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  1. Well, in Warthunder, all the XP you earn from premium vehicle can be used to research another vehicle. So, imagine you earn 2000 XP with a premium, that 2000 XP can fully be used to search another vehicle of the same nation on the tech tree. That is significantly better than 5% of the 2000 XP
  2. Corsair_I

    How to get the 48 Guineas

    Thanks for the information.
  3. Corsair_I

    How to get the 48 Guineas

    oh, I did not realize the missions will be reset multiple times. That is the crucial piece of information I missed.
  4. Corsair_I

    How to get the 48 Guineas

    Hello all, My understanding is that you need 50 Guinees to get the Cossack destroyer. You can only get 48 Guineas through the game and you have to buy 2 last Guineas. I have completed all Royal Navy missions but one, the one that requires tier 8 Royal Navy DD and above. So far, I only collected 4 Guineas. Will I suddenly collect the 44 remaining Guineas when I complete the last mission or how will I get the remaining Guineas?
  5. Corsair_I

    What the hell is going on with lag

    go to speakeasy.net and check your connection
  6. Corsair_I

    Prevent chat spam

    Obviously, that few seconds should be extended to a longer duration.
  7. Corsair_I

    Prevent chat spam

    OK, I have to admit, I did not realize you talked to him, not to me. However, you should not import an argument from another thread to my thread. You should have answered him in HIS thread.
  8. Corsair_I

    Prevent chat spam

    Hey! cannot find a meme to illustrate your point here? I'm disappointed...
  9. Corsair_I

    Prevent chat spam

    So what is the limitation? Please watch this video and tell me when the limitation kicked into action?
  10. Corsair_I

    Prevent chat spam

    By the way, talking about wasting time, you do waste a great amount trying to find the meme that is applicable to your post LOL!
  11. Corsair_I

    Prevent chat spam

    One more time, I'm not sure you understand the topic of this discussion. I do not talk about reporting trolls, I'm not even talking about the Karma system. I'm talking about using the F keys to create an audible message in the game, Like F3 key to tell people to cap a base when your mouse is pointing to that base. How does that have anything to do with reporting a player?
  12. Corsair_I

    Prevent chat spam

    What preventing someone to spam in chat has anything to do with telling me anything about the person I report. Nothing to do with report...Off topic Mr Meme.
  13. Corsair_I

    Prevent chat spam

    Chat is very useful when not used for trolling others. You give yourself and your team a handicap when you isolate yourself from your team.
  14. Corsair_I

    Prevent chat spam

    Some player's unique purpose in life is to troll people. The chat as designed by WG allows people to abuse the F keys to troll players. In order to stop this, please implement a limitation on the number of times you can press the same F key in a short period of time, like 3 times per minute. This has already been implemented for the fog horn, why not implementing this for the chat?
  15. Corsair_I

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Hood

    Based on Mouse graph, I really don't see why people say the Nagato is accurate.