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  1. _Balto_

    submarines need airstrikes as well

    Forget aircraft big guns and all we all want this, i am not saying we need SSBN in the game but missiles at surface ships will make everyone giggle like a little school girl lol
  2. _Balto_

    New line

    if it pan asian you know WG love there money
  3. We need the Sud - Ouest SO 8000 as one of the attack planes since it was design for carrier operation for the French navy
  4. _Balto_

    Best Nautical-Themed Songs to Kill Ships To...

    when sinking an American ship with a Japanese carrier
  5. _Balto_

    Russian Carriers

    Comrades i was expecting this as my strike aircraft on the carrier ....
  6. _Balto_

    Submarine Fantasies from Hollywood

    LOL more like this
  7. _Balto_

    Your gaming rig?

    no i am not having issues with the temps have you downloaded the new X1 software and updated the driver. I switched off the auto cooling feature and just set it back to manual with all 3 fans running at about 80 to 85% it keeps the card cool to about 50 to 55C even when running games like Il-2 BOX at ultra setting
  8. _Balto_

    Your gaming rig?

    New rig Ryzen 7 3800 EvEA RTX 3080
  9. _Balto_

    Something new for your railroad buffs

    Yeah it is
  10. _Balto_

    Something new for your railroad buffs

    It alive again
  11. _Balto_

    Bring Back the Musashi?

    now why would WG bring back a ship where they know customer would spend money on loot boxes just to get it... explain your business case please lol not to say by bring it back it would devalue my Musashi which as an investor is totally unacceptable, so suck it up butter cup lol
  12. _Balto_

    December 7th

    Ship sales?
  13. _Balto_

    Mouse Presents: Screenshot Theatre

    WeeVee at Hawaii
  14. _Balto_

    Fighter plane of the AL Rossiya

    It a Yak could be a yak 1 , yak 3 or yak 9 or yak 7
  15. _Balto_


    I would expect this is how my German sub leaves for battle in game lol