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  1. Be aware folks that 11.1 overwrites the engine_config file and you lose any changes you have made to the 'replays to keep' counter. Thankfully MxStats warned me before too much damage was done.
  2. And it is broken again, costs have gone back to 475 gold per 19 pointer
  3. I have raised a ticket and the problem has been resolved. It is unclear from their response ("this is a known problem and development is working on a solution") if they did something specific to my account to make this happen or if ticking over to the next day was what did the trick. They did say "If the problem still persists, you can retrain commanders with doubloons. Then you can create a new ticket and we will compensate your loss of doubloons." If anyone does need to raise such a ticket for a refund they should probably reference ticket "116563064" where those instructions were given
  4. I thought that might be the case too, but when I reached out the other members of my clan, one send me screenshots showing their reset cost as 0 gold on a 19 point skipper
  5. In the Season 4 writeup here it says "From November 28 until December 4, all players who join at least one Clan Battle will be able to redistribute the skill points of their Commanders for free." The link in the news section to the forum topic for Season 4 gives a "You don't have permission to access this" error so I am writing my question here I have played my 1st clan battle in season 4, and checked in the clan members display to make sure it is recorded, but my skippers still have a cost on them (475 gold for a 19 pt cap) to reset skills. Many of my team mates DO have their skills able to be reset for 0 cost. But not me. Has anyone else observed this for themselves? I am wondering if it because I have not yet got the 10 oil to activate clan benefits (NOT listed as a pre-req, but I just changed clans as we are running Clan Battles out of one particular clan this season) Anyone else seeing this? If you ARE not getting your reset skills cost going to 0, have you collected enough oil to activate clan benefits yet? Thanks
  6. and now MxStats can see my 3 most recent battles, but can't parse them Hit 'analyse replays' and it starts on the 1st and just stops, gives no error, and the status of the battle remains "Analyse the replay" I uninstalled MxStats and reinstalled it using a fresh download from your site Maxim, and get the same result. Renaming the old debug.log and looking in the newly generated one I see 1 entry. "[1027/090057.241:ERROR:child_thread_impl.cc(762)] Request for unknown Channel-associated interface: ui::mojom::GpuMain" Nothing has been added to the error.log UPDATE: Looks like something specific to that log, once the next one was cut it can be processed, but one particular battle in the prior log can't be UPDATE2: Parsing problem fixed with version of MxStats that were just published
  7. This is all there is I am running Windows 10 Pro, and have looked in the recycle bin for the files, have searched the drive for all files ending in .log and have tried restoring the folder from a save point (to be told there are no applicable save points for this folder) So they seem to be gone and even low level recovery will not work as they are on a SSD. This is what it looks like in MxStats RECOMMENDATION: Anyone using MxStats, suggest you make use of the "sync with folder" option to regularly take a copy
  8. Just started mxstats and found nearly all my logs have disappeared, from 5,000 or so battles down to 64 Nothing in the recycle bin, nothing to restore in 'restore folder' All the replays are still there (5,127 of them) but the logs have basically vanished Any ideas?
  9. Just wanted to say "thanks again" for this excellent programHave just used it to so an analysis of 'star saving' rates by ship class which you can find here:
  10. according to my data, these fields are missing as of game version 7.7 is it possible to get them back? Or are they just gone?
  11. oz_boater

    Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    When the missions refreshed for 27th July, a lot of old missions have reappeared and progress on 'legendary upgrades' has gone weird. I now have 10 combat missions and 25 personal missions, combat mission include - Daily challenge easy - Daily challenge normal - Daily Challenge Hard - First Time (Clan battle) all of which I have already completed All the clan personal missions have been reset I also now have "Monaghan Quest", "Kidd Quest", "Sims Quest',' Atlanta Quest" , etc(all of which I have completed) plus Soviet Commander & British Commander (which I have completed) plus all all the legendary missions have been reset to 0 progress except "Divide and Conquer" which says it is in stage 1 (earn 100,000 XP) but is still showing the almost complete stage 5 bar (earn 40,000 base XP) where I am up to around 30,000 and just about to finish Given how much of a slog it is to get the "Divide and Conquer" done - have been working on it all week - it will be pretty disappointing if it disappears Notice how bar 5 of "Divide an Conquer" is mainly filled in, but supposedly no progress has been made on it at all? Notice the 10 combat missions and 25 personal assignments? EDIT: Having exited and re-entered the game, the missions are reset to normal. Don't if this was as a result of exiting and restarting or a co-incidence of timing SITUATION RESOLVED
  12. oz_boater

    ships staying "In Battle" after battle is done

    I am seeing this in my .log file [2018_07_01 09:31:44] !!! PostBattleWindow: Results Receive Timeout, going to Dock! Suggests the server is failing to either complete the battle or failing to communicate the results, have raised ticket 2599730 to support about it
  13. Followed the link to the HMAS Adelaide scuttling and then on to the lovely girl. Really sorry for your loss and wanted you to know the memorial pages were touching...