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  1. the_stork

    Vladivostok vs Lenin

    I do not have the Vladivostok but I have the Lenin so I can tell for the Vladivostok, but I'm very disappointed by the so-call laser accuracy under 12 km. I did not find anything special with the dispersion.I had a Graff Spee showing his broadside at 7 km in front of me and shells went all over the place, including in the water. Took me something like 4 salvos to kill it. I could have done that in any other BB and probably faster.
  2. the_stork

    Naval Battle: New Missions

    LOL, since when large clans are penalized because the game rewards skills instead of the number of players? as I said, set the minimum bar to 50K and I will not argue.
  3. the_stork

    Naval Battle: New Missions

    well, first of all, if you are the first to play a ship type and you get 158K, you only get one start to the next goal which it 20K. Second, it is kind of sad that you need to use Co-Op in order to work around the system.This new system relies on the number of people participating in your clan, not the skills because there are 20 categories of ships and any [edited] can at least reach the 3-4 first bars for each category. It means that a clan with 50 motivated noob players can beat any other better clan but with less players or less players willing to participate to the Naval battles. I'm ok with damage if you fix the first bar at least at 50K. I have a clan with only 4-5 players participating to the Naval battles and despites the low number we beat 5 other clans and only lost 1, With the new system, we are not going to beat anybody despites being able to do good games.
  4. the_stork

    Naval Battle: New Missions

    The damage goal is so low that anybody can get 4th or 5th goal for each ship type. Now, it is no longer a matter of skill but a matter of how many people in your clan participate to the Naval Battle. First goal level should be at least 50K
  5. the_stork

    Naval Battle: New Missions

    OK, then tell me damage farming is not penalizing people without tier 10 ships. And I don't even say that selfishly as I have plenty of tier 10 in my primary account.
  6. the_stork

    Naval Battle: New Missions

    Some ships are excellent at doing damage without doing anything else like the French cruisers, UK BBs. Other ships do not do much damage but are helping the team like the Kidd which is specialized in killing other DDs (bad torps) Guns are not that great against cruisers or BBs. Shooting down planes do not contribute much in the damage.
  7. the_stork

    Naval Battle: New Missions

    I agree. Bad ships have a XP multiplier to compensate for the bad ship, like the Sims. Also, it is not fair for the players who do not have a tier 10 ship. Also, this will one more time encourage people to play tier 10 games which are already over crowded. Tier 8 ships will be bottom tier more than ever.
  8. the_stork

    Naval Battle: New Missions

    I disagree with that. It is sometimes easier to collect more XP with mid tier than tier 10. With tier 10, you are expected to do a lot more damage to get the same amount of XP.
  9. Can you please share your source? nevermind, it was in the rule section in the game. Good catch but I'm assuming that most people will not catch that change.
  10. the_stork

    Alexander Overchkin captain

    Thank you everyone for reminding how many captains exist and how to get them. My US captain ended up in one of the ships I did not play for a long time. It was said that the captain is great as a CV captain to provide additional health to planes. I will use him for that purpose.
  11. the_stork

    Alexander Overchkin captain

    I did finish the campaign but only got the Russian officer in uniform captain. No US uniform captain despites the picture in the campaign and no hockey player captain. So, how did you get the hockey captain?
  12. hello all, I have finished the Alexander Overchkin campaign back then but did not pay attention what I got. Today, I realize I only have the Russian Alexander Overchkin Officer. How do I get the US version officer? Alexander Overchkin also came as a red hockey player. I have neither the Russian one or the US one. What mission did I miss to have him?
  13. the_stork

    No dual CV when top tier

    By the way, for the CV players that complain about losing too many planes, in the RTS mode, they lost way more planes from enemy CVs than they will ever lose planes from the best AA ships: Saipan used to shoot 25.34 planes in average. Now Saipan shoots only 5.09 In the meantime, one of the best AA ship, the Wooster only shoots down an average of 3.05 planes per game, admittedly it does not have a CV in each game. https://wowstats.org/ships/
  14. the_stork

    No dual CV when top tier

    When ships are bunched up, even if I lose many planes, I can always manage to have a first pass and by alternating the bomber type, I still have planes to attack. Also, when the enemies are bunched up, it is possible to focus on the ships that are at the edge of the group.
  15. the_stork

    No dual CV when top tier

    Tier 6 CVs are already very potent. When I play a tier 6 CV, I have no issue bullying tier 7 ships and tier 8 ships when they are alone by themselves.