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  1. Long haired country, which means I'll fight on the drop of a hat if provoked among other things. Just listen to the song and I'm very close to Charlie Daniels' definition.


    Currently and since 2002 I've been on full disability for Major Depression with some other issues, determined by a battery of tests by about 4 doctors to be a real problem not alcohol or drug related here in Texas while I was still living in San Antonio. And since around 2012 I've stopped doing any type of odd jobs and become a more or less full time gamer.


    Started game play on NES, still have an N64 with power pack, a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater2 game but no controllers. Played Sid Meyers CIV II and Out Post 2 on W98, still own those and a copy of MECH Warrior 2, but never played Mech Warrior for some reason, and don't remember where it came from.


    In 2002 after I got awarded disability and got two years of back pay I bought an Xbox 360, one of two before 2009 and wore both of them out, and had all the top titles of that time. Just never played on the internet, not trusting it much then or still or knowing much about the net.


    In 2013 I bought a PC with Win XP, upgraded with Vista, turned out it had been owned by an internet gaming place  In Jackson FL, and didn't have the disc space to fully load WoT, what I wanted to play back then, so I had to settle for other games on facebook for a while.

    Some time late in 2016 on an ACER compact with Intel integrated, as I was unaware of the graphics needed for the high end pc games then, I started World of Warships, where my quest for good clean game play went south and I became a team killer. So much for that idea.

    But quickly learned the error of that and to this day will let myself get killed other than torp some fool wanting to get between me and the other team. Not that accidents don't really happen. Among other things.


    So early 2018 I bought a refurbished Dell and in spite of the question I asked I ended up with more integrated.


    In May this yr, 2018 I went to the local Aarons and  and am renting to own, an ASUS GII system running a i7-7700 processor on NVidia GeForce GTX 1050. I'm a slow learner in areas, always have, in others I can just watch a person and operate machines etc.

    I moved around a lot, 10 separate schools, was held back one year over poor grades, and was expelled from one of two schools I attended in Alpena Mich.

    In 73 I was in Sarasota FL during the school yr, learned form carpentry and joined the FL National Guard when an aunts husband, An ex 82nd AA talked me into joining. 

    That didn't work out but did discharge Honorable. And a few yrs later in an attempt to enlist was turned down due to a hernia.

    So I end up going back to school. and because I was enrolled before my 21st birthday I was allowed to finish. 

    And found a pic of me sometime in 2002. That pc was mine but I gave it to a close friend.

    And since I can not delete these pictures it seem I'm stuck with them posted, but other than any rule violations, I have no issue having some of my life facts known.




    1. RCN_1966FireHorse


      Thanks for sharing mate see you in game.