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  1. Oh for god sakes, stop whining. I see no good reason that cruisers shouldn't have citadels. Jesus H Christ, everyone here are such whiners. Oh, my DD is too squishy! WG fix it! Oh, my cruisers are too squishy! WG fix it! The squishy whines never end!!! NEWFLASH! Learn to dodge better! Learn to use terrain to your advantage better! Maybe you need to fight your cruisers farther away from BB's so that you have more time to dodge incoming fire better! I manage to do just fine in my cruisers and never get one volley deleted (not counting the rare detonation). It's all about knowing how to dodge and timing it better. Knowing how far away you need to be away from enemy BB's so that you have time to dodge incoming rounds, by tier. And yet sometimes you can fight BBs at surprisingly close range, if you know enough to avoid engaging their broadsides. I 1v1'd a Colorado in a Myoko clone and won a few days back (without using a single torp). How'd I do it? I got on his stern and never let him turn to open his broadside to me. if he tried to turn to port to open his broadside, I'd turn to starboard to say away from his forward guns. And I also tried to watch which side his forward guns were aiming and stay more on the opposite side so that it'd take him a LOT longer to bring them to bear. And what about his rear guns? I tried to pay attention to when I felt he was about to fire, plus when he had those guns aimed right at me, and tried to present the hardest target for him to hit. Also, if he was turning to port and I was sliding to starboard (or the other way around), I was close enough that moving to starboard made it more difficult for his rear turrets to track me, which meant that he was getting fewer shots off from them, because he had to spend time getting them back on to me. And all the while I was spamming that fine IJN 8" HE at him. In the end, I took him down with very little damage taken. Now to be fair, it's entirely possible that the BB player was a weaker player. But I still managed to take him down in a rather short range duel, maybe 5-7 km. Could a better BB player have taken me out? Quite possibly. But the fact that I did it shows that it can be done. You just have to know what you're doing, not just think that you can easy mode it by just mashing the left mouse button as fast as you can, hoping to out DPM him.
  2. Honestly, IMO, if you rush a cap without close support from your team, you're asking for trouble. At the same time, it's probably smart to get reasonably close to the cap, even if you want to avoid jumping onto it (since doing so lets the enemy know that you're on the cap, of course). You might be able to spot an enemy. or maybe some enemy DD will decide to smoke up and you can torp the smoke. or perhaps you can use your hydro to screen for team mates and spot any torpedoes that nearby enemy DD's may try to spam in their direction. Regardless, unless you're supremely confident in your ability to out duel enemy DD's with your own and take little damage in the process, I tend to think that rushing caps without close support is an unwise thing to do.
  3. I never replied to this one. I won't say that Two Brothers is the worst, but it is perhaps one of the most annoying. I utterly hate that middle channel with a bloody passion. That map would be so much better without the center channel. Of course, it would no longer be "Two" Brothers, would it? I wouldn't mind seeing a completely different version of "Two Brothers". I call it "Two Brothers" only because my new idea would still have two large islands. They just wouldn't be sitting right next to each other with a narrow channel in between. What about putting one island in the NW quarter of the map and the other in the SE quarter of the map, with the spawns in the NE and SW. And have the gap between the two islands be quite wide, rather than a narrow channel. Or what the heck, why not just take that map from last season of Ranked, named Riposte, and use it? Possibly turn it into a 3 cap domination mode map, and perhaps a standard mode map (maybe even with the same cap and spawn locations as ranked). Maybe an Epicenter version. I know that some dislike Epicenter, but I don't. I think that it's a perfectly acceptable game mode that just requires decent maps to make it work. (And not one like Tears-Epi, which is a seriously terrible map/mode combo.) And it just might work with Riposte.
  4. I don't like getting rid of maps. And I tend to agree that Tears is perhaps the worst map in the game. I will say that, as you may have seen me say before, I think that Tears-Epicenter could be easily improved by moving the spawns from the NW/SE to the NE/SW. Heck, now that I think of it, I think that Tears, Standard mode could be improved with the same spawn moves. As for Shards, it doesn't bother me that much, except for the fact that I generally dislike all these maps that are littered with a ridiculous amount of tall islands. And I don't think that there's really anything that a spawn and/or cap repositioning could do to improve Shards, because that map seems to have been extremely designed around those 3 specific cap positions.
  5. Wait.... I misread your original post. I thought that you were looking to SELL the port slots back to WG for cash. You're looking for a premium shop sale OF port slots. Very big difference. Actually, WG has sold port slots on occasion. I seem to remember a while back (last Christmas???) where they sold something like 10 of them for a pretty reasonable price. It was a pretty good deal as I recall. But the thing is that port slot sales are rare. But there is an in-game port slot sale (50% off the gold price). So, I suppose that you could gift him the doubloons. $7.98 (USD) would get him 1500 gold, which would get him 10 port slots (at the current sale price).
  6. If by "going wide" you mean looping around either the A or C map between that cap and the map edge, I have to disagree. Now, I have no real problem with doing it, if you'd gone through A or C and needed to run from the enemy. But it seems to me that if you're doing it at the start of the battle, you're taking your ship out of the fight for a significant period of time. And when you're talking about some of these maps with tall islands, going around some large, tall island that's near the edge of a map, it's just not a good team move. It seems to me that on Shards, it's much better, if you're not going straight into A or C, to try to maintain a more centralized location because it keeps you in the fight or close enough to it that you can get into it quite quickly. Also, it seems to me that Shards and Shatter are kind of similar maps that are the opposite of each other. What do I mean by that strange statement? Both possess a lot of islands, and a lot of tall islands. On Shatter, the tall islands are concentrated in the middle of the map (around B cap), while the islands around A and C caps are smaller, shorter islands. But on Shards, the taller islands are focused more around the A and C caps with the area around B cap having smaller, shorter islands. In its own way, it's an interesting dichotomy.
  7. I agree with much of what you say, but get real. They're not going to let you SELL port slots for cash or gold, for that matter. Not ... going ... to ... happen.
  8. Part of me hopes that Cyber Monday will have better deals that will make up for this lame Black Friday sale. That said, I fully agree with you. I look at the Black Friday sales and it looks like next to no effort was put into coming up with anything new and original. Heck, to make matters worse, while they had discounts on tech tree premiums, they excluded the newer ones that people may have been more likely to buy, i.e. the Hood and the Kaga. On top of that, they have these mega-bundles where they say that you'll get gold for ships in the bundles that you already own. Fine, but how about listing out how much gold each of the bundled ships is worth so that if you have a number of the ships in a given bundle, you can calculate how much gold you could be getting? For example, I've been mildly considering the Russian bundle, but I already own a fair number of the ships in said bundle. I'd like to know ahead of time how much gold I'd be getting so that I can decide if I think that the few ships I don't own plus the gold for the ones I do is worth the price. Because when all's said and done, I just cannot bring myself to pull the trigger on any of these mega-bundles without having ALL the facts.
  9. I wish that it was possible to see how many doubloons you could get for each ship that you happen to already have in your port so that you know what you're getting before making the purchase.
  10. Actually, I don't see USN BBs as brawlers. I see them as mid-range fighters. The German BBs are the true brawlers. The IJN BBs are the long range snipers. The USN BBs are in-between. I wouldn't really want to brawl a German BB in a USN BB. OTOH, if I was in a USN BB, I wouldn't be against trying to brawl an IJN BB. It's all about knowing your ship's strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of the enemy ship.
  11. In the case of both the Germans and the Royal Navy, those fantasy upgrades were necessary because none of those ships existed by around 1930 at the latest. The entire German WW1 High Seas Fleet was scuttled at Scapa Floe at the end of WW1, while those RN BB's were scrapped by around 1930 in accordance with the Washington Naval Treaty. As for the USN's WW1 era BB's, they didn't get upgrades in the 1930's due to limited resources for the Navy during the Great Depression. And the US Navy apparently decided that it was better to spend what money they did have on new construction than upgrades to old ships. Looking back at the result of these two paragraphs, it seems a bit unfair for the Germans and Brits to have gotten upgrades when the USN didn't. After all, would it have been, or be such a big deal for the USN "standard battleships" to have their as constructed speeds be their base speeds and then give them a fantasy upgrade of a couple of knots or so? And come to think of it, it's not like the USN didn't consider doing these things. They just didn't have the money to do both upgrades on old ships AND new construction in the 1930's.
  12. Actually, Xlap, I'd say that the T6 New Mex does start feeling the pressure of its low speed when it's bottom tier in a tier 8 battle, facing more modern, fast battleships built in the 1930's. The T7 Colorado just feels that same pressure more often because in both T8 and T9 battles, it's facing those more modern and faster BBs. (Actually, the T8 Amagi is a 1920's design, but it was also a battlecruiser and was designed to be fast from the get-go.)
  13. Jakajan, the concealment module should just be removed. Wherever it might be placed would create a massive jump in concealment between that tier and the tier before. Without it, there's a nice, smooth progression of concealment that is as it should be. Or if it isn't that way because the devs assumed its presence, then rebalance base concealment values that makes sense without the concealment module. Honestly, I'd be hard pressed to think of any possible modules that could compete with the concealment module in the 6th upgrade slot, at least for DDs and perhaps BBs and CVs. I personally think that the 6th slot concealment module and the 3rd slot range increasing module should both be removed so that concealment and gun ranges have smoother progressions, rather than allowing massive improvements at tier 8 (concealment module) and tier 9 (3rd slot, range increasing module). And again, if some balance issues around gun range exist, due to the lack of the range increasing module, then just tweak those ships' base gun ranges appropriately. Some people have complained that you should be able to get great upgrade modules at high tiers because that's one of the benefits of progressing upwards in tier. I don't entirely agree nor disagree. I have no problem with certain kinds of upgrades. But I have a major problem with gun range and concealment module upgrades because no amount of skill can counter them. Look at the other tier 8 and 9 upgrade modules. None of them have such a profound effect as the range and concealment upgrades. They have useful effects, but not effects that that are nearly as game changing, at least in my opinion.
  14. You're glossing over the point. Even without the concealment module, tier 8 DD's would have a mild concealment advantage over their tier 7 predecessors. But with the concealment module, that advantage becomes unfairly large IMO.
  15. Fair point, wiggin. But here's the thing. We're talking about virtual products here, not real goods that have substance and must be purchased from manufacturers. All the development costs for these premium ships have been spent and the items exist. It would seem to me that trying to generate higher volumes of sales doesn't incur reducing profit margins like would be the case with physical goods where it costs X to produce the item and you sell it for X+Y, and where Y may get reduced during a sale. With these virtual goods, there is no "X", only the Y. And after some period of time, after Y has offset the cost of paying for the dev costs, Y becomes pure revenue, and there's no massive hit for reducing Y during sales if you're trying to create additional sales. Oh, they might assume that a certain percentage of the price of each item goes towards the cost of keeping the lights on, the servers running, and the employees paid. But at the same time, if reduced prices generates more sales, it seems to me that they can still come out ahead as long as they make as much if not more money than they'd make selling the item at its normal cost. But on the flip side, it seems to me that bundling items only serves to tick off a certain percentage of their potential customers. And the only people willing to buy the bundles are likely to be people who would have bought the doubloons (or other purchasable bundle items) at some point anyways. Honestly, pushing these high priced bundles at us without selling the individual ships just seems like a bad sales strategy to me. Now, I suppose that there might be numbers to say it isn't such a bad sales strategy, but it does seem to me that it does generate considerable bad PR with their customers, when one would think that they'd be better off in the long run trying to generate good will. Whatever. I can tell you this, I won't be buying anything during this Thanksgiving sale. There's nothing of interest to me here.