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  1. Slayer_Jesse

    Best ship for Halsey? (Answered, can lock)

    Yeah, thats what i wound up going for. The extra turret rotation will help, and as you said nasty cruiser ap. Thanks for the replies everyone.
  2. Slayer_Jesse

    Best ship for Halsey? (Answered, can lock)

    yeah sadly I don't think ill have time to get the coal for Georgia before they remove her. I could try to get Ohio but I haven't done a line reset yet Its really a shame that the line split wasn't secondary focused like everyone wanted.
  3. I'm finally, finally about to finish the Halsey campaign. (on the final 50k xp mission.) However despite having a lot of time to think about it, I'm still not sure what ship to put him in. I have Montana, Des Moine, Worcester, and Gearing. I'm up to Lexington in the CV line. All the T10's have 19 pt commanders, Monty has John Doe. Lexington has 16 pt Ovetchkin. I don't think I'll bother with the Kansas line, unless you guys think the T10 is worthwhile. The skills themselves lead me to think Montana, but I actually want a chance for Hit Fast! to activate, so Des Moine? Gearing and Worcester can activate the talents, but don't really need help with gun traverse/reloads. CV gets the least help, only from hit hard, and I'd like to actually see my shell tracers and fireworks. If it matters, for US premiums I have Atlanta, Anchorage, Alaska, (I just realized those are all A named cruisers lol) Texas, Arizona, and Missouri. I'm about to get Oklahoma from missions and have a spare 19pt us commander in reserve.
  4. Slayer_Jesse

    Anime smoke - ever notice it?

    yeah, that was one of the few times i raged at WG. I grinded so hard the first time. When Japanese subs are a thing im going to make iona my commander for them, lol.
  5. Slayer_Jesse

    ST, skip-bombers

    Well this is interesting. I hope that this is a selectable attack mode for dive bombers rather than an entirely new squadron. more historical naval tactics are always welcome in my book. I could see it being useful as an attack option against lightly armored AA cruisers.
  6. Slayer_Jesse

    I think i'm doing fighters wrong.

    Huh, I thought the Halsey mission was random only, but i just double checked and it is allowed to do it coop. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Hey there. Recently trying to get into CVs, and using them for the 150 planes shot down mission for the Halsey stage 5 campaign. I have the Implacable, Lexington, and Saipan. I find this task kind of frustrating, as trying to drop fighters never seems to work. Even when i anticipate the drop time, it seems like the enemy CV planes can always fly out of attack range, even when caught within the circle for several seconds. Its not uncommon for me to have 0 shoot down games, which is a bit discouraging. The only tiem i can seem to get the fighter consumable to work is when i drop it over allies the enemy cv is determined to strike. Any tips? Is there some secret sauce, or is this just a poorly designed mechanic?
  8. Slayer_Jesse

    ST, free Premium consumables

    Nice. You should always be using prem consumables anyway, this just makes it cheaper.
  9. Slayer_Jesse

    Question for Military Man & History

    Meanwhile, the allies in Europe started putting white stars on everything, not just us vehicles, to avoid friendly fire because late war they had air superiority. Guess it depends who holds the air power.
  10. Slayer_Jesse

    Dont forget to re-spec all your old port queens

    Yup, exactly why I reset all my captains when the patch hit.
  11. Slayer_Jesse

    Happy Pi Day...apparently not.

    not a sale, but you can get 5 free here: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/213174-i-like-pi/
  12. Slayer_Jesse

    Super crate?

    congrats, the best thing ive gotten out of SC recently is a week of prem time.
  13. Slayer_Jesse

    Swedish DD consumables

    This has been an issue since beta...
  14. Slayer_Jesse

    General questions

    1: all ships can spot each other equally, spotting range is determined by the spotting range of your ship, when it intersects with any enemy. However sneakier ships will spot each other at closer ranges because of this, making cruisers and dds better at sneaking up on dds than bbs, and starting close range knife fights. 2: as a bb, your job is not to be in the cap circle (due to capping mechanics , you taking damage takes cap points away from your allies, so its actually counterproductive) but instead being near it or a close flank absorbing shots for your team. That most bbs hide in the back these days is a different problem... 3: cruisers have a bigger smoke firing penalty than dds, and bbs have a HUGE penalty. If used to be back in the day that all ships had same range, but no longer. You can see your smoke firing penalty by pressing H. As for shooting over islands, generally low velocity guns can do it, such as us 127 and 152mms. For battleships, you can fire over islands but only at extended ranges. 4: All US and USSR mainline cruisers tier 8+. UK CL tier 9+, but they have to give up smoke for it, so it's rare. High tier pan Asian dds also have a weaker radar. The tier 7 us prems atlanta/flint, and boise and Indianapolis. There's more premiums, but it gets more convoluted.
  15. Throws my "i got london/cunningham for free" onto the pile.