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  1. I absolutely agree with your Rule 1. The point is, everything else you can get just playing the game so, the shame is to allude people with your evaluation of "good drop" or basket for poor.
  2. wojowny

    Subs - in good players hands destructive

    Most high tier BB’s got extremely powerful anti submarine weapons. Just learn how to use the new tool and use it lol. Changing tactics/habits will also help you protect inventory.. End of story. The same blame history called so often “cancer”; CV’s, DD’s now subs. Than soviet supersubs perhaps on the way will fulfill the story again. Captains, May you have fair winds and following seas wojo
  3. wojowny

    Armada: Molotov

    Used to be when introduced, than every update nerfed her to death. Have no interest in her anymore, playing sometimes scenarios with her. JUNK.
  4. wojowny

    This rank season is a disaster

    I would say that is way too easy access to rentals - according to WG policy (read $$$$) - it is minimum 100 played battles. I would suggest- 1000 played Random battles.
  5. wojowny

    Filing Report Against Bot

    WG is totally incorrect about Ranked. Should be rather like... New or alt accounts have to play of minimum 1000 Random games in order to have access to Ranked.
  6. Lol One of links, you can google http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/351780-wg-matchmaker-patent-us8425330-b1/
  7. wojowny

    New game mod ideas?

    Game and players were great in my opinion. From 10k to less than 1k ppl after update 2.0. Really awesome game I would say before update 1.7. Opinions may vary. Update 2.0 -respawn-just killed wowp.
  8. wojowny

    New game mod ideas?

    Something like this. Unsure how exactly it would work or be setup. But Im curious how a respawn mode would work. Just check WOWP. Didn’t work.
  9. wojowny

    Reset captain skills sometime soon ?

    They - tech support- just said “NO”. I was asking for resetting skills twice this month. Good luck. 👨‍✈️
  10. wojowny

    Le Terrible

    Firstly, according to Wiki... Ship is still being tested and all vital statistics are subject to change. Lol. For worse perhaps? so enjoy your well spent money for now. Have fun.
  11. wojowny

    Dasha speak English please..

    I know Russian a little but, I coldn’t take heat for translating those really bad sentences. Believe me
  12. wojowny

    Whats your luck with getting RN DDS

    I was very lucky, got 3 free Dd’s 2000 gold and so many other containers. Actually DD’s are funny to play with however aren’t top notch