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  1. mohawkdriver

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    Actually, I have been torped by a bot teammate. We were headed toward a cap and there were NO other enemies around except for the ones in front of us, and he fired a spread to the right and hit two of us.
  2. mohawkdriver

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    Co-op solves all these issues. Works well for me.
  3. mohawkdriver

    Shouldn't Ships Actually be Anchored in Port?

    Our ships use GPS-linked azipods and bow thrusters to keep them in one spot.
  4. mohawkdriver

    Tirpitz B camo

  5. mohawkdriver

    Unicum Kitakaze & How WoWS Meta is Devolving

  6. Just the sound of the crack of the rifles is worth the coal...
  7. mohawkdriver

    Shot at & torpedoed, not so friendly fire.

    If you didn't report him for this incident, you are part of the problem.
  8. mohawkdriver

    Musashi, Jean Bart, or Salem for fun?

    I don't have Salem yet, but the Musashi and Jean Bart are both great fun. The crack of the Musashi's rifles makes me moist.
  9. The bigger they are, the brighter they burn.
  10. mohawkdriver

    I'm Sorry but this game is all about the DD

    Download and use WASD HAX.exe
  11. mohawkdriver

    Happy new year!

    Happy New Year, and Happy Drunkeness!!!!
  12. mohawkdriver

    Need some Help

    Hello All, As I'm not computer savvy, can someone tell me how to clear the cache files on WoWS? Thanks and Happy New Year!
  13. mohawkdriver

    What ship you go sicko mode in?

    Hindenburg, Worchester, Des Moines.
  14. mohawkdriver

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!!