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  1. It's good to learn to play all types of ships. It helps you to learn how to fight against them, as well as learning to play them.
  2. Germans actually are mostly torp boats. Their HE tends to be weak, but their AP is pretty good. Still, their strength is their torps. And the USN are often knife fighters but starting at tier 7, they can stealth torp. And arguably the t9 Fletcher may be the best torp boat in the game.
  3. Type! Not class.
  4. Congrats on your second tier 10, Krimzon. I'm up to 7 myself. Yamato, Zao, Des Moines, Hindenberg (my most recent), Shimakaze, Gearing, and Khab. And I'm currently grinding the FDG, the Iowa, and the Donskoi.
  5. I got 5 stars the first time I ran Op Dynamo. I have to admit that I had a really good idea what was going to happen since I watched Jingles' youtube video on the operation.
  6. This is another large issue in this game. Too many missions, etc. running in parallel splitting up the player base.
  7. I agree on strafes, but not on manual drops. The automatic drops are so damned lame that often you're lucky to get a single torp hit with 2 squadrons of TBs.
  8. My experience is that those so-called DD team work things are largely a waste of time in pubs. You can spot a crapton of enemy ships and have next to no spotting damage most of the time. IMO, if you want something done, you're better off doing it yourself. All the team friendly actions mean little next to getting the job done yourself.
  9. I'm pretty hard core, BUT ... I also require a lot of variety in the ships I play. Even when I'm supposedly grinding a line, I rarely play all that many battles per day in that line's ship that I happen to be working on. It's just too damned boring to play the same ship over and over and over and over again.
  10. 1. I'm not interested in baiting planes into a friendly AA umbrella. I'll do it when necessary to survive, but I do NOT see it as something that's at all "fun". 2. Using my torps just to force the enemy to expose enemy ships to expose broadsides for TEAM MATES to farm damage from, while I get zero credit for it? I cannot take this suggestion seriously at all. Its stupidity borders on trollishness. When I play a stealthy torpedo boat in pubs, I'm there to get torpedo hits, cause damage, and sink ships. I'm not there to be everyone's buttboy!!! I'm there to have FUN!!!
  11. Excellent review, as always, LWM. But as for the cost, the base cost with only the ship and a port slot is $21.99.
  12. Baloney! That's an utterly boring way to play DD's. Absolutely, 10 billion percent boring!!! Not only that, it ruins one of the best tactic for using torps against the enemy, firing torpedoes at an enemy ship's disengaged side. If you launch torps at enemy ships from the direction they're almost certainly looking, the chances of getting hits goes way down from my experience.
  13. I agree that when you're in hardcore AA specced ship, you can do serious damage to enemy CV air group. At the same time, I tend to find that role rather boring, because no matter how good your ship's AA is, you still depend on the enemy sending those planes into your AA umbrella rather than you being able to go after said planes. For example, I was in a tier 10 battle not so long ago where I was in my Des Moines and I was travelling with a Montana. The enemy sent a major strike over us, and lost around 50 planes for his troubles. (I think I shot down around 30 and the Montana around 20.) But after that, the enemy CV player never sent any planes anywhere near us. The thing is that because you know what the enemy team's order of battle is, the CV player is (or should be) aware of which enemy ships are major AA threats and will likely do his best to stay away from them as long as possible. So being in a nasty AA cruiser doesn't mean that you're going to get the chance to shoot down a lot of planes. Heck, normally strong AA cruiser might be able to not bother with a full AA spec and just rely on the threat of his cruiser being a major AA threat. Anyways, I'd rather just not have to face carriers, as I find battle without them to be more enjoyable than those with them.
  14. And BTW, sports like baseball, basketball, and football are just bleeping games too. But their players are expected to play to win, etc., etc.. regardless of whether they're playing on the professional level or college or high school levels. You, sir, are just being a selfish jerk.
  15. I'm gonna throw a pail of water on this carrier lovefest, but I enjoy matches without CVs much much more than those with CVs.