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  1. Alsace getting Nerf'd

    So because it's win rate is so high it must be the ship? No, it's the players. The ship is meh, and honestly I don't like playing it but I'm grinding it. Give it 3 months and the ship will fall back toward the normal parameters of tier 9 bb's. The thing I really despise about wargaming is how they make nerfs like this then they go buff the crap out of ships that didn't even need it. They sure know how to suck the fun out of playing their games.
  2. Well now that I have that figured out thanks for the information guys. I will continue on my way playing RANDOM battles now, I thought co-op just meant we were working together as a team against the other player team.
  3. You guys are going to LOVE this. My first ever random battle....
  4. Thank you guys, I had no idea what Co-op meant, I knew something seemed way off with a win streak this good. I will switch to random now.
  5. The wins have all been random battles. <shrug> . BTW what do you mean by bots? Are we playing against a CPU for the first few skill levels???
  6. I haven't been keeping track until I decided to look at my stats today. This is insane, I don't think I'm that good but somehow I'm winning every battle I'm in, weird. Anyone else have this kind of win streak? OK OK I am new to the game, i didn't know there was a co-op vs random so now I know. I did think it was a bit too easy though. So I just did my first random battle and this is the results