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  1. Ahoundofhell

    T4 AA balance utterly broken

    They will never balance CV its a pipe dream ether they are weak and aa burns the planes out of the sky or they are strong and they just suck to play against and its apparent that war-gaming has no idea how to fix it. Having ships with no or so little aa fighting with 3 CV barring down on them has been the worst part of playing right now and if i was new i would have quit this game after the crap show. the asymmetrical game play does not work and its even worst when you have no AA or might as well have NO AA.
  2. Ahoundofhell

    Gentelmens agreement between CV's?

    it's to costly to go after another cv till the end of the game. they have fast acting repare partys and auto lunch fighters and great aa. wargaming gave them the tools to fight off other cv and did not give them to the other ships so they do not go after the other cv till every one is dead
  3. Ahoundofhell

    Man i hate CV's

    that why they are giving out cash for recruiting new players thats a sign of a healthy game RIGHT. look i don't like CV I do not think that most of them are op. but there realy not in the right place low tier they are weak but most of the low tier ships have useless aa. mid tier is a crap shoot some times they rek face other games there useless. high tier all but a hand full of ship even come close to the aa need to stay off an attack. this is just damge they spot and have the highest survivor rate on top of that. the real problem is that aa is pure rng flak works on newbie CV but most of the time does crapfor the surfs ship it feels like getting crapon with out one thing you can do but hope the CV sucks there no fighting back no counter play i cant run i just have to weather the storm and that just sucks. and you may think that it has no effect on the player base but two clan mates have just stoped playing or if they get on they play one or to games in co-op and that it. we all joined in Beta droped money all the time for ships and time just gave up playing over CV. hell i am just sticking it thro to see if it gets better if not I am done to.
  4. Ahoundofhell

    Damage control - WoWS going to do it?

    your right tx is really not the aa ship it use to be all its aa is short range and does nothing to stop or help any ship from cv attack and in some ways the same can be said about Atlanta she just not as good of a aa platform as she was along with a lot of American cruisers
  5. Ahoundofhell

    Tirpitz is kind of underwhelming.

    the main guns are the problem with the German bb they just do-not hit what you shot at there all over the place and with the game play that we have right now they are lack luster to play a lot of ships could use buff right now but like the problems in world of thanks i will be addressed 5 or more years from now when they need to boost sales
  6. Ahoundofhell

    Are you happy with the Current CV status?

    arty made me stop playing tanks with other stupid crap wg did to the game and i just don't play ship as much or with my clan as much with the new cv there not fun to fight and there is no counter to them for now i still play because i got some premium time left but after that i am kinda done with spending money on the game i dont think its worth any investment the way its going long term just like what they did to tanks
  7. Ahoundofhell

    Are you happy with the Current CV status?

    I know i sound like i am winning but CV do not work in this game at all. There just like arty in that they are not op but the suck to play against its just not fun getting hit when you cant fight back at all. If there is more then one in a game and they work together its a living hell for there target. Its the same problem every game has with asymmetric combat it does not work if you can not counter the other game style.
  8. Ahoundofhell

    German battlecruiser line

    no thank you for the tree line up i was just thinking that the 11in being somthing allready used in the german navy would add a different flare if they had smaller guns then the other lines but they had cruser dispersion.
  9. Ahoundofhell

    German battlecruiser line

    why not the 11in guns for the o class like the graf spree
  10. Ahoundofhell

    Babylon 5

    b5 was great one of those shows that i love to see them do something with today with the cgi we have now they realy dumd down the ships so they could render them. it is a grity syfi with a more human take of the future not so lofty hippy community like star trek but more down to earth with the problem that face all civilizations. and star-furys best starship design hell NASA asked if they could use it for a space tug .
  11. Ahoundofhell

    Counter-Play / Countering CVs

    its the style of game play that does not work your shoehorned cv game play against surfs ships.that have no counter. surfs ships are in a PvP battle against other surfs ships but it pure rng vs CV. CV are playing a PvE game o i get to move and dry and dodge your planes but i have no direct counter olay vs the CV its the same problem with arty.
  12. Ahoundofhell

    I think CVs are ruining the game

    he is an [edited]for saying it that way but the changes to cv's is in many ways make it better for the lower skilled players that why they dropped the fighters. it is just not working the way they like nerf after nerf trying to bring them inline just shows how much of a fail this update was.
  13. Ahoundofhell

    I think CVs are ruining the game

    The real problem is asymmetrical game-play it never works its a crapgimmick that never makes a good game they all die. Its never fun for one or the other party its to different games styles that your tiring to shoe horn together and all it leads to is massive balance and game play problems.One will always dominate over the other the problem with CV's and why they keep nerfing them is there power over the hole game field. There ships is not in the battle its off to the side they have the ability to strict the hole map with fast acting weapons with very little cost. They can spot for the team and bring target under fire from other ships in range all with the low cost of planes which regenerate over time. Then they have no real counter from those that they attack, ship has no real way to fight back all its defense is RNG AA that they have little control other then to boost one side or the other. The only defense is to ball up and that leads to other problems were you spawn, how fast or slow you are. Then there is the problem of balling up its not great for fighting other surfs ships. You need to spread out and have space to move to try and dodge incoming fire and torp's but now your fish in the barrel with now wear to go. CV's are what killed the great fleets they made most ships obsolete hell WW2 shows this in full force, most ship turned in to large AA platforms and escort ships to CV's. They probably never should have put them in the game as a ship for people to get they add more problems to the game and its balance then not having them at all. Other then taking them out which I am not against they need to tighten there MM up they should only see one tier higher and lower never two. Its impossible to balance CV's with the MM they have today for the bottom tier ships fighting top tier CV's your AA is worthless and you get hounded all game with no way to fight back. IF your the bottom Tier CV fighting top tier ships your planes are worthless against there AA. They should also only be one per-side there ability to control the vision game is to great to have more then one roaming the map spotting the hole field. I just feel that they do not and should not be in the game there impact is to great and there never going to be balanced in the game-play the cost for most ships to counter them is to great vs the loss of your ability vs the other ships, asymmetrical game-play just never works out.
  14. just can't trust that what I buy is what I get if your going to make major changes to ships i pay for. what happened to the cv's and now the GC is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I think that I will not buy anything ever again from wargaming again. just can't trust them not to f*** me over. they did that to me in tanks power creep made many tanks worthless and starting to feel that coming over here.
  15. Ahoundofhell

    possible solution for GC situation

    look i don't even play her a lot the same with my Belfast and kutsoff and I will say there are op. the problem is the way wargaming was pushing loot crates so people can get the rare op ship that are no longer for sale. then they say there op and need a nerf. well that's a [edited] if they are going to give me something for them i like steel not gold.