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  1. No. Remove domination mode first.
  2. French BB Bretagne awesome

    Gonna try my 15 pt Akizuki captain in it next.
  3. At least it's not a fictional one, made up out of whole cloth.
  4. Good god no. I want to play the ship I queue (not que) up in. Now, if there's was a "random ship" or "random ship type from what's in your port with a captain" OPTION that players could choose to select, OK. Fine. But if I don't want to do that, then I DO NOT WANT TO GET A GD RANDOM SHIP!!!
  5. To Musashi or Not to Musashi

    I am less than 30k FXP from being able to get the Musashi, but I have very little desire to do so. I have the Missouri already. And even the Yamato doesn't excite me all that much. I suppose it'll be a while before we see another FXP premium, but I think that I'll wait to see if the next one interests me more.
  6. More and more and more weather!!!
  7. THIS!!!! Personally, I'm sick and tired of all the catering to the kiddies when this game's core player demographic is in the late 30's, early 40's. I will say though that if this was World of Tanks, I'd suggest a Martian map or possibly a Lunar map.
  8. WGing Could ya Just?

    Makes one wonder if they're saving that tier 6 KM DD for some special event later in the year.
  9. WGing Could ya Just?

    And exactly why is Poland a "neglected line"? It really should just be part of a Pan-European "nation". The devs could include countries like the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Austria-Hungary, Greece, as well as Poland. I don't know if between all those nations there'd be enough to build any full lines, but it'd be better than nothing. (And I really wish that WG would stop with this desperate need to produce full lines all the way up to tier 10.)
  10. The map really needs some tweaking. It's always been too much of a damned WoT-like Corridor map.
  11. Flash, this is why I said above : The problem for me is that the devs have created SO MUCH differentiation between DDs of different nations that some nations DDs are too specialized. The IJN and Russian DDs are too specialized, for the most part, though in opposite directions, while the USN and PA DD are largely jacks of all trades. The German DDs are somewhat specialized, at least up until their turrets start having better rotation speeds, enough so that they become more capable at short range combat where fast turret rotation speeds become important. I think that if the devs made a conscious decision to make all DDs more capable cap contenders, it would really help the game a lot. it would be a lot easier for players of IJN and VMF DDs who were willing to contend for caps to actually do so without feeling that it was suicidal. I won't bring my Khab anywhere close to most caps because her concealment is SOOOO horrible and because of the nerfs to her, if you take the concealment upgrade module, you can't take the steering mod 3 which I feel is critical to making the Khab playable. If you don't take the steering mod 3 upgrade, the Khab turns like a pregnant whale. And there's no way I'm taking a easy to spot, terrible turning "DD" anywhere close to a cap, where she'd be spotted miles away and would have no chance in hell of avoiding torps.
  12. Tai, I wish that we could just submit map concept art. I have no interest in trying to actually develop fully realized maps. But I could certainly use some simple graphics program to draw rough map concepts that the WG map people could flesh out and turn into real WoWS maps. And I'd be happy with 10-20 new maps. As for North/Northern Lights, it's too much of a corridor map. I wouldn't mind seeing one less cap. And as I've said before, I'd love to see all those big islands between C and D replaced with a smaller number of smaller, shorter islands that leave that entire half of the map more open. But overall, I'd like to see the entire map loosened up and somewhat less of a corridor map.
  13. Dion, what it comes down to for me is that I don't think that one should ever be able to skip out on any map or battle mode. I think that you should have to play all of them, or play a different game. As for the map thing, I could submit map ideas, but I'm not an artist so anything I submitted would be rather crude. Now, I probably wouldn't mind so much if these were private submissions to the devs. But to put them out in the forum publically would open me up for ridicule, which is unacceptable. And it's not ridicule about map ideas. it'd be the ridicule over how crude the map ideas might look due to a lack of artistic talent. See, I think that there's at least two parts to map making. There's the conceptual part, where you come up with the general layout, etc. And then there's the production, the building of the actual in-game map. I think that WG does a fine job with the latter, as the maps look excellent aesthetically. My problem is that I don't like their idea of good maps from a conceptual point of view.
  14. I wish that they'd rotate the operations on a daily basis rather than a weekly basis.