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  1. Please wargaming add "Old swayback" USS Salt Lake City I want the idea that this would be from the movie "In Harm's Way" It comes with premium Captain Rockwell Torrey (John Wayne) and use his voice for commands Please make this happen
  2. Omega_gunner

    Atago B doubloon missions not working

    This is a bait and switch sale. There is no way they should be allowed to advertise this under the purchase of the Black version of these ships. This is fraud and is illegal. There is a good chance a civil suit could be started between the people who purchased this package. Hopefully Wargaming does the right thing and allows the black versions to complete this quest or offers a refund.
  3. Omega_gunner

    Alsace getting Nerf'd

    So because it's win rate is so high it must be the ship? No, it's the players. The ship is meh, and honestly I don't like playing it but I'm grinding it. Give it 3 months and the ship will fall back toward the normal parameters of tier 9 bb's. The thing I really despise about wargaming is how they make nerfs like this then they go buff the crap out of ships that didn't even need it. They sure know how to suck the fun out of playing their games.