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    Premium Carriers - More players than you think..

    Picked up GZ today as I've been trying to nab her for awhile now, and it just feels strange. The speed is nice, but it also makes the rocket planes feel nearly unusable due to their bad speed. The torpedoes have a rated damage at about 4.6k but 80% seem to do about 2.3k, that is when they do hit. I've got torp. acceleration on but trying to hit stuff just feels off with this, but from what I've seen its drop is similar to Lexington's which I'm unfamiliar with so this is just an experience problem on my end. Dive bombers seem cool, same speed as the torp. bombers but for the love of God I can't seem to get that second bomb to hit. It just does not want to land on any ship I put the reticle on. Overall this ship just feels uncomfortable to me, but that's probably on account of me being accustomed to Saipan which overall I find a better ship. Zeppelin's vastly superior plane regen is nice but in the planes just feel worse overall, even with their insane speed (which I grant is absolutely fantastic, crossing the map has never been easier). Saipan hits harder with 4 torps (and with better damage per torp.) in what I find is a better drop pattern, has better rocket planes especially in regards to speed and uses HE bombers that drop 4 bombs per attack (I'm trying to like the AP bombers but it just isn't working for me, but Enterprise's seem interesting on account of the second bomb per plane). GZ just isn't what I thought it'd be, I'm finding myself struggling to do damage that makes it worth taking out over Saipan as in that I feel that I can actually drop enemies HP by a respectable amount, rather than relying on death by a thousand paper cuts with GZ's torps. But again this is my experience with the ship and I haven't gotten a good play style down with it, but with what some others here are saying I might recommend staying off GZ for awhile to see how stuff shakes out.