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  1. Mistr_Magoo

    WoWs you have Some explaining to do!

    It was in Random, and I just make this crapup because ive got nothing better to do, it was on the same ship, maybe a number glitch but I do know i cited him 4 times, and he canned me on 2 and kept fighting, My computer is fine GTX1080, I will admit to needing glasses...(at times) no video, didnt think id need it, NOT EVERYONE IS A LIAR, seems like some self conscience [edited] to me. Yep I just do it to create animosity... wow
  2. Convince me you dont have favorites and ones you keep down, In battle....Molotov with 10 capt. against same boat, I nail him with 8 cits.....8!! and he still floats after i get sunk on 2.....WHAT GIVES???
  3. There is nothing worse than an insulting Moron that runs his mouth behind a computer screen. Mentality today is just amazing....:cap_horn:

  4. Mistr_Magoo

    Matchmaking update

    Well 5 battles today and all 5 were a slaughter loss, its ridiculous when some of the enemy team can even call the win.....enough is enough already, either start giving different players the favoritism or fix the issue, ive spent LOTS of my money on this game and its beginning to show me that its a bad investment.....I wont throw money in the trash....... have a wonderfull day..
  5. Mistr_Magoo

    Matchmaking update

    Thank you for the good input, but as in all aspects of improvement, even the MM needs some assistance.
  6. Mistr_Magoo

    Matchmaking update

    Thats just the beginning, I seem to get put on teams that just get hammered, Im am by no means anywere near as good as most players but when my team is just destroyed within the first 5 minutes (truly 75% ) of the matches im in, seems to me the MM has its favorites and its quite obvious. .....and yes a machine that runs on numbers and codes can have favorites........ cant wait for comments on this one......hope the intelligence is there.
  7. Mistr_Magoo

    Fix your game!!!

    L M F A O