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  1. First t10 and perma camo!!!

    I use the perma camo on my Hindenburg and you're right, it makes one helluva difference. I will eventually get it for my Minotaur, Moskva, and Des Moines.
  2. How many parts to Indy Marathon?

    Point taken.
  3. How many parts to Indy Marathon?

    I'm a bit torqued that I can't even do the missions for the Indy. I got the ship in a Xmas box a year or so ago for $5. But I don't get to at least earn the equivalent in gold.
  4. I would put 20" guns with a 3-second reload time on my Udaloi. Five-second turret swing.
  5. God-like play. Well done. My Des Moines makes me sploosh.
  6. What Happened to the Cleveland?

    She's fun in Co-op, but gets hammered in Randoms.
  7. I've noticed the same thing Blasto mentioned, except it seems Collision Avoidance wants to turn the longest distance to avoid an OP island and I have to take control.
  8. American Cruiser split - why?

    True, but I'm wondering why the Buffalo came to the port fully upgraded, while the Cleveland now requires a hull an other items to the tune of a lot of XP. Why did the Buffalo come in one piece while the Cleve was chopped up, requiring a rebuild?
  9. American Cruiser split - why?

    If you have the Des Moines, you get a new Tier IX for free and other cool bonuses. What's the issue?
  10. Beginner Tips on the Algerie?

    Algerie is a support ship until BB's move up and engage, which these days is rare. Because of the latest BB tactics of line riding, you must stay at max distance or get hammered by 16" guns of death.
  11. Radar has ruined dd play

    Radar is life. Radar is good. Learn to deal with it.
  12. Friendly Fire Damage, just remove it

    The mechanic does NOT need to be removed, but maybe a bit of tweaking is in order. This isn't COD.
  13. Pig Check.. Again...

    I played three Tier 10 games yesterday in my Des Moines and Hindenburg, and in all three games the BB's sat at max range and sniped. Wouldn't advance to save their lives. The CL's kept getting targeted when they tried to hunt the DD's and the outcome was inevitable; all three games lost. I just don't get why BB's won't fight.