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    All the ships you own are now showing available again in the Armory and do not click them to double check why. I did this and was awarded 35mil credits in exchange for 228k coal like a doofus when i clicked on the Georgia to see why it was showing available again. Then in typical Wargaming fashion the Support part of website is down so you cant even send in a ticket if you do have any issues.
  2. V1LIN AKA VILIN YES THAT DANK TANKS CLAN THAT HAS BEEN KILLED NUMEROUS TIMES BY PLAYER30!!! Well finally Vilin has worked its way into World of Warships!!! Let me introduce myself Xx_Sylvester_Stallone_xX more formally know as DNC Boomer Daddy Stallone by the one and only Armourghost (The Great Kiwi Boomer that birthed such a clan). So obviously if you have found your way onto this cluster of a recruitment page you have either seen us in game or know us from Tanks and must be looking to join this deranged contraption of a clan we managed to set up. If you are interested in joining please send either Armourghost or myself a message in game and we can hook you up with the Teamspeak and run a few battles. We have been working on playing a few clan battles on the weekends when we have enough players and regularly in divisions in game. Our requirements will be as follows Minimum win rate of 50% Must be over the age of 18 Must have TeamSpeak to be able to hang out and give Armourghost some flak any chance you get Must have atleast 1 tier 10 Cruiser or DD so you can play clan wars when needed Yes i'm aware this is probably a terrible recruitment thread from Vilin standards but hey my name is the only MEME I can truly come up with. #BOOMER PROBLEMS