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  1. If you can't agree on definitions, then you can't move forward with any debate because it will be pointless. One side is arguing apples while the other is arguing oranges, and you're each essentially talking in a different language.
  2. Crucis

    What is the main reason for CO-OP?

    Prophet, I play coop a lot. But I also think that it's boring as hell, because the bots truly are dumb as rocks, as you say. And yes, if you have a full team of live players it's usually super easy. And yes, if you find yourself in a situation where you're really outnumbered, it can be a challenge. But not really because the bots make it a challenge because they're playing intelligently. No, it's because you're always bound to take some damage in each little engagement, and when you're outnumbered and trying to win the battle, you have to do your best to survive those little engagements while sinking all of the remaining enemy bots. I wish that bot AI was a little more intelligent and diverse. All the ever do (well, maybe 90+% of the time) is charge forward, guns a-blazing. You never see smoke equipped bot ships stop in their smoke and smoke-shoot. You never see IJN torp boats playing like a proper torp boat and staying guns silent and stalking you from concealment. Sadly, Coop is little more than that carnival game where there are "ducks" on a loop and you shoot the ducks with an air rifle. I wish that it was more challenging. And frankly, I kind of take offense to your characterization of Randoms as an "ultra competitive hell". I don't see it as ultra competitive. And more so, I don't see it being competitive as hellish at all. To me, it's great that it's competitive. That's what player vs player games are supposed to be. I hate when people playing volleyball want to see how long they can keep the ball in the air. I play to WIN. I'm the guy who wants to spike the volley ball, not keep it in the air as long as possible! The point of all PVP games is competition, i.e. playing to win, because competition for its own sake is fun, and winning is even more fun! If you only want to play to have fun, then you're not playing a game, you're engaging in an "activity".
  3. Crucis

    Ocean Map - Rodeo Roundup

    I had a fun battle before clan battles started tonight in my Le Terrible on Ocean. I had a ball even though I didn't do that much damage. It was a blast to be able to run all over the map in a speedy French DD, running and gunning everything, and not having to worry about running into any islands.
  4. Crucis

    I LOVE my Indomitable!

    One thing about having no torpedo planes, you'll never want to mount the flooding signal flag!
  5. The game is called World of WARSHIPS. Carriers are historical WARSHIPS. Case closed.
  6. Crucis

    World of Warships Ship Proposal: U.S.S Johnston

    I really don't like seeing a constant stream of clones. There are already 3 Fletcher clones in the game. The Kidd, the Black, and the Chung Mu. That's more than enough. I also get annoyed at using premiums as a way to "honor" ships. Oh, it's one thing when they're picking which ship to use out of a class that's never been included in the game to pick a ship with a worthy history. But if there are already numerous copies of the ships in that class in the game, creating yet another for no better reason than to honor the ship just gets annoying to me.
  7. Crucis

    ARP Returns Next Week?

    I agree that it's a much appreciated change. But as premiums, they're boring as hell, because they are exact copies of the Myoko and Kongo classes. They bring nothing new and different to the table, other than the anime skin and anime captains. If WG wanted to do something else for these ARP ships, what would be nice if they'd try to make each of the ships a little different from each other and from the base tech tree ship. Mind you, I don't know what that would or could be. Honestly though, this is why I'd rather that they just create a regular IJN premium version of the Kongo (probably the Haruna) and either a regular IJN premium Myoko clone or the Maya. That way, they might be a little freer to come up with something unique. For example, a premium Haruna could be in its late WW2 state with 127mm dual purpose gun mounts and enhanced armor, with a modified model. And she could either be a strong tier 5 or a tier 6 premium. As for tier 7, I think that the suggestion to use the Maya (an Atago class CA with its C turret removed in favor of greater AA) as a new tier 7 premium CA, rather than a Myoko based clone.
  8. I don't care if they're in a 12v12 clan battles one way or the other. They are historical naval warfare vehicles in the era that this game covers. Trying to pretend otherwise is silly.
  9. Good choice, Fletcher. The USN BB line was the very first line that I ground when I started playing WoWS in open beta. And as a new player, of course, I wasn't all that decent, and I just didn't do well with the Colorado. But recently, I reset the USN BB line for the RB (ugh.), and when I got to the Colorado, the thing performed like a beast for me. 100k damage games weren't difficult to produce at all with her. I still don't like the fact that the Colorado (and other USN Standard BBs) don't get an actual (even if fictitious) engine upgrade, but the Colorado is one heck of a hard hitting tier 7 BB.
  10. The Azuma may not be as good, tier for tier, as her tier 10 cousin, the Yoshino, but she's not all that bad, as long as you don't mind playing long range HE spammers. And as a tier 9 premium, she's one heck of a good money maker. Absolutely!!! At least for me, the Prinz Eugen feels like the best tier 8 premium CA, because her guns have sufficient range to be a good kiter, and her armor is solid. And since her bow can auto-bounce 15" guns and she has all those torps, the Eugen is a darned good brawler at need. Probably her weakest trait is that her small number of slow loading guns mean that she's not so good when it comes to dealing with DDs, but I suppose you can't have everything. Yeah, with the right setup, the Krasny Krym can be one heck of a long range kiter for a tier 5 ship. Honestly, that one feels like a stretch. I have her and can find no redeeming features to her. The Yudachi's torpedoes are just too damned easy to detect and avoid, regardless of whether you use the torp accel skill or not. I know that they probably won't revisit the Yudachi at this point, but I really wish that the devs would replace those crappy torps with some that are halfway decent or significantly drop their detection range, so that the ship doesn't feel like it was a waste of money.
  11. Crucis

    just about done

    So, where did the big bad CV touch you? Or maybe he's just a player who refuses to try to adapt, improvise, and overcome.
  12. I don't want them in small team Clan Battles. But 2-3 weeks back when they had that 12v12 clan brawl with CVs, carriers really weren't a big deal because of the team size.
  13. MEANN, writing threads in ALL CAPS is profoundly annoying. Can you please just edit your original post and type it up normally for people, rather than getting all defensive about it?
  14. Crucis

    World of Warships Ship Proposal: U.S.S Johnston

    Because it's a waste of time and resources that could be better spent on more original ships.
  15. Crucis

    ARP Returns Next Week?

    No, haven't heard anything, but it wouldn't surprise me. Why wouldn't WG want to put them on sale and make some more money? Personally, I have all but the Takao, and I rarely play the ARP ships, mostly only for snowflake events, and maybe for missions that require fire starting/damage. I really wish that WG would come up with a non-ARP premium version of one of the Kongos (Haruna preferably, since it was the only one of them to survive the war and have the most modern refits, which just might make her tier 6 worthy) and perhaps one of the Myokos, or the Maya.