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  1. Double click WOWS icon and get a application error message. Can’t get to the screen that you click on play and load updates.
  2. Tried to contact support and it's like I'm on a merry go round and can't get off!
  3. Click on icon on my screen and it states something wrong with application and when I click on restart it does nothing. When I click on contact player support it does nothing. HELP! Running Microsoft 10 if that matters.
  4. dust340man

    USS Flint nerfs, simple oversight or intenional??

    You can damn well bet it was intentional. I can't sell it for credits or get my steel back that I purchased it with 2 yrs ago. THEY ARE HOLDING IT HOSTAGE AND IT'S NOTHING BUT A POS RIGHT NOW.
  5. dust340man

    Flint Nerfed to Unplayable

    [edited] it's a premium ship and I bought it with steel. It was offered in the premium shop many times. I can't even sell the POS. Wargaming has done nothing but screw this game up for many of us. After 4 yrs I may call it quits.
  6. dust340man

    Anybody wanna buy an Iowa?

    I had the same issues with her as she turns like a slug and eats torpedoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. About halfway thru I free xp'd to the Montana and love her!!!! Get rid of Iowa as soon as you can. In 4 ranked battles yesterday 3-1 my Montana did 205K, 190K, 150K and 130K damage. I'm an average player with a 50% + winrate too. I have three T10 BBs and Montana is my favorite plus guns are very accurate.
  7. dust340man

    USS Flint = Fun

    I had enough steel to pick her up with the 25% discount the other day. Truthfully she's better than the Atlanta imho. HP is about the same, 5.0 firing rate, 9.2km torps, long duration smoke screen, hydro or DFAA, Share my Atlanta captain with her using AFT (13.3 km range) and IFHE skills. Turret traverse is extra fast also. Squishy like any cruiser but lots of fun and was worth the purchase! Get her before they take her out of the premium shop if you can.
  8. dust340man

    legacy upgrade are a real disapointment

    YouTube video by someone famous explained that only 3 of the 10 ships with the legendary upgrades benefited from them.
  9. dust340man

    Most surprisingly good / disappointing ships?

    Belfast is OP when it's top tier and played correctly. Plus you need a couple of DDs on your team to help with the spotting. Someone said once it's no good against BBs. LOL! I can eat up BBs with AP and HE when I'm in my smoke and another ship has them spotted. If one is low tier then the Belfast is not OP normally.
  10. dust340man

    Anybody else...

    I see no point in a DD without smoke especially with all the CVs in random battles these days. I sold my Quepard as I have the French Aigle and plenty of other DDs to play.
  11. dust340man

    Lion not causing many fires

    Last couple of games I think they have secretly nerfed all British BB fire chances. Even my KGV isn't setting as many fires as before. I use expert loader captain skill on my British BBs so I can swap to AP quicker if I get like a broadside target.
  12. dust340man

    Monty This is getting old

    Medication might help? LOL
  13. dust340man

    Battleship with longest secondaries range?

    Tirpitz 11.3 km secondaries same as Bismarck but hasn't been mentioned yet I believe.
  14. dust340man

    Buff Puerto Rico

    Good points as I don't fear the PR when I play my T10 ships and I'm just an average 50%+ win rate player. Probably cause most of the PR players are average like me or worse than me. I'm happy with my Hindenburg and Des Moines cruisers.