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  1. Submarines in WOWS

    Wonder if German port be like the Das Boot sub pen leaving port part... i need marching band music when i pull out in a Type IXd or a Type VIIc lol https://m.bilibili.com/video/av20393747.html
  2. Russian CVs

    the strike aircraft would be this one On a serious note Fighters Lower tier Fighter could be I-153 Lower to Mid tier would be I-16 Follow up with Lagg 3 series 35 Follow Up with the La-5FN Follow up with the La-7B20 (difference between the La-7 and the B-20 is the B20 has 3x Berezin B20 20mm cannons in the cowl compare to the standard 2x 20mm ShVak) Final plane would the the LA-9 For carrier attack planes You have the Il-2 SU-2 Karkiv KhAI - 5
  3. well i think back when the hotel was still floating it was know as the Hotel Yamato
  4. It looks like they just took Battlestation Midway and Pacifics idea
  5. yes it a RUSSIAN PT boat or is it a Russian submarine in disguise lol
  6. Got a good random group where everyone worked together and we got 5 stars out of it It seems like ships such as Atlanta, Helena or Boise, Myoko, Lyon, Nelson and Gneisenau worked well
  7. Hmm almost 30 torpedo hits
  8. I come close to 29 but will keep trying lol
  9. Like the changes that been done specially the part where we don't know where raptor would go. Team work is key in this one it not hard to win it as long as everyone escort the carrier and stay ahead of it are little.
  10. Well our team just got a four star out of it (would been 5 if we found the last carrier earlier) but still we were light on the firepower side and this is a random team..... it an odd ball team lol
  11. yea i done this in just use HE and look for a battleship