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  1. IOWADragonCountryOutlaw

    Why no Discord channel.

    I sought, but now; I seek no more.
  2. IOWADragonCountryOutlaw

    Gaming the New Penalty System

    Been and is being done, least ways seems that way.
  3. IOWADragonCountryOutlaw

    Why no Discord channel.

    Been wondering why WoW's doesn't have a Discord channel.
  4. IOWADragonCountryOutlaw

    Godzilla vs. Kong in World of Warships

    Wouldn't mind getting the one for the N.C. Kong. And I don't have and never owned the Amagi.
  5. IOWADragonCountryOutlaw

    I had fun.

  6. IOWADragonCountryOutlaw

    Replays once again.

    The file path I had to take with this Win 10 crap boogies description. But I found a way to drag a file to the right place. And files upload to WoWS Replays. Good luck opening a download. SHOULD I have a battle worth sharing.
  7. IOWADragonCountryOutlaw

    Replays once again.

    It's not letting me. Why the heck they won't copy WoT's method is beyond me. I'll try to up load to the replay site as a test next. But this is ridiculous in 2020. Can't imagine this generation thinking they can control AI with programming experts that can't let a person open a simple file without drama.
  8. IOWADragonCountryOutlaw

    Current top tier ships

    Still got a ways to go on many ships.
  9. IOWADragonCountryOutlaw

    Replays once again.

    The WoWa EXE file was not to be found. Was not showing in the file path. Either support has no answer or they're ignoring the issue. It' seems. Currently re installing the client. It may be a Windows problem. But need support to see what they say.
  10. IOWADragonCountryOutlaw

    Replays once again.

    That's true, it's not like I have a lot of good battles but having replays is nice, and supposed to be a feature. So they should frigging work. This day and age who the fk they kidding.
  11. IOWADragonCountryOutlaw

    Replays once again.

    And support sends that message,
  12. IOWADragonCountryOutlaw

    Replays once again.

    That file is missing. At least unable to find it.
  13. IOWADragonCountryOutlaw

    Replays once again.

    This might be a Windows issue, but even so it's WoW's and hopefully fixable. Replays won't open.
  14. IOWADragonCountryOutlaw

    Replays: How to enable

  15. IOWADragonCountryOutlaw

    Replays: How to enable

    Had a how to guide I could view here in forums someone gave me. It's been deleted to clean up space I guess. So one more time can someone post the simple way. I've tried dragging files but not found the right path.