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  1. New USN line style of play

    Thanks for the insights. I checked out some replay and you're right, looks a lot like the Pensacola but insane rate of fire. Should be fun
  2. New USN line style of play

    Your answer gives me some hope. Thanks!
  3. Greetings. Like many of you, I'm looking forward to the new USN light cruisers. I have heard their style of play is similar to the existing line, island cover, high arcs, etc. I recently purchased the Atlanta, and having been roasted by them many times I thought I knew what I was getting into. However, I really suck in the Atlanta, I seem to be more geared towards the KM cruiser line with their lower shot trajectory and overall tankiness. I really like the New Orleans however and am wondering if you think the new line will be more like that or closer to the Atlanta style of play. What are some thoughts on how to play the new line?
  4. I have only played a little ranked this season, and with limited success. I was just wondering what players have found is the best counter for the LoYang, both from a cruiser that can erase them quickly to a dd that can stand toe to toe. How have the Z23 players fared?
  5. Christmas Ship Sales

    That sounds like a great battle. Looking forward to it!
  6. Christmas Ship Sales

    Good feedback and nice game, Tigershark!
  7. Christmas Ship Sales

    Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I have no interest in grabbing a higher tier premium and crapping the bed. I have a Gneisenau with a 12 point captain and a few other tier 7's and 8's so I'm not a complete newb. The German BB's are the first BB line that I enjoy, I seem to be a DD main, but the German BB's are fun for me. Although these new gimmicky PA DD's seem as ridiculous as the RN BB's, so I hope I I stay interested in this game. Enjoying it a lot so far, so hope to continue up enjoyable lines.
  8. Christmas Ship Sales

    Just wondering, based on previous years, do you expect the Scharnhorst to be on sale? Because I'm a relatively new player I'm more interested in getting a 6 or 10 point captain with it. Same for the Giulio Cesare. Thanks