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  1. What is your in-game name and the origin of it (as long as it is appropriate for the forums)? Batch is the 5 letters of my surname and amazingly tehre's at least one other person playing with the same surname.. Numbers are random.. How long have you been playing World of Warships? Years. I started with an account on the NA server which i played on my own (sniff). None of my friends wanted to play pew pew ships so we played Warthunder until we got bored of it and then in November I persuaded them to play and they love it. Unfortunately they started accounts on the Asia server not NA so we're bobbing around T5 What got you into playing World of Warships? Love of Ships? History? Came from a different game? Explain what got you into the game. I love history. Studied it at Uni. My paternal grandparents were Londoners - nan worked at the Woolwich arsenal. Grandad served in the Royal Navy - Convoy duties in the Atlantic then Arctic before joining the British Pacific Fleet. They lived in Greenwich so we'd go to The Rotunda (Royal Artillery Regiment museum) and to the National Maritime museum / Greenwich Hospital. Loved clambering around the Cutty Sark. There was a family story that one of our ancestors was one of the painters who helped James Thornhill. On my maternal grandparents side, my grandad was an RAF fitter initially stationed at Biggin Hill and then transferred to the Fleet Air Arm to serve on the RN Carriers. What is your favorite ship? Why? Feel free to add a pic as well! It's a tough one - I love visiting ships. I've got a soft spot for HMS Belfast - gramps served on one of the sister ships. Seen the Mikasa in Yokasuka, HMAS Vampire in Sydney, USS Missouri at Pearl Harbour. My favourite is the Flagship of the First Sea Lord - HMS Victory in Portsmouth. Had a mate who went to Uni at Southampton so we'd pop down to Portsmouth for a beer and a sticky-beak.
  2. So can I assume that you approve of the changes? Can you enlighten us to what the improvements are? I must admit I'm a little confused as to why you're reading and replying in posts complaining about the changes if you're so sick of people complaining.
  3. To respond to Palladia. I don't play CV's. I've never liked the top down play style. But I enjoy playing DD's, CA's & BB's. My issue isn't with how a CV plays to a CV player, it's how the changes to make CV's more relevant have screwed the game up for everyone else. What ships I have is irrelevant - should point out that my main account is on the NA server but my friends set their accounts up on Asia. I would would have liked to have transferred my account from one server to another but that is another thing WOWS is incapable of doing. Neither myself or my friends are hardcore players. We're happily leveling through T5/6 atm but what we're finding is that a combination of poor matchmaker, higher tier players 'seal clubbing' and these CV changes are making the game almost unplayable. The example was the last match that I played today. I should point out that of the six games today not one feature T4 (the otherside of the MM) only T5-7 Now I don't know what tier you play at but might I suggest that if you want to see how fun WoWS is. Get a T5 ship with no improvements, a few flags and a level 7/8 commander and go play a dozen matches. See how fun it is facing 2 lvl6 CV's and a few T7's. We're not all gods of Warships some of us are mere mortals
  4. I've played WoWS since beta. Not seriously mind you - a few games here and there so i've always been mid tier. And just before Christmas I persuaded a few friends to give it a go. They were reluctant but we've had a blast, even spent real money.. until this patch. Played 8 games yesterday and 6 today. Not a single win. Just not fun anymore. We're constantly being matched with higher tier ships which combined with the cv changes are making it impossible to survive. Example. In a furataka. Game starts. Guns load so 12 seconds. Am spotted by cv planes. Hit by a Nagato, down to less than half health then hit repeatedly by rockets fired from T6 carrier cos there are no T5's. Died after 2 minutes. Did anyone actually test this? Really... We've decided to go back to Warthunder. I doubt I'll be able to get them back which is a pity Just don't understand what this was supposed to achieve
  5. Batch972

    Poll on 8.0 patch

    Not a fan of the update. I've played since Open Beta with accounts on both the na & asia servers. I wouldn't say I was especially good and i haven't hit T8 yet but i have played a fair bit. Playing on the lower levels there are some things that I am finding really frustrating Being insta spotted no matter what you're in means you end up being shot at by everything in range and attacked by aircraft as well - it's over red rover Instant plane recall - just why near unlimited planes against limited, time reliant consumables no fighters to slow the onslaught rockets seem to do far to much damage missing tier cv's - Playing t5 all we see are T6 cv's which makes it even worse hardly any aa on the lower tier ships and you have to grind through it to get the upgrades with improved aa This is badly thought out and poorly designed
  6. Batch972

    Mikasa - some pictures

    Hi All, Just come back from a trip to Japan and one of the highlights was traveling down to Yokosuka to see the Mikasa (the highlight was that my wife's feet are larger than the locals so wasn't bankrupted by shoe purchases). It's well worth a visit. There is an excellent VR reconstruction of the Battle of the Tsushima Straights - fist I've seen at any museum. I thought I'd share some photos though I'm not the best photographer