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  1. well from another game rather old one call Navyfield they had a russian battleship line which was kind of cool but odd. not sure would WG line look like this
  2. Raptor rescue broken?

    got a alright run in raptor but this one really needs a team that works together Now on top of that i did had a weird bugged game that looks like this
  3. Amagi Also HMS Illustrious
  4. Scenarios Blow!!!

    yes it a lot harder now
  5. New T9 Japanese BB?

    that really does bites then if that the case ..
  6. It more like American playerbase rages hard... WG fix is Release USS Guam ... slightly better then krondstadt but at cost of 760 000 instead of 750k lol
  7. Tone why is it so hard to balance?

    How about make Tone/ Chikuma tier 7 give it good AA and 2x quad torpedo launchers. Now to make it speical how about a scouting consumable that launch a fan pattern. Now the player just need to layout which direction of the fan (think of it like the arch on the torp launch) launch 4 scouts they fly the search pattern till they spit a target and the plane then circles it relaying the target to you and allies till the scouts is shot down or time runs out.
  8. New T9 Japanese BB?

    Wouldn't the Number 13 project be a better replacement if you want to get rid or move the izumo out..
  9. Minas Gerase - Class

    wonder would this ever end up in game as a tier 6 premium Specs The two ships of the Minas Geraes class were 543 feet (166 m) overall, 530 feet (160 m) at the waterline, and 500 feet (150 m) between perpendiculars. They had a beam of 83 feet (25 m), a mean draft of 25 feet (7.6 m), a maximum draft of 28 feet (8.5 m), a normal displacement of 18,976 long tons (19,281 t), and a displacement of 20,900 long tons (21,200 t) at full load. At the beginning of their careers, the ships were crewed by about 900 men Minas Geraes and São Paulo were originally armed with twelve 12-inch/45 caliber, twenty-two 4.7-inch/50 caliber, eighteen 3-pounders and eight 1-pounder naval guns. The main battery was arranged with four superfiring turrets, two each fore and aft, and two placed en echelon. The 4.7-inch secondary guns were placed in casemates along the side of the ship. The propulsion of the two ships was provided by Vickers vertical triple expansion engines instead of the steam turbines being used to power most contemporary dreadnoughts. Eighteen boilers provided power to the engines, which in turn rotated the two three-bladed propellers with 23,500 shaft horsepower. Their designed top speed was 21 knots (24 mph; 39 km/h), though this was frequently unattainable in their later careers owing to substandard maintenance and neglect. The ships could carry 2,350 tonnes (2,310 long tons) of coal and 400 tonnes (390 long tons) of oil, and their original endurance was 10,000 nautical miles (12,000 mi; 19,000 km) when traveling at 10 knots (12 mph; 19 km/h).[22][93] During its trials, Minas Geraes was able to steam at 22.29 knots (25.65 mph; 41.28 km/h). The main armor belt was Krupp cemented and nine inches (230 mm) thick, but narrowed to six and three inches (150 and 76 mm) closer to each end of the ships. The barbettes were protected by nine-inch armor, while the turret had a twelve-inch (300 mm) front, eight-inch (200 mm) sides, and a two- to three-inch (51 to 76 mm) top, and the conning tower had twelve-inch armor. The deck armor had multiple decks of one-and-a-half to two inches (38 to 51 mm), one inch (25 mm), and one inch.
  10. Spot the pre-dreadnought

    Chinese order German built end up in the Imperial Japanese navy ......
  11. The last ship of the Kaiser's Navy

    here is more pictures of the Moltke Class battlecruiser
  12. I give to you the El Acorazado Pelayo (how do you pronounce it?)
  13. Yea it suppose to have 36.7 knots if it base on the Akizuki KAI... or is it base on the cancel Super Shimakaze project.
  14. Beside killer whale, aegis, raptor and hermes... the other operation is buffed are little too high also
  15. I used a French BB Lyon in one. Had a good team where everyone knew where to go and what to do we got 5 star easily