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  1. Mik6669

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    I have experience in the Atlanta and Flint that they do not eat planes as the did in the old meta. Was even hard to get more than a handful of kills in Atlanta against a Ranger when I counted four squadrons passing within 2-3 km throughout the match. Something is wrong if Atlanta can’t shoot down planes.
  2. Mik6669

    Winter Ops Wednesday - The Snowflakes

    127 ships done! Thanks WG!
  3. Mik6669

    Cossack or Haida?

    Hissing Cobra Chicken ... I mean Haida!
  4. 1/72 scale model of one of Yamato’s gun towers vs a Tiger panzer. Note the shell beside the tiger.
  5. Mik6669

    CV's that torpedo themselves

    I once saw a CV Torpedo themselves at the start of a match on purpose. The player explained they wanted to take advantage of adrenaline rush.
  6. Mik6669

    a big carrot and a little stick

    I believe the correct answer is “At least we don’t name them after our mother in laws”. Referring to the HMS Battleaxe :-) Read “Red Storm Rising” many times.
  7. Mik6669

    3 SC in a row!

    The RN Gods are smiling on me. Last container yesterday and the first two today have been Supercontainers. Chose resource and got - 14 days of premium - 50 Ocean Soul camo - 15000 coal Not sure what the odds are but this has never happened to me before.
  8. Match made in heaven. I think I have my British DD main commander. I've had the Gallant for a while but nowhere near these results from those stuffy RN types.
  9. Mik6669

    Please remove strafe from all CVs

    I agree with the OP, but instead of getting rid of strafe altogether, give fighters the new rocket mechanic and make their alt-attack option a rocket strafe of a ship.
  10. It will probably be 6500 after Friday when the anniversary sale ends. Warspite and Gallant are currently on sale so you would get the sale doubloon value
  11. Subs can have unlimited oxygen as long as BBs get atomic shells, and DDs and cruisers cans drop lines of sonobuoys. No, there needs to be balance, not turkey shoots
  12. Mik6669


    1. Maybe. But they need to do it from scratch. How long does each premium take to research, model and actually balance. 2. Islands don’t float. 3. They have depth charges for the event. They have not added them to 70+ existing DDs. 4. Nope. No bot subs so no sub vs sub play.
  13. Mik6669


    I would say that even if they went ahead with subs in the main game it’s going to be 2020 at the earliest. Just think of the work they need to do: 1. They need to model the subs. 2. They need to add underwater content to all the maps 3. All DDs at a minimum need to get ASW capabilities like depth charges 4. They need to develop sub vs sub combat. The Halloween event is only PVE with no bot subs Dont underestimate the amount of work here. There would need to be a sound financial model and also a model that won’t break the rest of the game.
  14. Mik6669

    Server overloaded? 13k players?

    Had it twice so far tonight.
  15. Mik6669

    Free container code!

    Me neither