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  1. Gorduroy

    Looking for the right fit

    Thank you for the replies, I’ll be sure to check you guys out b
  2. Gorduroy

    Looking for the right fit

    Good evening, Captains. I'm a semi competitive/casual player looking for the right clan. I'm Canadian so I have great manners until I don't, and I like playing after the kids have gone to bed (so that means 3-4 times a week). Check my stats, I'm probably a little above average but not much, and I'm looking for a clan that is semi competitive but not hard core in terms of training etc. I want to contribute to a fun clan without having to worry about a huge time commitment. This is a game after all, and a damn fun one. I'd like to play clan battles and have a few beers on a casual Friday night with fellas that know what they're doing, while keeping it calm/fun in chat. If I sound like the right fit for you I'd be happy to try the seas with you. If it counts for anything I love the Hindy and Wooster at tier 10. Thanks, Gents.