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  1. Super Containers

    15000 coal a few days ago.
  2. Currently I’d say Gascogne, Republique, Tirptz, Scharnhorst, Haida, Kami R, and Ohotnik
  3. Have you looked at the Wiki? Each ship in the game has a page in the wiki that includes a table of all the captain skills by tier and which ones are recommended for that ship. There’s also sometimes alternatives depending on going with different ship builds.
  4. Running in WOWs in Bootcamp

    Depends on your Mac. When you boot in Bootcamp you are running windows natively. Up until June I had a 12” MacBook and WoWs was running OK in 1440x900 with low graphics settings. Upgraded to a MacBook Pro in June and I can now run high graphics in 1440x900.
  5. Ever since 7.7 when I go into battle the TAB Press to open statistics stays up all the time. Screen shot provided.
  6. Summer Sale Day 10: TIRPITZ

    My go-to ship when I’m having a bad day. There used to be a real difference between her and her sister until WG buffed Tirpitz with the same secondaries as Bismarck. There’s no better joy than scrapping with an enemy BB to starboard while your manual secondaries are dealing with a cruiser or destroyer to port. Good times!
  7. I haven’t had the Conqueror very long and I just got enough XP to research the turret upgrade. I’ve read the wiki and they seem to recommend staying with the stock rifles and not upgrading to the larger ones since you lose ⅓ of the rifles and there’s an increased reload time. I’m looking for advice from others who’ve played her more which turrets they went with and why. Thanks in advance.
  8. Not sure I completely trust that charts like these tell the full story. In this list, NC and Amagi have been around the longest and have been played by players who had to grind them to fully upgraded. Also, if you were grinding up the line, the transition from Colorado to NC required a change in they way you play US BBs and took some getting used to. A fully upgraded NC is fun to play and I’d put it up against the Alabama anytime.
  9. To Buy or Not to Buy?

    I really like the Graf Spee but it’s not for everyone. It’s for a more patient style of play and you need to keep moving to survive. But when the shells hit they hit hard for their tier. Interesting you should mention the Dunkerque. Excellent BB and it’s a really good ship to get used to the higher tier French BB play style. One of my all-time favourites but it also has a different feel that you need to get used to. Either one one would be a great buy, but the Dunk will be a good French BB trainer for you.
  10. What is Nerfing?

    The sad part is I remember those. Made me think of WoT’s distant relative - Tank Battles on the original Atari 2600.
  11. World of Warships on PS4

    If is does come to consoles it will be a brand new WoWs just like WoT was. The PC version runs off WGs servers directly. The Console version has to go through either Sony's or Microsoft's online gaming networks and their servers before they hit the WoT servers. So, someone on Xbox Live will have a slightly different response time than someone on a PC. WoT is currently 4 different games - WoT PC, WoT Blitz and WoT Xbox and WoT Playstation in terms of gameplay. The only cross-platform they have it Blitz and Xbox (for 360 and One consoles).
  12. Izumo why are u so Bad

    OP, I couldn’t vote in your poll. There was no option for “Don’t change anything”
  13. The premium camos also stay in your inventory if you sell the ship. So if you buy the ship back later, your premium camo will still be there ready to use
  14. Rewards for Acheivements

    It’s all in the wiki: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Flags
  15. I only have the 1000 flag Aigle mission left after I earned her earlier this week.