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  1. Threshner1001

    Struggling with the New York... Tips?

    Thanks for the tips guys. I think i had 3-5 games where i started on the very far side of the map (A) and my team went (C), outran me and i got caught in the middle of the map by the other team as they underswung their fleet for B. With what has been said, i certainly need to commit to where i am going at the start of the game to have a better chance at this. I do have around 100,000 Free exp so i can skip it at the end of the day if i truly need. Thanks for all your responses!
  2. Threshner1001

    Struggling with the New York... Tips?

    Hi all, So i am having serious issues with hitting almost anything and even positioning in the New York (NY) and i am not sure why. I did great with the Wyoming and felt like i could really deal some good damage and help the team. Most of the time with the NY i get separated or i can never even catch the main fleet when they rotate around the map in random mode. My other main boat is the Russian cruiser line which is very accurate and a bit faster so maybe that is hurting my play on the NY. Does anyone have any tips that might help my grind through this boat to the rest of the line or is it time to look at another BB line or mayb just stick with cruisers. The speed might be what kills me the most. I feel like most if not all ships are just moving faster than i am most games.
  3. Hi everyone, Most if not all of the comments posted here have been extremely helpful. I was not expecting the kind of response i was given and am glad to see such a community around after the game has been out for a few years. I will continue to keep one commander per branch and build him for that specific branch. Glad i was headed in the right direction! Thanks again!
  4. Thanks for the explanation and the link. I see the charts now and it seems like you should always move a commander up , retrain what you might have lost and then continue leveling him up. Retraining is going to go so much quicker and get back to peak performance + keep the 50% benefit of the abilities. Commander Skill Progression Skill Points Total Commander XP Required XP Required for Next Level 0 0 1,500 1 1,500 2,500 2 4,000 4,000 3 8,000 6,000 4 14,000 9,000 5 23,000 14,000 6 37,000 21,000 7 58,000 30,000 8 88,000 41,000 9 129,000 54,000 10 183,000 69,000 11 252,000 87,000 12 339,000 108,000 13 447,000 132,000 14 579,000 159,000 15 738,000 189,000 16 927,000 222,000 17 1,149,000 259,000 18 1,408,000 300,000 19 1,708,000 — Commander Skill Retraining Skill Points XP Required to Retrain 0 0 1 1,000 2 1,500 3 2,000 4 3,500 5 5,000 6 7,500 7 10,000 8 15,000 9 20,000 10 25,000 11 30,000 12 40,000 13 50,000 14 75,000 15 100,000 16 125,000 17 150,000 18 175,000 19 250,000
  5. Hi all, I'm new to the game and wondering how people handle their commanders while grinding out tech trees. My general thought is to have a single commander per tech tree line and move that commander up to the next boat when i get to the next tier of ships. Is this a smart idea or would it be worth just using the commander that comes with each boat until i decide which boat i want to level a commander to rank 19 in. I feel pretty comfortable with one commander per line as i'm okay using a general build based on each style of each countries boats. Any advice on how other's approached this general idea or if they have any advice on the optimal way to flesh out commanders would be appreciated.