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  1. Mheetu

    Yamato vs Kremlin

  2. We could get the Tone or Chikuma . How about the Number 13 project battleship
  3. Mheetu

    Advice on Monitor Size

    If it not too big you should try the 43 inch 4k gaming monitors which gives a 3840 x 2160 res
  4. ... russian carriers or worst pan asia carriers....lol
  5. Mheetu

    Opinions on the State of AA

    My new AA guns lol. The current AA sometimes is overpower other times feel like is it even on. And sector AA doesn't make much sense if the ship is going be on full alert from air strike wouldn't the entire ship be on full alert.
  6. Mheetu

    Do you play more naval games on pc?

    It one of the older games WOODEN SHIPS AND IRON MAN
  7. How about the De Zeven Provinciën-class cruiser Or Design 1047 Battle cruiser
  8. So would this be consider a German O-Project ?
  9. Mheetu

    Scenarios! Who knew?!

    I still surprise that WG have not create a arctic convoy operation such as Convoy JW 55B where the Scharnhorst was lost.
  10. Mheetu

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Slapping those bots around like a redhead step child
  11. I think the RUSSIAN reply to this was "WORKING AS INTENDED " [WG] Umbaretz Lawful good Developer 128 2 123 publications 12,593 fights Community Manager A complaint # 73 Posted on: Apr 15, 2019 10:54:07 Yes, there is such a mechanic, and it works as intended - when the planes from the squadron are not controlled by the player, they are immune to damage - the link returning to the aircraft carrier begins to receive damage again at the end of the animation of the bombs falling, and the squadron returns to but it’s necessary to take into account several factors: 1) It’s not as easy to use this mechanics as it seems; . 2) If you remove this mechanic - the planes that can not dodge in any way will receive just huge damage and most likely will not be able to enter the next attack, which obviously greatly reduces the efficiency of the aircraft carrier in combat. 3) The use of this "trick" requires the expenditure of two links for each attack - that is, damage to the squadron as a whole may be less than with a conventional attack, but yes, with less loss of aircraft. 4) And besides, for aircraft carriers, changes are already planned to reduce their impact on combat - for example, we will solve the problem with early light. So, we already know that the balance of classes will change. As you understand, dumping a bunch of changes at once is a bad practice, so for optimal results we try to make changes in order and carefully monitor the balance in the game. Well, obviously, we are watching the aircraft carriers especially carefully now.
  12. The question comes down to ATTITUDE + POWER = PERFORMANCE When our aircraft is descending is our throttle maintained at same position or we reducing power to have slower descend PERFORMANCE vs a full power descend. ( VSI aka Vertical speed indicator. Usually express in ft/min)
  13. Mheetu

    WOWS - RTX2060 - For the Archive

    Dual RTX 2080 Ti with one space between cards you still see about 80 C at 100%.... rig was built for another game not this one .....
  14. Mheetu

    Will we ever see any T8,9 or 10 operations.

    Maybe they can do an operation about the arctic conveys to Murmansk during ww2