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  1. Missouri prints out credits like CVS reciet slip, but isn't available right now. Alabama and the upcoming Massachusetts should be decent.
  2. Any chance this means Enterprise or Saipan will be making a store appearance this Friday Gneisenau013?
  3. why does t6 get EFFED by mm?

    So basically we all want the same thing. A MM that is skill based 8 and up, but tier based 7 and lower?
  4. T10 CV vs Musashi

    Man I'd have lived to had my Midway in a game that good. Kudos on the Alpha Strikes survival!
  5. Cleveland is great, until she is thrown into a tier X that is BB heavy.
  6. I pay for premium time, and if the shop ever has a ship I like I'll pick that up. Otherwise everything is pretty much even ground, no gold rounds like tanks thank Neptune.
  7. I'm drinking sun made sweet tea as we speak Radar.
  8. This weeks ships are horrible. and their trying to push the Kidd even though it's in the boxes, and a meh' destroyer at best? Give us the high tier stuff next week please. Please.
  9. The ships really stink, pretty much all low tier, and things that have been around awhile.
  10. Worth Buying?

    This week's ship additions really stink. Why add the Kidd when it's already in the boxes, and rarely played?
  11. A skill match maker would be nice for learning, maybe up to t7 at least. As a ST I've played every ship in game, sometimes till my eyes and brain bleed. DD'S are my favorite for raw dps and first kill, but in all honesty with the t8/9/10 power creeps they really do need a strong counter. I know dd mains scream till their blue in the face, because they can't sit still in smoke and shoot and torp, but it's good for the game as a whole, and that's the main point. What's good for everyone.
  12. As long as DD's have "skill walls" radar shouldn't be touched. They already have low detection, can fire stealth, and high tiers can put out a skill wall of 18 torpedoes. How DD'S are not considered game breaking at T8 plus is still a mystery, and radar is the one factor to even the field. DD gets spotted and shot at, but has already released the Kraken. Y for engine boost and their out of radar range and smoke up.
  13. Yeah I've been here since Alpha Alpha and am currently an ST so have seen and worked with just about if not every premium ever. They have enough to keep putting out every week into July, so was waiting to see if they had a nice list up for us again.
  14. Or is this week gonna be guesswork and just checking the store in Friday?