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  1. A serious proposal for radar

    Only a tiny handful of DDs have DefAA. As for the rest, I don't care. Carriers are VASTLY more annoying to DD players. CVs can be a magic delete button. Radar isn't. Much as some might like to think so, you can escape from the clutches of enemy radar and remain alive. As for CVs, in high tier battles, against good CV players, if you're not in a great DefAA DD and the CV player decides it's time to delete you, you're deleted. No questions asked. Pop smoke? Fine, you'll just get torped by manual drops. Don't drop smoke? Expect to be cross dropped, as well as dive bombed. Either way, the result is the same. Or the carrier might just put a fighter squadron over your head and keep you perma spotted, in which case your options are limited depending on where you are. If you're in open water far from friendlies, you'll either get run down by enemy ships or eventually have a carrier strike heading your way. Or if you're near friendlies, your only option is to head back to friendly heavies for their AA. OWSF benefitted cruisers too. Furthermore, in spite of being mostly a DD player, I've always hated OWSF. If you fire guns, you should be seen. End of story. This isn't to say that perhaps smaller ships couldn't have shorter gun bloom penalties. But you should have to work for your stealth firing, either by using hard cover or smoke.
  2. The Atago can do excellently when top tier. But when she's not top tier, her lack of gun range will be extremely painful. As for her torps, her stealth launching window is pretty narrow, unlike the Zao, which has a considerably wider stealth torp launching window. I guess that I don't pay much if any attention to secondary gun battery ranges on cruisers. Also, I'm always a bit wary of concealment ranges on cruisers because they don't mean a lot unless you have the ability to stealth torp. Oh, you don't want to get spotted from the moon, but if you're not a stealth torp capable cruiser, it doesn't all that much matter if your concealment is 9, 10, or 12 km. You're still going to be vastly outspotted by any destroyer. And those are ranges at which any competent battleship player is going to trash you in a hurry. It's also worth noting that I'm not real big on trying to aggressively stealth torping in an Atago, because I assume that some DD's just waiting to spot me before I get a chance to launch my torps. That's not to say that I won't use them. Just that I tend to be more cautious in their use. What it comes down to for me is this. If I'm top tier, then I love being in an Atago. But if I'm not top tier, then I tend to prefer the greater gun range of the Prinz Eugen or Kutuzov.
  3. A serious proposal for radar

    I hate carriers. Radar is vastly preferable to carrier planes when it comes to spotting DDs. Radar is temporary. Carrier planes are permanent, or at least can be. I hate carriers with a bloody passion when I'm playing DDs. Radar I can deal with. But most DDs have no way to deal with carrier plane spotting except to run back to their fleet. You want to talk about ruining the game? From a DD player's perspective, it's not even close. Carrier planes are vastly worse than radar when it comes to ruining DD game play.
  4. A serious proposal for radar

    Smoke should NEVER have the slightest effect on radar! Smoke isn't chaff. It's just smoke. And radar SHOULD overpower, or more accurately, completely ignore smoke.
  5. No, I think that the term stuck because historically ignorant people refused to stop using it.
  6. Derfflinger can't be tier 4, because there are other German BC classes earlier than her. A German BC line would look something like this. Tier 3: Moltke class Tier 4: Seydlitz class Tier 5: Derfflinger class Tier 6: Mackensen class Tier 7: "Ersatz Yorck" class: Ersatz means replacement, so Ersatz Yorck means "Replacement for the Yorck class". So, obviously, there'd need to be some fictional names created. Unfortunately, from what I can tell, 3 of the intended names for this class were Yorck, Scharnhorst, and Gneisenau, which obviously cannot be used. Given that these 3 ships were based on famous German military leaders, I'd think that they'd have to find another historical German/Prussian leader from the 1700's or 1800's for the name of the lead ship of this class. And perhaps at tier 8: The O-class: As for the name, see above. With the SMS Von Der Tann being a tier 3 premium BC.
  7. A serious proposal for radar

    Well, Kiyo, I am a natural born contrarian. But honestly, I do find the challenge fun. I pay attention to where all the radar ships are or were, and I adapt my movements and positioning around that knowledge. I also try to know the ranges on radar so that I know not to get within a given range of that ship. The simple rule can be like this: Don't get within about 10km of a US radar ship, and don't get within 12 km of a Russian radar ship. Obviously, those are loose, rounded off numbers, but you will be safe if you follow them. As for fun, sure, if I'm playing a stealthy DD, it's be a lot more fun FOR ME to not have to worry about radar. But would it be more fun for all the non DDs to not have radar around to spot me? I don't think so. I don't think that they'd want me living around 6 or so km from them unspotted constantly throughout the battle because they had no way at all to find me.
  8. Merlox, actually tier 6 is probably the perfect spot for this ship. If you look at all the German battlecruisers, the Mackensen class BC lines up perfectly for tier 6. If it seems a bit weak, then perhaps it should just get a little buff in whatever area needs it. But also remember that it's NOT a true battleship. It's a battlecruiser. And as such, it will be a little squishier and perhaps not as well armed as a same tier legit battleship, but it will be faster. If there's going to be a tier 5 German battlecruiser, it should be the Derfflinger class.
  9. I'm not a troll. I don't believe in trolling people. I say exactly what I believe, which is the exact opposite of being a troll. As for not playing worth a damn on a team, I happen to do very well on teams because unlike far too many players, I actually DO play for the team, rather seeking to pad stats and talk about "carrying". And most of the time, I'm one of the DD players on my clan's CBs team. And they certainly seem to like what I bring to the team because I do my job! I scout, spot ships and torps, grab caps, engage enemy DDs, and torp as much as possible. I don't usually have huge damage numbers in CBs, but that's largely because my primary targets are enemy DDs rather than enemy heavies.
  10. Jean Bart

    IIRC, I spent some, not a lot, of money to get the Mighty Mo. And I was able to get the Nelson and Kronstadt without spending a dime. And I have a big pile of FXP that I'm saving, hopefully for the Alaska, though possibly the JB. (Heck, I have enough, IIRC, to get both, if they're both 750k FXP ships.)
  11. A serious proposal for radar

    Not how I see it. I think that they're just using "not fun" as an excuse for not being willing to adapt.
  12. A serious proposal for radar

    No problem. I have no problem with radar, even as primarily a DD player. I have adapted to it. But it sounds to me like there are too many people who refuse to change how they play the game to adapt to changing metas. I don't have much sympathy for them. Mind you, as a DD player, I'd love to not have to contend with radar. However, I manage to do fairly well in spite of radar, because I am willing to adapt to its presence. And when I know that I'm in a battle without it, or a battle where the enemy's radar ships have been sunk or are spotted elsewhere on the map, I will adapt to that as well, because I know that I can be more aggressive.
  13. A serious proposal for radar

    I'd say that you need to find a clan with players who don't quit when things get a little difficult and who will adapt to changing metas.
  14. A serious proposal for radar

    Why have carrier planes at all if AA will just shoot them down? Why have AP shells if well angled armor will bounce their shells? Things have counters in this game. Radar is a counter to stealthy DDs. It was added by WG due to complaints of, primarily (one assumes), the BBaBBies. Why was the Situational Awareness skill given to all captains for free? Or the radio location skill? Presumably due to the complaints of the BBaBBies. And so on and so on. What sort of cheese would you like to go along with that whine?
  15. A serious proposal for radar

    First, if you're using the word in such a less than obvious manner, you should say so. Secondly, radar is SUPPOSED to change the game flow. Why is this such a difficult concept for people to understand? That's the entire POINT of radar!!!