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  1. I wonder if, they can add HMCS Bonaventure for Canada day 2023 since we are getting they are adding the Colossus.
  2. _Balto_

    The Battle of Midway, 80 Years Later

    Hmm more planes
  3. _Balto_

    Coal - Tulsa, Carnot, or wait?

    I say wait and save up the coal. Unless it something about to be remove just save it
  4. _Balto_

    Favorite Warships memory.. GO!!!!

    The old kitikami .... 40 torpedos what can go wrong lol
  5. _Balto_

    After RN Battlecruiser line???

    French CV Italian CV Pan Asian battleships (since by then it might be close to the next lunar new years again) Commonwealth DD or Cruiser line
  6. _Balto_

    How would you fix power crept ships?

    Shimakaze (島風, "Island Wind"), the sole member of its class, was commissioned in May 1943. It was an experimental design for high speed.[8] Within a significantly larger hull that displaced 2,600 tons,[21] a new turbine design gave 50% more power than earlier designs and enabled trials speeds of over 40 knots (74 km/h, 46 mph). The standard six five-inch guns were retained but in Type D turrets with greater elevation. The larger hulls allowed 15 torpedo tubes in three quintuple mounts. During 1943/44, the AA gunnery was improved and radar was fitted. Base on the information ... maybe give your ship sometype of radar / hydro
  7. _Balto_

    New SuperShip Submarine

    How can we forget about this super sub
  8. _Balto_

    So, Superships...

    hey you forgot the submarines lol
  9. _Balto_

    So, Superships...

    If they say it going to be like originally planned, one would assume they are going to be credit sinks since that was what the original plan was. Now we just going have to wait to see what it means it might also be a fact that some people are able to make credit with the super ships in coop games. I had one game in the super ship where I loaded up everything on flags and all and i made 1 million credit at the end.
  10. _Balto_

    So, Superships...

    I would assume they be earning less credit then they currently do, since more super ships right now with the -50% repair camo (if you still have any) or just special camo , the extra credit flags and super econ flags can get away with making positive credit game even after being sunk.
  11. _Balto_

    6 Players with 2k in one game

    Someone made 3k on this battle
  12. _Balto_

    Preussens Gloria - Tier 10 German Powerhaus

    The perfect song to go with the ship lol