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  1. There are ships in the armory that can only be bought for in game resources: Steel and Coal. Steel is primarily obtained from competitive game modes such as ranked and clan wars. Cial can be obtained from daily xp crates, and as soon as you unlock that feature I reccomend picking only the more resources crates. Long term, coal provides more benefits than the other options. There are also ships that can be bought for free xp. You earn some every battle, and you can convert normal xp to free xp on elite or premium ships for doubloons. This is another resource you should stockpile. In general, it is better to use free xp to upgrade stock ships than it is to unlock new tech tree ships.
  2. Slayer_Jesse

    How to Japan? (Ship lines)

    Japanese dds rely on stealth and torpedoes to do well in. If you cant land torpedo hits, you wont gave a good time. For torps, don't use the wide spread. Instead, send different sets among different segments of the indicator. This provides a tighter spread with overlapping hit chance, while the outer torps can still catch a target you mostly miss. While their guns are generally terrible and you should avoid solo fights against other dds, they do hit hard and you should use them to finish off weak targets. If you want better guns, you can switch to the gunboat line harugumo at tier 8. For cruisers, I have less experience with them, but they generally have high speed, good torpedoes, and lots of guns, but fall flat in fire rate and turret angles. Their high fire chance and good ballistics make them good long range fire starters. As for the torps, they're generally good, but have bad launcher angles. Send them if you can do so safely, but it's not worth showing broadside to do so. Often you'll only be able to use all your launchers while running away.
  3. Slayer_Jesse

    The Noble Craftsman - Poetic's Albemarle Review

    I find her inconsistent and frustrating. Fighting dds and cruiser is fun , but I full health explode way too often when a bb even sneezed near me, even with angles that would bounce in most other cruisers. I cant say I'd keep her after the event, but I might struggle through to drake.
  4. Slayer_Jesse

    Albemarle - British Tier VIII Heavy Cruiser

    Noone cares about cruiser secondaries, so I don't know why you're complaining. It gets 1 less charge because it's the RN super heal that can heal up to half hp, not that it matters much when your citadel is bigger than the Atlantic ocean.
  5. Slayer_Jesse

    Why I've ditched concealment mod...

    I've done that as well. It's a bit of a meme build, but I never believed in concealment for us bbs anyway. The maneuverability is too poor to make use of it. I've also dumped concealment on bbs that have no chance to hide anyway, like German bbs and musashi.
  6. Slayer_Jesse

    Post your SC loot here

    25 scylla flags, not bad. Super economy flags are always nice.
  7. Slayer_Jesse

    Am I missing something with the Collector's Club?

    Ok, I played a battle, and then it counted. *shrug* Guess I should have tried that first, ha ha.
  8. Slayer_Jesse

    Am I missing something with the Collector's Club?

    Only problem with that is I've only got 1 port slot left, and I'm not buying more just for a badge. All my port slots have come from free missions, and normally I don't come close to filling them.
  9. Slayer_Jesse

    Am I missing something with the Collector's Club?

    yeah I've relogged a few times. I do have 3 clan rentals in port?
  10. So can anyone tell me why this isn't awarding? Are there certain ships that don't count, like clan rentals?
  11. Slayer_Jesse

    New to WoW

    See also this video for a current new user link. If you dont plan to use unified premium time, I highly suggest using one of these invite codes, as they greatly help with the low starting income. Also, feel free to add me in game, I d be willing to division with you and help out.
  12. Slayer_Jesse

    Research Bureau

    Because they're the exact same upgrades currently obtained via the grind missions, and most of those are underwhelming. Also U didn't know about the 250k free xp. As im at 700k and trying to get Alaska, perhaps I should finish off 1of my 9 grinds and reset.
  13. Slayer_Jesse

    Tier 0 is something WG should give serious consideration to...

    Low ties are pretty dead, even in coop. cant see enough interest to make this worthwhile.
  14. Slayer_Jesse

    No More Super Containers?

    I got 2 from halsey missions, one was 100 xp flags(meh, the type I have most of) but the other was a week of premium time. Not bad.
  15. Slayer_Jesse

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    Praise be to the diminutive albino rodent.