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  1. Conqueror and CO Inertial Fuse Skill

    OK that makes more sense. thank you for clearing that up.
  2. Conqueror and CO Inertial Fuse Skill

    What's the Tier 8 Ship???? I thought KGV was going to T7???
  3. Warspite Gun Range

    yes the Queen Elizabeth class vessels had their turrets modified so the guns could elevate to 30 degrees instead of 20. Where as the R-class did not have that modification, they had another dubbed "supercharges" which essentially is just a larger powder charge for the guns, increasing muzzle velocity of the shell. ergo increasing range. HMS Vanguard supposedly had both modifications.
  4. Warspite Gun Range

    Damage vs armor piercing ability in game. Data From Kelorn. Bayern is unlabeled triangle. Green squares are British BB. Bayern had much lighter shells than Warspite. I deeply advise reading original post http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/108185-speculation-how-gun-performance-will-affect-royal-navy-battleships/ or watching video between Kelorn and IEarlGrey
  5. A(A) Study: Jean Bart

    Two options i see for Jean Bart. 1. Have her as a tier 8 premium. She is a buffed/modified Richelieu, the only real difference performance wise is that her 100mm could be Dp, better armor layout and better AA. 2. Have as C hull of the Richelieu at tier 8. but even that i find sketchy. There is no way she could be placed at tier 9. Not enough fire power for ship to ship combat.
  6. HMS Hood and it's high pedestal

    The Hood, she may be the only other ship I plan to purchase. That being said I am comfortable with where war-gaming has put her. Tier 7 is in my opinion just fine for Hood so long as they fix a couple hiccups; that her main armament be buffed, and not be left the same as Warspite's. My other is war-gaming explain how this rocket launcher AA system of hers will work......... yes you read that right rocket launchers. I don't really mind how they do it. WG could account for supercharges, such as the ones given to Revenge-Class. that would increase max range and armor pen.; or just increase the max firing range. Other than that her 1941 configuration that was announced is reasonable for AA and secondaries. Her Hp would be somewhere between the NC and Bismarck seeing as she weighed 46000-47000t full load, that would make here around 66,000-69,200 hit points (NC hp. vs bismarck hp. with final hull upgrades.). As she will be an official tier 7 premium i think they will nerf it to that 60,000-65,000 hp. ballpark to make it fair against other tier 7. (Nagato is at 65,000). However they have her listed at 49100t thats only a couple thousand less than bismarck. lets see what happens. She has has a bit better belt armor than Nagato (4"-12"). Hood's is 6"-12". turrets and barbettes are fine with me but, that's not the problem. Plunging fire and bombs will be her greatest weakness. As many Bismarck players will try to remind us constantly (very fond of Pride of the Kreigsmarine myself). Her deck armor was sub-par to other capital ships of her final days, except possibly Repulse (not sure if they upped her deck armor in refits. i know they did in Renowns). I believe she had the bow half of her decked upgraded to 5" inches while the stern half was left at 3". This was to fixed in a future refit in 1941. Her speed every one knows is her trump card for a capital ship of her age. 31+-knts. nothing else to add on that. The other hiccup the "AA Rocket launchers". 7" rocket propelled projectilles for anti air use........................ i have no idea how well it worked. Just that it cant be too good because the brits removed them from all capital ships by the end of 1941.
  7. WG announced french line for 2017

    Yup it's official " French Cruisers Coming Soon!"
  8. British Battleship Ideas

    I agree with the placement of Gregor's picks. i find Earlgrey did a similar video featuring Kelorn, but it went into more detail. LINK> I find the only real problem will be the tier 10 ship for the Brits. The royal navy never really had plans for tier 10 worthy vessels, same could be said for the german navy ex kurfurst is basically an H41/42 hybrid with fictional triple turrets as far as we can tell. WG will probably do something similar for all for all battleship lines to come. Be they British, French, Italian etc. etc. What i see happening at tier X is rather a modernized N3, modernized L3, or a 1944 lion with fictional armament, be it 3 triple 18" or mk4. 16" etc.. there will have to be fictional improvements no matter the path WG takes.
  9. Premium CVs

    Just my thoughts on premium cv's. tiers based on amount of planes carried in real life, general size and what other ships they were comparable to within their nation. I would have to say one of the Yorktown class at tier 8 its a reasonable step between the Lexington and Essex, it's unique from the remaining carriers with a nice history to go with them. Personally i would like the Hornet but ultimately up to WG. I cant say anything good for the Saratoga because its 2 degrees off of the Lexington, but the again so is Prinz Eugen and hipper..... so that argument already has precedence against it. Graff zeppelin at tier 6 for a german carrier, maybe tier 7 for balancing issues, i don't know what WG would do if they decided to add her. Shinano would be interesting to see eventually, because she is a yamato converted to a carrier. enough said. however i can see that as a balancing nightmare. Unryu or Ikoma class would also be nice for the japanese cv tier 7 or 8, but also akagi or kaga would be nice to fit in as well, probably at tier 8, but once again completely up to WG.
  10. RN BBs?

    A.) Truth hurts. they chose to follow the treaty restrictions and built the nelson's instead of the other plans. B.)Yes KGV was considered and planned to have 3 triple 15" turrets but those plans were changed because the British believed it would break the restrictions on the second London naval treaty. They then thought of 3 quad 14" turrets but noted that the quad turrets in super firing position would have even more trouble. So they settled for the 2 quad & 1 twin turret setup. "Allied battleships in WW2 By: Garzke & Dulin, p. 175.) ". C.) You're right about the turrets of Vanguard from Glorious and Courageous. probably guns from the spare's as you said. D.) Yeah i see your point on the different Lion hulls. Not really logical to do it that way. But still they were all planned to have the 16"/45 Mk.2, Of all the 1944 Designs B3 was the preferred design but it was suggested to have 16"/45Mk.3. E.) Those are my personal opinions on the tier 10 that i would like to see. Still ultimately up to WG. But I can see the point on the L3.
  11. RN BBs?

    Now for tier 9 i suggest the HMS Lion as planned in 1938 for A hull, 1942 for B hull, and 1944 plans for C hull. Having its speed clocked in that 28-30 knots zone i would have been very similar to the KGV for speed. 1938 plans were pretty straight forward, take a KGV put the 3 triple 16" Mk.2 gun turrets on instead. (improved nelson guns, still not really comparable to any of its foreign rivals though even at tier 7&8). pretty much the exact same hull and other soft stats. 28knts, 35,000t etc. 1942 plans were an up-scaled KGV with an extra 6000t. still in that 28.5 knts and same 16" Mk.2 turrets. pretty much a stepping stone between the Vanguard and the KGV. 1944 plans. now these were pretty big plans . 65,280 long tons that 17,000 more than the 1942 plans at full load. About the same dimensions as Montana. still maintaining the three triple 16" turrets, But having an improvement on secondaries. now armed with 12 twin 4.5" dual purpose guns instead of the 8 twin 5.25" secondaries on the KGV, and Vanguard. main AA is 10x6-barrel mount bofors and 2 x twin bofors 40mm and no info on smaller AA. Now I've seen speculation, on having the 1944 plans as the British tier 10 BB. I don't see that happening. The Mk.2 16" guns are marginally better than the Nelson's. Little more penetration and mildly better damage. (this is based on Kelorns Graph http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/108185-speculation-how-gun-performance-will-affect-royal-navy-battleships/ .) I find his approach to the situation is very logical. it doestn have the number of guns or gun preformance to stand against other tier 10 bb. there are a couple options I see for the tier 10. all involve paper ships, or made up boats. A.) Take the 1944 lion, replace the 16" with 18" guns on her triple mounts. Make her a British Yamato. B.) Take the N3 from 1920's and upgrade her AA. and other soft stats. she will propbably still be somewhat slow C.) Take another of the British paper ship from post WW1. the K3, L3 etc. All of which very seem very unlikely but WG will do what they have to.
  12. RN BBs?

    I follow this line of discussion when I have the chance so once or twice a month or so. I see alot of the problems with the royal navy battleship. The problem is the British didn't really pursue progressive designs after the naval treaties of the 1920's. If they went with the j3, n3, k2, m2, etc designs they probably would've seen much more capable designs by the late 30's. The main problem is they don't have any ships comparable to ships of other nations at those higher tiers (8,9,10) that the stats can have a somewhat fair fight. For example tier 8 would be Bismarck, NC, Amagi vs. KGV or Vanguard. Looking at stats the only problems for the Brits at this tier is stats of the main guns. Now to fix KGV we can give her the 15" mk2 that was originally planned.Those guns would've fired heavier shells than Bismarck, but higher velocity, giving her comparable penetration to the Iowa guns within 20-30mm, that would make her firepower between Bismarck and NC per salvo. We could accomplish this balance in a few different ways, plan A.) we do what was done with the Mogami, have original 14" gun config. stock and then have the 15" as an early upgrade, rather from a B hull or just straight upgrade from 14" no need for upgrade hull B.) Have KGV with 15" stock and then have the Duke of York or Prince of Wales as Tier 7 premium (I would prefer 7) with preferred matchmaking to tier 8. C.) Do both A & B together and have Vanguard as tier 8 Premium . Now the alternative to the Tier 8 dilemma was put Vanguard there. The guns of Vanguard are from the WW1 battlecruisers Glorious and Courageous before they were turned into carriers. They were thing improved by adding extra armor, increased firing elevation and addition of super chargers (larger powder charges for increased shell velocity, mounted on revenge class during refit) added when mounted on Vanguard. That would put the guns slightly superior to that of the Bismarck, but in doing it that we would essentially have a British Bismarck with stronger AA . and we would also have a KGV at tier 7 as a premium with the 14" guns. Personally i would like option C from my KGV plan, with Vanguard as premium and have the best of both worlds. Having Vanguard as a tier 8 premium makes more sense to me as it would be a British duplicate of the Bismarck with ridiculous AA. That fixes tier 8. I will post my tier 9 & 10 later. Also check This video it really helps show at where the Brits would fit in.
  13. WG announced french line for 2017

    Okay, in WG official developer diaries posted on Jan. 11th, they stated that they will be adding a couple ship lines for a nation that only has a premium battleship while showing the Dunkerque on screen. this obviously means we can expect some french ships within the year. Now knowing that the french navy didnt play that big of a role during the world wars it wasn't easy to fill all the spots in the tree. I still can’t find a nice boat tier 10. But in the end, I leave it all to WG put what goes where. Could fit in a premium at tier 7 but not right now, The De Grasse, pretty much the French take on the Atlanta and Flint. Tier 1: Bougainville-class This boat is much like the Erie for tier 1. Big slow and larger guns. 3 x single 5.5" (135mm~) guns at about 15 knots and 2600t. 200t lighter than Erie. Its really the only ship that fits the description of a tier 1 sloop for France. Tier 2 : Jurien de la Gravière. found some balance difficulty here as they all have damn torpedoes since the 1890"s, She was commissioned in 1899 as a protected cruiser, 22knots and 8x6.5" guns (160mm) (im going by the picture to say they are single mount) and two 18" torpedo tubes. at around 5500t. Tier 3: Gloire-class, this gets interesting fast. Commissioned in 1904, 21 knots, +-9000t, five 18” torpedo tubes (no idea the setup) and 2 × single 7.6” (194mm) guns, 8 × single 6.5” (164mm) guns, and 6 × single 3.9 in (100mm) guns. While researching, I noticed the French had about a half dozen different types of cruiser similar to the Gloire-class. It is clearly going to have serious balance issues. Tier 4: Edgar Quinet-class. Commissioned in 1911, 23 knots and at +-13,000t. going back to some more conventional gun mounting 14 × 7.6 in (194 mm) guns. 1 twin turret, fore and aft and then the rest all over the damn place. And again two 18” torpedo tubes. Tier 5: Duguay-Trouin-class. Commissioned 1926 something of a master copy for everyone’s idea of the light cruiser. 30 knots at +-7200t. 4 twin 6” (155mm) turrets, reasonable AA suite after refits ( to much for specifics. And 4 triple 22” torpedo launchers. With a scout plane. Tier 6: La Galissonnière. Commissioned in 1936. 31 knots at +-7600t. 3 triple 6” (155mm) guns. Nice AA suite with dual purpose twin 90mm. Seaplane, and 2 twin 22” torpedo tubes. Tier 7: Duquesne-class Commissioned in 1928, Pretty much a French version of the German York class. 34 knots at 10,000t, 4 twin 8” (203mm) guns, decent but not great “as built” AA, seaplanes, and 4 triple 22” torpedo tubes. Not sure if she was fit with radar…. Tier 8: Algérie Class: Built in response to the Italian Zara Class (You could argue that the Algérie and the Admiral Hipper were both built to keep up with the Zara). Commissioned in 1934. 31 knots at 10,000t. 4 twin 8” (203mm). nice AA with dual purpose 100mm ( 6xtwin), 2 triple 22” torpedo launchers. Aircraft and radar. Tier 9: Saint-Louis class, planned not built Last one I could come up with. Plans were approved in april of 1940 but they were never ordered. She was planned at just below 16,000t, at 34 knots with 3 triple 8” (203mm). Had very large AA capacity, scout planes and radar. No torps though. REMINDER: this is my take on what the line should be like. It will start off big slow well armored and bulky and progress to be faster and lighter. I do not expect WG to use any of these realistically, I only think that we will get something close to this. if you want visuals, you should be able to find most on Wikipedia or ship bucket.
  14. British Battleship Ideas

    This is video i found on youtube which pretty much shows my views on the british battleship line. its about an hour long so be patient. but htey have a penetration damage charts for all bb because the one guy replicated WG formula for how they determine the pen and damage with initial shell velocity and shell mass. it shows data of why nelson cant be higher than tier 7 because its 16" guns were marginally better than the bismarck's 15". and she maxxed out at 23 knots, no way should could go higher than 7. and the British just quit making good battleships all together thats why i think a modernized N3 would have to be the tier 10, cause hms lion doesnt have the firepower or the tonnage to go toe to toe with any current tier 10 bb really .
  15. What the most likely future Battleship premiums?

    Could have Unique Camoflauge per ship as well....