gave them a huge advantage.
  10. Tieberion

    Time for a slightly buff...

    omg, what was the name of that car! That's right, The Homer!
  11. Tieberion

    Tirpitz Tuesday!

    Meanwhile, at Operation Crossroads......
  12. It won't fail given time and people playing it who right now just go off videos and what others have said. WG has put alot of time and money into it. Will it be perfect day 1? Nope. But it will be balanced, adjusted, and tweaked as we go along and it becomes part of every day gameplay.
  13. I have friends who served on Wisconsin up till her decommissioning, and the fire control was digitized along with Sat Comms for inputting Tomahawk targets. They had fun cutting some holes in the ships steel to install the air conditioning for the new systems.