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  1. Shinano would have a small air group, but quick turn around of air craft and give a boost to team carriers in air craft regen.... too bad the only way that happens is if you team up with another cv player.
  2. OrionShadow

    Weekly Question 4

    Enterprise cv, it’s the enterprise... Georgia enjoy speed and secondaries Mogami, a cruiser that I can choose between 6” or 8” guns
  3. OrionShadow

    WoWS Bonus Codes

    All but Cruiserxcruiser worked for me .... thank you
  4. OrionShadow

    Carrier observations of a new CV player.

    I enjoy most of the CV’s I have, Enterprise is still my favorite. Midway is my least favorite for random battles, but she is fun in Co-op. I get shredded with her in ransoms, even picking on a lone dd... so I am working on using the 6 torpedoes as a way to herd larger ships to show their broadsides to friendlies.
  5. OrionShadow

    Alabama or Massachusetts

    I am looking at acquiring either Alabama or Massachusetts. Would like opinions on which one is better and why? Thank you
  6. OrionShadow

    team damage penaties

    Situational awareness... I am fine with penalties from hitting teammates with my ammo. I don’t like being penalized from some clown cutting their ship in front of mine.
  7. OrionShadow

    Just played Ark Royal for the first time...

    Yes her planes are slow, but I have had some good results in random last night. I ended up in first one game competing against a Ranger. So far am impressed with Ark Royal.
  8. Midway... loss to many credits each time I take her out for a spin
  9. OrionShadow

    Georgia or Yoshi?

    I keep wanting to get Georgia, but am on the fence because of Ohio. If she is a coal ship I may not have time to get both.
  10. USS Yorktown, Zuikaku, HMS Victorious (Call sign Robin attached to US Navy 1943). USS Saratoga
  11. OrionShadow

    Other naval ww2 games

    For those dinosaur games that ran on DOS get DOSBox and they play fine on modern systems
  12. OrionShadow

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Have tried Langley, ranger, and Lexington and I think the planes are made of gas soaked canvas. Especially dive bombers. Flying up to 1 Kongo and my divebombers didn’t even get close enough to setup a bomb drop. Only strike planes got close enough to do any damage. And don’t even think about attacking a formation of ships. .. this will take some time to figure out.
  13. OrionShadow

    Graphics card for WoWs and WoT?

    Make sure it is DirectX 12 compatible.