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  1. dust340man

    Spotter plane Des Moines...

    I use it at times as it's great when you have a parked enemy BB and you're raining shells from hell down on him. I've done 50-75K HE damage to a guy who just refused to move.
  2. dust340man

    Not liking Fletcher at all

    Any tier 9 ship in any class pretty much sucks till it's fully upgraded.
  3. dust340man

    Hindeberg, Henri & Zao

    Hindy is still good and it just depends on how you spec it out as how well you'll do with it. Good captain skills, reload upgrade, spotter plane upgrade, legendary mod, etc. Great AP shells and she can set fires pretty damn good too! Oh and those torps for when you and the enemy T9-T10 BB get intimate!
  4. dust340man

    Ibuki or Seattle?

    Don't have the Ibuki but imho the Seattle kinda sucks and the grind is tough! To me it's really hard to do any good damage with AP or HE shells. The ship is definitely not working for me. I can play my T8 Cleveland a helluva lot better than my Seattle for some reason. I think that's just the MM the Seattle always sees though. I preferred the T9 Buffalo but sold it when I got my Des Moines. Looking forward to the Worchestershire some day in the far away future.
  5. dust340man

    DD candidates for Tier 7 Ranked Sprint

    Belfast didn't work well when there were no DDs in the battle and no enemy ships were spotted by others once the Belfast smoked up. I like my Belfast in the 9-14km range with friendly DDs or CV planes doing the spotting when my radar is off. I think/know the Belfast works far better in random battles. I played Sharnhorst, KGV, Fiji, Sims and Shiratsuyu besides my Belfast. Didn't try any other T7 cruisers but probably should have just for fun.
  6. dust340man

    Bismarck utterly spanked by Lenin

    It's called Russian bias and all I can say is get used to it. Truthfully I think it's a bunch of crap. Look at the T7 Sinop as it's pretty much OP and was the favorite ship to use in ranked sprint battles. I used my Scharnhorst torps and KGV HE shells against it effectively but those Russian shells sure seem to have an advantage don't they? Can't remember any battles off hand against a Lenin but have gone up against Kremlins many times and usually I die.
  7. dust340man

    Tech Tree Ships for Sale? No Big Deal.

    Good point! I got my [edited]handed to me many times when I first bought my Tirpitz as I was only at Tier 6 in any of the tech trees. I just had to have it though. That was a painful learning experience and now I don't even mind being up tiered against T9 or T10 ships. Tirpitz can hold her own in most circumstances and those torps are fun to use when the situation arises. I have T9 and T10 ships and don't mind the grinds. Truthfully my favorite tiers to play are really T5 thru T8 as the power creep & premiums has really effected many high tier tech tree ships.
  8. Wanted to watch the Cardinal baseball game coming on so I squeezed in one last game with my Bismarck. I sailed right for the west cap in a 3 cap random battle and spotted 4 ships just north of an island blocking the west side of the cap. I sailed around the east side of the island and blocking their view of me. When I came out I had a Vladivostok in front of me at 8km and a Cleveland of to my west at 10km. My rear two guns took out the half health Cleveland with 1 citadel and other shells and I steered toward the almost full health Vlad (I had a ram flag flying) intent on ramming him. Well the ram went as planned and in about 3 minutes I had sunk 2 ships and did 70K+ damage plus our team won. Just in time to watch the first inning of the baseball game. Oh and the Vladivostok owner was very pissed I rammed him so early and took him out of the battle. LOL!
  9. Not interested in this crap at all. I like to keep it simple and enjoy grinding & playing casually. Legendary modules earned are OK as a reward for T10 ships. I do have four T10 ships and many T9 ships but I normally only play them when I have premium time or once a day. Otherwise I play T5 thru T8 ships. Give the top players their own league/division/clans and put this crap there for them.
  10. dust340man

    Belfast - man it's been a long time

    My last time out with my Belfast I did 145K damage, 3 sunk, 2 achievements and we won a very close 4 CV match. I killed one CV and was capping enemy base on Neighbors map almost had it then the other CV's planes came over and sank me finally ( I was like where the hell did those planes come from! But he left our New Mexico he was trying to kill. Our New Mexico ended up getting him for our victory. It was a great random battle.
  11. dust340man

    Are german BBs even somewhat viable in a time like this?

    I just started the Russian BB line but to me the German BB line is still the most fun to play. Nothing beats a secondary build for an adrenalin rush plus torps on some German BBs. I do like all the BB lines of every nation. Hell I'm even an IJN Izumo fan! LOL!
  12. dust340man

    Akizuki — Japanese Tier VIII destroyer.

    Azizuki, Kitakaze and Harugumo are high risk/high reward ships that definitely get focused on as they can inflict immense damage if ignored. But they are a blast to play if things go right. My Kagero with 5.4 detection, torp reload booster/no smoke screen & torpedo accelerator just sneaks around and blows up battleships quietly. LOL!
  13. dust340man

    Thanks for saving me the grind - King George V

    King George V is one of my favorite BBs at any tier!!! 55% WR, average around 60K damage with her & high total around 150K damage. Personal best of 19 fires which is my highest total with any ship. I skipped the T8 Monarch and bought the T9 Lion with my free XP as she's very similiar to the KGV. Only thing I wish is her HP pool was larger. They are just fun ships to play and love to burn down bigger/badder ships. Play them to their strengths and expert loader is a must so you can change shell type quickly as needed.
  15. dust340man

    What is the Role of the American Heavy Cruiser?

    I will get better as you move up one or both American cruiser lines. My too least favorite were the Pensacola which I sold but it does have good guns if you live long to use them. The other is the Seattle which I don't have fully upgraded yet but I find it hard to do good damage and survive as it's mainly in Tier 9 and T10 battles. Tier 8 may be the funniest American cruisers to play imho. I like both the Baltimore and Cleveland even though the MM is sometimes crappy.