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  1. They should have sent Ahskance down the road with Sub_Octavian.....
  2. Matt740

    Black nerf

    Yet you put superships in randoms..... You guys are so full of it you can't even keep your excuses aligned with one another. There is no "group" that wants the black nerfed for balance. You're just straight up lying at this point.
  3. Matt740

    Gamebreaking rework

    Funny how that works. WG did the same thing after 0.8.0. Praise was well received, and all the complaints were either deleted or hidden by moving them into a "feedback' forum hundreds of pages long that no one would ever read. I guess they think we don't notice the DMG control they do after enraging the community. It blows my mind how stupid they think we are.
  4. We have 50 people in my clan. So far out of the 50, we have had 1 person on discord who stated that they like the re-work. 1 out of 50. Good job WG........
  5. Matt740

    Santa Crates

    So.... I asked for the refund. I purchased Big and Mega crates. Asked for refund of both and provided screenshots of the purchases. WG agreed to rollback my account. They finally did it yesterday, but only refunded me for the big crates. They didn't even refund the mega crates. At no point did they tell me they were only going to refund the cheapest of the crates I bought. Now my account is reset, and I only got $20 refunded back for big crates. I guess they just decided to steal the money that I gave them for the Mega Crates......
  6. Once you hit Storm - Typhoon you rarely see a match without 4 Venezias on each side. My clan tried to fight the meta but we finally gave in and started running 2 Stalins and 4 Vene's. If you can't beat em join em.
  7. Seriously WG...... Can't you look at the CB line-ups and tell that you have broken the game?
  8. Matt740

    What on Earth happened to this game?

    If you have good stats, you aren't going to hide them because of poor performance in a few battles. If anything those good stats would vindicate your poor performance. Everyone has a bad game every now and then, we all know that. If Dolphin_Princess says something, I tend to pay attention to it. Those stats speak for themselves. If someone with a 300PR tells me something, why on earth would I listen to them? Skill and Experience goes a long way. There is nothing wrong with using skill to validate someones opinion. They obviously know a thing or two or they wouldn't be so good. This is actually a legitimate reason. Some people using MM monitor will focus the unicums because they know they are the biggest threat. But I guarantee you thats not the case with ole KillJoy here. I'll put 10K doubloons on it.
  9. Matt740

    What on Earth happened to this game?

    I never said you were a CV main trying to hide. You hide your stats because you are a bad player, and thats the first thing people throw in your face when you criticize, so you hid them. Just like the rest of the people with private stats. You aren't fooling anyone.
  10. Matt740

    What on Earth happened to this game?

    You could totally make me look like a moron by proving me wrong, but we both know thats not happening. Because I'm right.
  11. Matt740

    What on Earth happened to this game?

    Same excuse as every other stat hider. "To troll people" Yeah right...... We all know the real reason.
  12. Matt740

    What on Earth happened to this game?

    Funny that you and the only other person here sympathetic of the CVs both happen to have private stats....... I wonder why that could be Don't worry, one of these days when they finally run all of the decent players off you and Snargfargle will have the game to yourselves. Then you two won't have to hide your stats anymore.
  13. Matt740

    What on Earth happened to this game?

    Rossman does good work, and stands behind it. And he's not afraid to advertise it either, which is why he's so successful. If he had kept his abilities and talent a total secret from everyone, he would not be in the same boat.
  14. All you have to do is look at OP's other threads and you will see. His losses are WG screwing him cause he didn't buy premium time, or WG screwing him because he doesn't use mods, or WG screwing him because he doesn't use premium consumables, or WG screwing him because the CV let him die and WG didn't punish the CV. If his posts on this forum make anything clear, its that its ALWAYS someone else's fault.