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  1. ugh, ffs. i need to know what resource alaska will be sold for. I have enough coal to buy musashi now with the coupon, but there's no way im pulling the trigger on it until i know what alaska will be sold for. as nice as musashi is, alaska is really what i have my heart after.
  2. just unlocked the gallant with sovereigns. im really struggling to see any difference between its permanent camo, and the one in the arsenal. as far as i can tell, its the same bonses and the same visual pattern? Is there any difference at all?
  3. Slayer_Jesse

    Seattle/Worchester Captain build

    yeah, its unfortunately pretty easy to get deleted if you're trying to fire all your guns.
  4. Hey there. Got a 17 going on 18 point captain for my Seattle. My current build is priority target, adr rush, bft, ifhe, and CE. It was built more for Cleveland, and tier 6 Cleveland at that. I've really been feeling the lack of superintendant with how many consumables seattle has, especially the heals. the problem is, CE and IFHE are mandatory skills, and i cant do both super and AA buffing. so with the remaining points, is Manual AA without bft/aft worth it? both ships have pretty strong dual purpose 152s, and i want to future proof for the carrier rework. or is it better to just go AFT? or ignore aa entirely and go demo expert + jack of all trades? (keeping in mind that i plan to unlock worchester's special module at some point) I am aware that tier 9-10 carriers are rare, but when i see a ship with strong AA it feels like a waste to not buff it. call it personal insanity.
  5. Slayer_Jesse

    Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    Very good writeup LWM. I pretty much agree with it, although I don't see the point in building specifically for a prem ship. (granted, my only 2 us prems are lanta and Texas, so im kinda stuck with the old girl.) And yeah, I couldn't have summed up my problem with her better myself. Even with the buffs she's still a highly situational ship, and the situations often don't present themselves. She really, REALLY needs higher base concealment, even if that meant a larger detection when firing to prevent invisafiring. Having no ability to disengage is just cruel on a ship this fragile, and similar to dd's. The introduction of brit light cruisers really makes me wish she had either smoke or repairs.