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  1. dust340man

    So, Mogami

    Mogami still sucks and I doubt even when I get a 14pt capt on her she'll be any better. That won't stop the citadels. Worst armor even when angled of any ship I've player so far thru Tier 10. Can't shoot guns in open water, no spotter plane to use, have to hide behind islands. Basically she just sucks except for the occasional decent game. Total disappointment! Grade F and by far the worst Tier 8 cruiser especially when uptiered against T9 and T10 ships.
  2. dust340man

    So, Mogami

    Just got the Mogami recently and now have her fully upgraded but I'm using the 155 guns. First thing I found out is she can't take damage worth a crap and is easily citadeled when exposed. Have to play the island hideout game with her basically but I do like spamming torps with her. I have a 10pt CE captain with the concealment upgrade for around 9km detection. But I'm going to use one of my old ARP Myoko captains in reserve and change him to a IFHE 10 pt captain. My concealment will be less but if I can stay hidden well my damage should increase. I will play both to see which way I like the captain spec'd more.
  3. dust340man

    Now that Never No Longer Means Never

    I'd like to blow up the shore battery in Guns of Navarrone.
  4. dust340man

    Random unsporting warning

    Reported by that poor Bismarck player you demolished. LOL!
  5. dust340man

    Izumo's buffs

    My first stock hull 5 battles were very decent and did 100K plus in one of them. Next 15 games in her were mostly crappy but I got the B-hull upgrade at least now. My 21st battle was like 130K damage and #1 in a random battle. I can see with her it will be hit or miss but no hurry just a slow grind like the Iowa and FDG. Izumo gets focused on a lot if too close as she makes for a good bonfire.
  6. dust340man

    Worcester - Long Range Module?

    Completely destroyed a Worcester with my Hindy the other day. He was running the border of the map and I just stayed around 15-16km nailing him with AP & HE. He couldn't hit me hardly at all at that range.
  7. dust340man

    Queen Elizabeth: The Garbage Scow the DoY Wasn't

    Tried the QE fully upgraded and still hated her so I sold her. I remember the turret traverse just plain sucked. Later on I bought the KGV and said WOW now hear is a fire breathing/spewing ship! Best so far is 19 fires and around 150K damage in random battles.
  8. dust340man

    Baby Ranked party thread

    Though not played as much the Murmansk had one of the highest average damage totals for Tier 5 cruisers it appears. I like playing mine and the spotter plane is a great advantage when used in the right place and time. It felt good to bring her out of port again! Note: Kami R is pretty OP at tier 5 imho.
  9. dust340man

    Is US Cruiser gameplay.. "sad"

    Coming from an average 50% win rate player I'm happy with 40-80K damage done with my cruisers in random battle. Except for my Belfast 100K damage cruisers battles are far and few between for me. Don't have a lot of battles in my Hindenburg yet but have been pleased with the results so far. Very comfortable strong ship to play imho for even an average player.
  10. dust340man

    Izumo's buffs

    Played my first battle today in the Izumo on the Haven map random battle. Just 70K damage/ one citadel inflicted as I laid back most of the game getting used to the ship and we won easily. I thought about taking her out in co-op 1st but just said the heck with it. I went with the Wiki recommended upgrades & captain skills used a spare 10pt captain I had in reserve. I was quite surprised with the gun accuracy and I feel it's better than the Iowa or lower tier Amagi. I went with gun accuracy upgrade on both ships. Seems like I can't hit crap with my Iowa and even do better with my FDG. The Izumo is different for sure and I'm going to play her different laying back at first using her 14km concealment (upgrade & CE) and firing mainly in the 14-18km range till I get the B-hull upgrade. It seems like most people find a good spot to park and shoot for a while instead of a lot of constant movement unlike other faster and more manuverable BBs. Definitely have to watch out for HE spamming ships. I'm grinding through all my Tier 9 BBs no matter how painful. I'll send an update after about 20 battles in her and let you know what I think of her.
  11. dust340man

    Is the KGV worth it? Is it a keeper?

    Sounds like one of the guys that has been torched by a KGV. 😋
  12. My Buffalo has a gun range of 18.0 km with gun range upgrade and 21 km if you use the spotter plane. Personally I like the Buffalo and swap between the radar (use radar mod in slot 2) and spotter plane consumables just for fun. I never played high tier US cruisers before the split so I guess I don't know the difference. I have the Cleveland and Baltimore which I also like but they are tricky to play when uptiered against tier 9 & 10 ships which happens a lot! I do love my Hindenburg more! LOL
  13. dust340man

    Is the KGV worth it? Is it a keeper?

    Agree! It's the one battleship I have that I use HE about 80% of the time cause it's so damn fun! The other day I did 115K damage with 19 fires against 4 ships that I toasted so bad I just let my team mates kill them as I was low health and had to island hide at the end. We won a close random battle on the Haven map. The enemy Fuso player which I harassed and torched for 55K damage finally spotted me and killed me. Only had about 23 battles in her so far but 8-10 have been 100K plus damage.
  14. dust340man

    Ishizuchi Fanclub

    The Zucchini was my first premium ship so I have kept her in port where she normally just sits these days. Just about every random battle I play her in lately there are 1-2 CVs in the battle. Any decent CV player knows to take her out early as she is slightly OP over the other Tier 4 BBs but has hardly any AA defense. Great fire starter and good AP that go good with her buffed gun range. Mainly just play her for fun in co-ops these days when I take her out as I do my ARP Kongos. Tier 6 and higher BBs all see just random battles, ranked and operations.
  15. dust340man

    IFHE on Cleveland

    I took IFHE captain skill over CE on my Cleveland since the Cleveland already had decent concealment with concealment upgrade. You should see a nice boost on HE damage with it and use DE as your 3rd captain skill plus two fire flags so number of fires will be same or better. I really like the Cleveland at tier 8 better than at tier 6 other than getting uptiered to tier 10 battles many times.