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  1. IOWADragon

    Once again. PT problems

    I'd noticed that info was being gathered and therefore didn't say much. Just a few minutes ago I tried and the game center system helped do an update I'd guess. At any rate. THANKS
  2. IOWADragon

    Once again. PT problems

    After a reinstall late last night I got the constant load spinning. Had to use the task manager just to close it out. And this could be over windows issues or WoWs glitches or an outside issue. Don't care, please fix as soon as possible. Or at least compensate.
  3. IOWADragon

    Where's the good link for the pt?

    I had issues again with the PT using the link in game center. I won't go into that in detail here. BUT in my search for the NA official page I keep getting this. To find a link there. Now did I look Hispanic when I was at the USS Texas. I was the long haired guy on the bicycle, wearing an old yellow hoodie. if anyone's watched me on twitch do I even sound Hispanic. Why in the world do I keep getting the Spanish page? I ask.
  4. IOWADragon

    Carriers in PVE

    Noticed that too with the CV's. And I'd read they removed the CV bots due to the recent CV rework. I'm guessing it'll take some time, if ever, to make the new CV's work in co-op. And as to how smart the bots are, I have seen them being played by humans, ie WoWs programmers, no doubt testing the game play. Still yesterday on 2 Brothers, where the co op bots will always go middle, I was in a T6 BB and was close enough to channel to take on 2 bot BB's. I avoided collisions and we broadsided each other in passing and at mid channel I got the bright idea to turn around. Since to continue meant me being out of the fight. Those two bots turned around and came back into the channel, where I got 1 I think and the team finished the other. Had never seen them do that before. Just watched the replay and I was using the P.E. Friedrich going for secondary hits . The bots spawned north and I loaded in very slow due to some issue somewhere. That's why I was in the channel area. So 3 bots a cl , a Friedrich and a Fuso come down the channel. I go in passing the 2 bb's as the cruiser was took out by a Cleveland. I start turning around and someone took out the bot Friedrich and it was a low hp Bismarck and that Fuso that came into channel. And there was a CV on my team, all of us were HUUMANS. Huumans is my play from the movie Enemy Mine I think it was called.
  5. What are recommended settings? I had some issues with Part 2 of the PT and never did get loaded in and addressed that, in the part of the forums for those bugs, after again trying to get help from support viva a ticket. And I remember seeing that my system monitor was showing overloads during the installation and I may have over did things. Below are the settings I was using and just now am thinking I should reduce those settings some.
  6. IOWADragon

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Bugs Report

    This means to me that either the test is over and I was screwed out of a chance to earn Live server rewards. Or at least someone is trying to fix an issue. But it's like the grievers and hackers and all it's only getting boring with it's regularity.
  7. IOWADragon

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Bugs Report

    Tried to see if the client would let me play, about 2 am this Monday morning and since I was in a division over night with one of the CC's on my NA acct, this issue is just the pt. And I hope to get into PT before ya cost me the live server rewards. And ya won't let me post in forums how i really feel about this crap.
  8. IOWADragon

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Bugs Report

    Had reset pc due to a windows update gone bad and been reinstalling clients. This is the result of 2 attempts to install the PT. So someone linked me to this old account that I no longer use. I opened an account to test battle load ins and found a big difference, even bought a Tirpitz for it. But that was back when I was using an ACER desk top with integrated graphics. And reluctantly I realize a lot of my game loading issues were due to those graphics. Now all my wargaming clients are supposed to be under my older main e-mail. Remembered that the ticket required a separate e mail contact. So that response below, is a direct result of that. I'm using my IOWADragon tag in all of the clients, yet they still have me registered to that crimson dragon via my gmail acct.
  9. IOWADragon

    Error notice

    Did an install, twice. Fking hrs wasted because someone can't get their chit right. Or maybe they have.
  10. Arsenal content like coal and steel etc, would keep me and perhaps others from always needing to open the Arsenal just to check amounts if. The amounts were placed on the upper right in port.
  11. IOWADragon

    Sound Issues

    Been losing gunfire sound off and on with other ships, even after this latest update. Lost the whole audio once yesterday. Have to exit game and log back in. Seems to be a known bug. As to the Cleveland, other than losing the gunfire part, nothing.
  12. I have the game center installed naturally. I have registered for and played on the PT on and off for over a yr. But full system resets tend to wipe stuff out. Pictures are from the Game Center link.
  13. IOWADragon

    From my point of view.

    Was fun. Thanks WoWs NA
  14. IOWADragon

    USS Texas

    Will post more pictures in an off topic post. The bow on shot was from the road and early morning. Second one took around 9 am. Fog was present.