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  1. Matchmaking update

    Thats just the beginning, I seem to get put on teams that just get hammered, Im am by no means anywere near as good as most players but when my team is just destroyed within the first 5 minutes (truly 75% ) of the matches im in, seems to me the MM has its favorites and its quite obvious. .....and yes a machine that runs on numbers and codes can have favorites........ cant wait for comments on this one......hope the intelligence is there.
  2. Fix your game!!!

    L M F A O
  3. 0.7.5 Public Test Feedback

    Looking forward to the Cruiser changes, maybe ill get better in that class of Ship.....maybe
  4. What is being done about cheating mods?

    Anything "ANYTHING" is possible, if you dont like getting your [edited]kicked then move on, otherwise , take that whoopin , because its gonna happen if you keep looking for cheaters and not a way to better your own play.
  5. Statistics

    I figured it out so nevermind ....guess i should have searched a little longer..... lol just like I should have when I picked my Wife.....
  6. Statistics

    How do I un hide my statistics? I dont even know how they were hidden.
  7. disapearing act

    Video cards have alot to do with the half ships im sure, my question is the "late spawners" the Ships that seam to appear late in the battle with full juice and with devastating strikes.
  8. just getting around to forums

    Howdy all! been playin for a while but just getting around to the forums, Lunatic__Fringe is the screen name be seein ya! Peace_