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  1. I feel your pain, Asym. But honestly, I wouldn't be calling yourself a "normal player". Meaning no insult, I'd very a "normal" player as one who at least isn't physically handicapped, such as you say you are above. I understand why those with such limitations prefer coop. And, yeah, it's a shame that there isn't at least one other task in Stage one for coop players. (I haven't scoped out the other campaign stages for their tasks, but I'll assume that they're fairly similar in this regard.) Kenobi, a number of regular coop players do so because they have physical handicaps and they don't want to hurt their teams in randoms with their limitations. I have to give guys like Asym credit for this sentiment, so it comes off as rather harsh (at least to me) to players like Asym as well as the regular random players who he's trying to not hurt by staying in coop to say what I've highlighted above. Anyways, that's all I have to say.
  2. Crucis

    PSA- The Marceau Sucks

    I sort of disagree. I think that the French DDs, particularly before the Kleber concealment nerf, had very good torps for occasional stealth torping. However, looking at the Marceau's torps and concealment, I'm not so sure that I'd bother. They don't seem good enough to waste the time trying to set up that many stealthy torp runs.
  3. Crucis

    Orkan is worse $$$ version of Lightning

    I found the Oland extremely useful.
  4. Again, don't blame the players. Blame the maps. Maps tend to dictate how players play each of those maps. Maps that are littered with islands tend to produce less dynamic game play. The problem is that the map makers just can't get it into their heads to produce more open maps rather than island choked maps. That said, even game play on open maps can become rather static, just in a different way. Rather than static being ships parked behind or beside islands, you can have static play where each team is more or less just circling around at longer range, rather than closing on the enemy. Frankly, if one really likes dynamic game play, I suggest playing DDs, because most of them will prefer being constantly on the move, constantly seeking out the enemy or looking for good flanking shots for their torps, and so on.
  5. There are other campaigns that are tier 8 and above. This limitation is nothing new.
  6. Crucis

    Orkan is worse $$$ version of Lightning

    Rather than comparing the Orkan and Lightning, how about comparing the Orkan and Oland, the t8 Swedish tech tree DD?
  7. No, I don't get frustrated by it. It doesn't bother me at all. I accept that there will be good and bad results, hopefully in equal measure. Of course, RNG doesn't matter one little bit if your aim is off, because all the favorable RNG in the world won't mean squat if you can't aim your guns worth a damn.
  8. Crucis

    Finished the T6 camo grind

    I think that the torps are better/more useful than people sometimes think. I think that the problem is that too many people can't see past the low alpha to see that these quick reloading torps can be useful for starting sticky floods, if one uses them properly. It may turn out that these Swedish DDs aren't that great for coop. OTOH, I think that it's possible that they may turn out to be OK, if one learns to play them in a way that's best suited to the faster games in coop and the DDs own abilities and limitations. For example, if you have a friendly BB brawling with a bot BB, maybe get close enough that your guns' accuracy will be solid and just circle the enemy BB, peppering him with HE or AP, if you have broadside shots at the superstructure. I won't say that these Swedish DDs are the best thing since sliced bread. But I think that they're actually pretty good if you can learn to fight to their strengths and stay away from their weaknesses. One strength of the higher tier DDs is their AA. Not only is it useful for self defense, but it's useful to help defend nearby friendlies. And I've noticed that it seems like any battle where I've earned over 10 plane kills, it's reflected in my XP. And more so when I've gotten over 20 plane kills. And I've had battles where enemy CVs will stay away from my high tier Swedish DD if I've knocked down 10-20 planes. Sometimes the best AA defense is a strong reputation for being a nasty AA boat.
  9. I want more F-key messages, not fewer. And they're not going to let us set our own, because that could allow players to produce their own obscenity laced messages. How about adding another dozen F-key messages that could be triggered with SHIFT-Fkey. Hopefully, messages that are more combat relevant.
  10. It's "you" problem because you should know that RNG means RANDOM number generator, i.e. it's the computer equivalent of dice designed to produce random numbers. And it's also your problem for not understanding that the best way to look at RNG is to just accept that there will be good and bad rolls from time to time and that in the grand scheme of things, RNG will always even out, if it's truly random. The more you think that RNG is out to get you (by whatever words), the more it will, because you'll only remember the bad results and rarely remember the good ones.
  11. That's a "you" problem, not a game problem.
  12. Crucis

    Update 0.9.3. European Destroyers: Part 2

    I disagree, on many levels.
  13. From Reddit (28 days ago): Also, Italian Tier VIII battleship Impero and Japanese Tier VIII battleship Asama will be added to the game for testing. These ships are based on the Italian battleship Roma and Japanese battleship Amagi, but with changed characteristics and consumables. At the moment, the concept of Impero involves the following changes: Impero will be equipped with semi-armor piercing shells instead of high explosive ones and will have "Exhaust Smoke Generator" consumable. At the same time, it will have increased reload time of the main caliber guns. Asama is at an early stage of testing and her special characteristics will be announced later.