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  1. As a ST I loved our Halloween events. Was fun as anything to know I was being hunted. It helped my overall game play though by learning to dodge shots and torpedoes from every angle at once!
  2. Z and then C to switch between individual shells.
  3. Will Alabama Go On Sale?

    Yes and she took up her dry dock spot. Now to get the MA for up close and personal knife fights.
  4. What Class do you Main?

    Aircraft Carriers and Battleships. Though BB'S more these days as I hate sitting in Que for 5 plus minutes to match another high tier CV.
  5. Hood on Sale 2 days in a row?

    It's Atago, a tier 8 at 30% off today.
  6. Warship Wednesday - USS Atlanta

    I just bought two at full price....... One for me and one for my disabled navy vet buddy... They should really list these. Can any Community Managers answer will I get my account suspended if I do a charge back with my CC for the difference since it's only been 3 days?
  7. Is this game full of haters?

    Sadly unless I'm playing with friends I just ignore chat, unless it's to use the report button for someone crossing the line. Sometimes a match will start off with lots of good lucks from both sides, then devolve into anger after the first ship is lost.
  8. Ramming Flag?

    I ended up using them tonight in Clan battles as I was averaging 3 kills a game in the Montanna, then in the higher matches everyone decided to ram the montanna to get it out of the way. Survived a Moskava hit, only to be rimmed 10 seconds later by the Yammy behind it. Was definitely a fun night for ramming speed.
  9. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    Let's just hope she's not gated behind Steel, as she is one of the most hyped ships for all player levels of all time.
  10. Missouri as a store premium. They could fund a year of operations off her alone.
  11. No. Torpedo spam is already bad enough, no need to make the map unplayable with a wall of torpedoes in every sector in a 5 DD on 5 DD match of all Kit Kats.