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  1. Then don't bow tank. Dunk is fast an agile, use your speed and agility to attack from the flanks.
  2. You're right. A Bogue never faces any AA-heavy ships. It's all rigged.
  3. American BB Captian Set Up

    Have you looked at the Wiki? For every ship they rank the captain skills based on their usefulness for that ship.
  4. I haven't had too many issues with the Bretange and Normandie. They aren't "outstanding" by any means but I've found in the games I've played with them to be middle of the road and they don't suck. I just got the Lyon personal mission last night in my when I finished off the French missions. Looking forward to getting it in port tonight. Richelieu, however, I love. I put my 15 point Dunkerque captain in her and respec'd the captain and equipped her for a secondary load out. She may not have a lot of secondaries, but they reach out to 10.6km and I took out a Kiev with them last night. She's fast and with the speed boost you can chase down a cruiser that's trying to kite you. I'm one of those who bought the Dunkerque early and, once I learned to play her, absolutely fell in love. The key to Dunkerque and Richelieu is to use their mobility and set yourself up early to try and flank and not be flanked. This preview and the chance I had to play Alsace in PT 7.1 has me really liking this line. I'm really a fan of ships you need to change yup your play style to get results from them. Keeps the game interesting.
  5. Just keep grinding up the line. My advice though would be to not sell any USN cruisers from Tier VI onward until after the split. There’s usually some good silver compensation and you’ll get the new replacements in port.
  6. Too many DDs

    It’s an anomaly when you have missions that depend on ship torpedo hits and damage. Last night there were also people commenting in game chat that there were a lot of Atlantas out last night took. There was also a get 1000 hits from main armament mission. It does help mix up the gameplay so I’m not complaining.
  7. FXP - Nelson or Mushashi

    It really depends on your playing style. I have all three and I probably play the Nelson more than the other two simply because Tier VII is a lot more fun to play. As a previous poster mentioned, with the right flags and Camo, you can make the 375k FXP back pretty fast. I got a lot of Years camo from 2016/17 and Frosty fir from 2017/18 Santa crates so I use that on my premiums to generate more FXP. If you can get used to the 3 forward turrets, Nelson is a blast to play. The big think for me is the ability to go from 25% HP to 90% with one very fast heal.
  8. Re Dragon Ship offers....

    When you go to purchase it, the Details section does tell you to find out all the information on the ship from the Wiki (and there is a link to the page). The Wiki has the section below. If you don't take the time to read before you buy then it's your problem not WG's. Player Opinion Performance Eastern Dragon performs exactly like the standard Myoko in the game (but without the ability to equip camouflage), and that means that she shares the same play style as the regular Myoko. You can refer to the article on Myoko for her performance appraisal. Pros: All the pros of the standard Myoko. Does not take up port slots. No modules to research as she is fully upgraded. Visible to other players who have enabled the "Dragon" filter in their ship carousel. Comes with free Captain's Skills Points (depending on the event). Skills can be customized for her, as captain is specific to this ship. Cons: All the cons of the standard Myoko. Cannot mount functional camouflage. Voice notifications are in Japanese. Research As a special ship, Eastern Dragon doesn't have any upgrades to research.
  9. Seagal's departing!

    John Doe? If you want a generic name, at least go with something nation-appropriate like Ewe Essen.
  10. Ship torpedoes means ones fired from a ship, not dropped from a plane. Can’t use CVs for that one.
  11. I agree only if you are going to get rid of the ship once you’re done the grind. I’ve kept my Gneisenau and Bismarck and put the perm camos on them.
  12. Sell 10 Pt Captains?

    It doesn’t take long to train a captain from 3 to 10. I haven’t had to do it in a while, but I’d use a T3 to T4 premium just play to get them up to 10 points. Then they’d go to their intended ship. My KA was great for that for training KM captains. :-)
  13. I just make my grind ships preferred ships so they automatically are at the front.