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  1. Like a ghost ship I have returned from the depths of the sea! You might see me floating around the game since I'll have to go through everything again

    1. GravyDave1


      Welcome back.

  2. came back like 3-4 months after I vanish and I know little about the game now XD oh well time to fade away again ......................

  3. computer kind of broke so I won't get to play for a while :/

  4. Dream big, why would you imagine in such a small place anyway?

  5. So much stuff going on this week :/

    1. dirtymax


      Then sit back & relax in your free time? :P

  6. Lurkin' on all dem threads

  7. What's on Your mind?

  8. 1970: Diana Ross and the Supremes perform their Final concert

  9. reached 300 rep, I guess that's a good thing

  10. if you are trying to get from point A to point B by cutting the distance between the two. you will never get there.

  11. just when you've pondered everything, someone new gives you something else to think about

  12. See you weekend Beta Testers on the next weekend test or the CBT!

  13. There's fictional facts, but is there factual fiction?

  14. Your hardest critic is yourself

  15. What's on your mind??