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  1. mohawkdriver

    Torpedo traveled through an island.

    It's the new subsurface, subterranean torpedo. Didn't you get the memo?
  2. mohawkdriver

    Having a horrible time lately

    There is absolutely no hope. Play Co-op.
  3. Get the Smolensk. You can thank us later.
  4. mohawkdriver

    Alsace naked

  5. mohawkdriver

    Veteran: No camo and no flag :(

    Did you check your flags section? It should be there. As for the camo, check the camo section for that ship.
  6. mohawkdriver

    Smolensk needs biggest buff.

    I fully endorse this proposal. Smolensk sucks in its current state. WG must buff now.
  7. Sure. Write something in red font, insult someone, or name and shame. The mods will be in touch almost immediately.
  8. mohawkdriver


    Don't sail into friendly torps fired in my direction because of a lack of situational awareness. Got it.
  9. mohawkdriver

    Retiring my GK

    First of all, Smolensk is not invisible. If someone does a range build, they MIGHT be out of visual range for only a couple salvos. Where the Smolensk does well is hiding in smoke, which is what the Brit CL's do, but no one cries about that anymore.
  10. mohawkdriver

    Retiring my GK

    More whining about the Smolensk...maybe have some cheese with that whine.
  11. mohawkdriver

    Smolensk Breaks Game for Me

    Yes, people do it all the time with results.
  12. mohawkdriver

    Bad Ideas For WOWS (Humour)

    Completely agree with Number 3. My Friesland already has missile tubes mounted and ready to deal destruction to all types of ships, including submarines.
  13. mohawkdriver

    To the Commander of the 007th

  14. I signed up for the first round. I really hope I get invited this time.