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  1. when a sub suddenly torp you 2 km away from you and you could not detect it before, yes, many surface ships are helpless.
  2. By pinging everyone in range like a mad man, you effectively create an area denial.
  3. Wait until they remove the ping white line that tells you where the sub is and replace it with a vague white foam that looks like a twin with a regular foamy wave popping up 10 km away from any direction and that last only a couple of seconds. Also, it is not nearly all ships have ASW. DDs only have depth charges, most light cruisers have depth charges. Dutch cruisers have air strikes with only surface bombs and cannot hit anything below water surface. Italian heavy cruisers have depth charges too.
  4. and when they can torp you in the face with torps going beyond 80 km/hour, there is really no need for homing torp and ping. Why giving them torps that are as fast as EU DD torps? this is obscene.
  5. Well, you are using the exception to defend your bogus narrative. It is the same bogus logic that leads to cliches because exceptions exist in everything.
  6. At least the current game mechanic tells you from what direction the pings come from. Incoming mechanic does not. You have a stealth white foam that disappears in a very short period of time. By the time you look around, they are already long gone.
  7. As I said, Shimakaze is the best concealment of tier 10, Japanese DDs torp boats have the best concealment at each tier. Every other nations have worse concealment than Japanese torp boats/subs.
  8. Tier 10 sub matches the concealment of the very best tier 10 DD concealment which is the Shimikaze concealment, most other DDs have at least several hundred meters worse concealment.
  9. I disagree with you, you know where the ship that shoots at you is, more often than not and even if we do not know, it is only once. Subs torps are homing torps and they can be sent in one narrow spread. DD torps are much wider spread besides UK torps and cannot change direction. Again, not comparable. And one more time, we talk about the incoming game mechanic, not the existing one.
  10. nope, planes are visible before you are detected and you see them coming, even when you are a BB. Regarding shells, you know where the ships are located and the captain skill warns you from incoming fire. Regarding DDs, as long as you do not go in a straight line, you dodge most of the torps. Also, we talk about the incoming mechanism, not the existing one.
  11. it is night and day difference of level of situation awareness.
  12. If a sub is caught the pants down by a DD or by a plane, it is his fault as the sub as superior concealment. And on the contrary of a DD that needs to do a U turn, a sub just needs to dive.
  13. DDs have limited number of smokes. Subs have no limit in the number time they can submerge. DDs can be spotted in their smoke by radar ships and can be torped in their smoke or even shot in their smoke. Subs are even more concealed than DDs, and can use the third dimension to dodge torps. They are smaller targets and can even totally immune to anything if they decide to go to the maximum depth. DDs can be attacked by CVs, subs are immune to CVs. DD can easily be spotted by CVs and by other DDs and subs. Subs can only be spotted by another sub by surprise. CVs cannot spot submerged subs.
  14. who has the time in the middle of the heat to look for a white foam 10 km away that can appear from any angle and looks very similar to a regular wave?
  15. Except that the Fubuki does not have homing torps and Fubuki can be caught pants down by another DD or by a plane. The sub can launch the torps while staying under water. Also, the chance that you look exactly in the direction of the sub when the sub ping you is NULL in a real game. Look at the time, Flamu spotted the white foam while nothing else happened around him. In a real game, you do not have the luxury to look 360 degree where the ping can come from while under fire.