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  1. Slayer_Jesse

    WTH...I have to pay money to change my skills?

    they did free reset, for the entirety of last patch.
  2. Slayer_Jesse

    Angry YouTuber Review of the New Battleship Skills

    I'm wondering on how the math shakes out for Montana with Super Heavy AP shells with her Unique upgrade. Reinforced Emergency Response gives -10% fire/flood duration time. If i have everything else that reduces it, do you think the skill is worthwhile? Extra AP damage is nice, but Montana is relying on a lot of guns firing semirapidly rather than smaller numbers of big boomsticks like Yamato. Also how would you rate some of the more garbage/meh skills like Grease the Gears and Preventative Maintenance for captains that get improved versions of those skills?
  3. Alright guys, thanks for the feedback. For now I'll keep pushing towards Ohio. I'll take a wait and see approach on deadeye, and depending on what happens I might go for the UU on Yamato. I might consider audacious's once I reach her, on paper it looks pretty good. (Though I hear she's overall not competitive vs other T10 cv's.) I'd still like opinions on the UU for Gearing and Midway.
  4. Slayer_Jesse

    Very First 19 Point Commander! Oh.... sigh.

    Ive lot track of how many 19 pointers I have, but I feel pretty much the same about how they won't be generating elite commander XP anymore. Still though, it's a great milestone for you! I'm sure it won't be your last.
  5. Hello everyone. I've got 23k RB points so far from resetting the US cruiser lines. (I did it more to experience what they're like as I last played the lines before the split than for efficient grinding) I'm now a decision point, Go for a Unique Upgrade or stick it out for an RB ship. However, I'm not sure if any of the RB ships are worth it now, or are at least useful to my situation. I have around 800k fxp banked up, and I don't care for any of the remaining 1m FXP ships, (i already own Alaska) so I'd be willing to use it for a Harugumo line reset to get double points before the double RB points bonus resets in 2 weeks. I already own the UU for Des Moines, Worcester, and Montana thanks to completing the missions last year before they disappeared. For UU, I was looking at 1 of the following: Yamato Main Battery Director System: increased main battery accuracy is always great for bb, especially now that deadeye is a thing. Gearing Improved Hull Concealment: I used to run Torpedo Acceleration on mine. Now I get the speed bonus without the range drop. I'm ok with running Gearing more as a torpedo/hybrid boat these days as its been somewhat outclassed as a pure gunboat, but can obviously still defend itself. Midway Modified External Hardpoints: I have just acquired this ship, but I was able to use some free doubloons from getting Yahagi again to get a perma-camo for her. With bomber Flight Control skill that could make for some really fast and hard hitting planes. As for the RB Ships: Paolo Emilio: While she's got an interesting gimmick, and I do like interesting gimmicks, she's a ship for a line that might not come out for awhile. Though I do have interest in Italian BB's so I suppose with the rework i could use her to train a BB captain with the different skill sets. However I know she also currently has an issue with outrunning her full speed smokes, and I'm concerned about her feast or famine nature, so I'm not really super interested in it. Seigfried: This was the ship I was most interested in pre-rework, but with the removal of damage mitigation skills and the near total removal of secondary skills for cruisers, I doubt she'll be what I wanted. Heavy AP Shells and Top Grade Gunner would work, but I'm guessing not to the same extent. Colbert: She seems interesting, but with no smoke and ultralight armor she seems hard to play. Granted, I am used to that play style as my most played ship is Atlanta. But If i did get her i'd be committing to playing french cruisers again, And while I do have up to the tier 9 unlocked, alll of that grind was done before I abandoned them, because they didn't have Main Battery Reload Boosters at the time. So I'd basically be learning how to play them all over again. And my original interest in the french Cruiser line was the "big" 240mm guns on Henri IV, a novelty that has been surpassed by the plethora of battlecruisers that have come out since then. Ohio: The ship I'm currently the most interested in. From what I've read American secondary builds weren't hurt as bad? The thing is, I don't really need her. I have a plethora of American premiums, and just in BB's I have the Texas, Arizona, and most importantly, Missouri. While the big guns would be nice, I'm not sure if they're enough of an advantage over the Montana's 16 in spam since they don't overmatch like Yamato's 18s do. I'd also be giving up the survivability build I have going for UU Montana that puts out fires/floods in 21 seconds. Slava: No. Eff Paper Russian bias fantasy ships. I'd appreciate your feedback, I'm relatively new to this RB stuff. I could just as easily take it or leave it, but I'm willing to put in some work to get something cool once. (I doubt id do more than 1 ship and 1 UU in total though.)
  6. Slayer_Jesse

    How to spend Free doubloons from Yahagi?

    after doing the Anchorage slog, I never want to do a dockyard again, ha ha.
  7. Hey there. I was "lucky" enough to get the Yahagi early from the free santa crates. I've finally got up to stage 15 in the dockyard, so i got the 4k doubloons for earning her again. I've got a bit over 1k left , so that makes a total of 5,067. I decided against using it on commander dismissal, as the amount of commander xp I'd get is overall a drop in the bucket to the amount of 19 point commanders I have. Now, the three options that interest me the most are the following. I'm having a tough time deciding, as I don't plan to give this corrupt company any more money. I value unique/interesting premiums more than I do getting the most meta ones, but I don't want a dumpster fire either. Monaghan: -25% armory coupon, 3,675 doubloons. Primarily interested in her unique torpedo build. The only other premium us DD I own is hill, so it could help my gearing commander. Or I can stick 21 pt Halsey in it with a specialized build. I have read LWM's review of it, but it was written before Torpedo Tubes Mod 1 or the commander skill rework were a thing. Ark Royal: -25% armory coupon, 4,725 doubloons. I admit, part of the reason I want her is for the collector's value/Bismarck memes. The main reason though is as a crew trainer for Jingles and the Implacable. I'm just not sure how she would perform with the commander skill rework. Tier 10 Permanent Camouflage: 5,000 doubloons. Probably the most boring, but practical option. While I could put it on any of my 10's, I was leaning towards my newly acquired Midway to help grind out the planes.
  8. So, I am I the only one who was under the impression that with commanders having different skill trees, that we could use one commander in each of the 4 classes, assuming we paid the retrain cost? Because that's what I just spent the last 2 hours doing for multiple nations with doubloons, only to figure out later that it wasn't the case. After trying to put Halsey in both Gearing and then Baltimore, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. Fortunately I haven't played any battles in the new patch, so I'll probably just request a rollback from support for the lost doubloons and credits. But I have to wonder why they made this change, if they were not enabling 1 captain to use multiple ship classes. I thought I would get increased utility out of unique commanders such as Halsey and Jack Dunkirk, but It seems this would only apply to premium ship training for those commanders. It just seems like another poorly thought out anti-consumer move. Also again I might just be stupid, but I can't find the option to view all of my commanders from all nations anymore. Is it just gone?
  9. Slayer_Jesse

    Premium Shop: New Arrival!

    lazy copy paste lol
  10. Slayer_Jesse

    Albamarle strategy?

    After grinding thu it the hard way, I have to agree. It just has nothing going for it. The only time super heal is an advantage is in the extremely rare case of fighting only light cruisers/dds spamming HE at you.
  11. Slayer_Jesse

    First Solo Warrior in a WHAT?

    I finally got my 1st one semi recently in the London. In her tier she's very stronk.
  12. Slayer_Jesse

    Credits daily crate

    The better question is why are you picking credits crates when Coal is an option?
  13. Slayer_Jesse

    Free Xp Vermont, or save for a Fxp ship?

    yeah, thats what i might wind up doing after the snowflake events with the USN cruiser line.
  14. Hey guys. I've currently got 840k fxp stored up from normal play, and don't plan to purchase any more. I plan to just use the anniversary + other camos to grind Fxp normally. The Vermont looks interesting, but the Kansas and Minnesota look like absolute hell to grind through. The 51mm deck armor and 12 big guns look nice, but I'm not sure if its 540k FXP nice. On the other hand, I'm not sure what I'd get instead. I hear the Azuma and Agir are just worse than the Alaska. (which it and the Nelson I already own) Freisland looks interesting, but I'm only up to T7 on the Pan Euro line with a weak 13 pt captain, and I've got the Blyskavitsa for coal. I'm also not sold on guns only for random battles, which I play primarily. For the 2m ships, I'm not sure on them either. Hayate, I've already got 2 japanese commanders with 19 points for both dd lines which are up to the t9. (and the kamikaze if i need training for some reason.) And Smalland will be removed long before I get close to it. I'd appreciate some community feedback, not sure what I should buy.
  15. Slayer_Jesse

    Premium Ship Review #128 - Hill

    despite this review, I slapped down the coal for her today now that she can be bought for it. I bought it soley because I don't own another premium us DD. Its a bit weird getting used to lower tier us DD gameplay after playing Gearing so long with her comfortable torpedoes, lol. (though admittedly i used a spare 19 pt commander i had rather than using my specialized gearing captain.)