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  1. The Yamato already capsized when one of the bow magazine detonated. Probably, as the ship was upside down, the shells dropped from the floor to the ceiling.
  2. Because a CV torp does not have enough explosion power to reach the citadel or the inner layer of a BB where ammo is stored? because it can be sent at point blank from its target? because you can reach your target anywhere on the map?
  3. As you can see, I have over 21K games and never got detonated with secondaries. But, the last time I got detonated where all with CV torps.
  4. If you are unlucky, one single torp can send you to the port. And nobody in his right mind wastes flags on a BB.
  5. It makes sense to use the flag on a DD or select the equipment to reduce the chance by 70%. But it does not make economical sense to put it on a BB. It is too rare to waste the flag in every game but not rare enough that you can ignore. That is the dilemma.
  6. it is like you only get your car insurance for free after you already have an accident. Very usefull...Chances are you are not going to get detonated in the next 10 games anyway
  7. hmm, the goal is not to get detonated in the first place...10 flags are not going to save you for long...
  8. nobody is counting on detonation to do damage. So, nobody is going to complain if this game mechanic is removed. But, if you nerf them across the board, I can understand that some players will be mad.
  9. I wish, but it is easier to ask for a small change than a big change.
  10. It is not a CV hate. The game mechanic is already bad in itself. But adding the fact that it can happen at anytime and anywhere with the CVs makes its even more outrageous. You can play an entire game without getting a single torp from a DD if you play it right. There is no way a BB can avoid getting torped by a CV if she is the chosen target. So, instantly sent to the port just because the CV player decided to pick on you is absurd.
  11. Easy solution, remove the detonation game mechanic for at least the CV torps. Very simple to implement. It is just a question of will. This section of the forum is to provide suggestions. I did. This is a game mechanic that nobody enjoys, why defend it? Even when I detonate someone, I feel sorry for him. It is not even when I'm the victim of it that pisses me off.
  12. well, all those guys who answer you "it is just a game", have 40% win rate after thousands of games and have a damage way below the average damage for the type of ships obviously do not play to win. Otherwise, they would have quit the game already.
  13. a CV can torp you no matter if you are at the front line, in the back of the map, or behind an island. It is way easier to land torps than in a DD. It takes dozens of seconds for a DD torp to reach its target. You need to foresee what your target is going to do in the next 30 seconds. A CV can just torp next to a BB. The level of difficulties to land torps is night and day.
  14. well, each time my team loses because someone in my team dies because of a stupid game mechanic, it matters to me, no need to be a CB. I play to win, not to participate.