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About Me

Long haired country.I was born in Addison Mich.3/10/55  I spent the next 11-12 years outside Plainwell and Martin MI. Small towns back in the late 50's early 60's. Even back then went to neighbors  and helped on their farm.

Greenview IL where I graduated high school and Sweetwater IL, where my dad was buying 3 lots, were small small, Sweetwater was a no blink town, but did have a post office. 

And while I can take big cities, Sarasota FL, Jacksonville FL, San Antonio TX. I'm liking where I live now. It's not so small, but it's a country town to me.


And to, me country isn't being country western so much. Still I learned to 2 step some where in there, some what. And have some western style hats and clothes. But I've not rode a horse since I was 12.


Currently and since 2002 I've been on full disability for Major Depression with some other issues, determined by a battery of tests by about 4 doctors to be a real problem not alcohol or drug related here in Texas while I was still living in San Antonio. And since around 2012 I've stopped doing any type of odd jobs and become a more or less full time gamer.

Playing games is nothing more than a hobby. But winning is everything, above all the kills and medals, to me. But I'll take all the medals and awards that do come my way.


Started game play on NES, still have an N64 with power pack, a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater2 game but no controllers. Played Sid Meyers CIV II and Out Post 2 on W98, still own those and a copy of MECH Warrior 2, but never played Mech Warrior for some reason, and don't remember where it came from. And there were arcade games in the arcade places etc. Pin ball of course in various places.  


In 2002 after I got awarded disability and got two years of back pay I bought an Xbox and in fact wore 2 Xboxes out, and had all the top titles of that time. Just never played on the internet, not trusting it much then or still. My room mate had an upgraded Win98, I used prior to 2013, and local libraries at times. 


In 2013 I got a HP Compaq desktop with Win XP, upgraded with Vista, turned out it had been owned by an internet gaming place, and didn't have the disc space to fully load WoT, so I had to settle for Face Book games like Kingdoms of Camelot, Kings Road and Ground War Tanks. 


Late 2016 got an ACER Aspire with the Microsoft Graphics and that worked until it wouldn't. May of  2018 I went and started payment on an ASUS GII system running an i7-7700 on NVidia GeForce GTX 1050. That's been a blessing as far as everything to do with gaming.

See some of you in battle. Good luck and have fun.