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  1. Not only to player names, but to clan names and clan tags.
  2. I Love the Republique

    Haze, I think that a part of the problem with the Conq's 18" guns is related to the fact that the ship (and the entire line) is an HE spammer. Why? Even the 16" guns aren't all that accurate, and I think that this was done so that you didn't have the Conq landing so many HE shells at long range. If the Conq was a normal AP slinger, I think that we'd have seen those guns be more accurate. If the Conq's guns had the accuracy of other T10 BBs while spamming HE, it'd probably start so many fires per volley that you'd hear the screams all around the world! Fire a volley, get 2-4 fires. Target uses a DC party, Conq fires another HE volley, 2-4 more fires get started and they stick. Break out the s'mores!
  3. I Love the Republique

    I disagree. Oh, you're correct that it was designed as a counter to the Spee, etc. But I see no reason whatsoever that it couldn't be a tier 7, particularly with the appropriate buffs.
  4. Do you keep Normandie?

    I've kept the Normandie pretty much because of the nice looking cruiser liner camo.
  5. I'm sorry, but expecting every battle to be a close, hard fought, even fight is a fool's dream. For starters, when the game is based on a 12v12 death match in a fixed "arena", regardless of battle mode, the odds favor battles ending up with one side stomping the other at some point. Why? The snowballing effect. Team A gains a 1 ship lead. It now has an edge over team B. If team A sinks another ship, then it has a 2 ship lead, and that advantage grows, making it increasingly more difficult for team B to come back. And thus the snowballing effect begins. And this doesn't account for details like differences in player talent, what specific ships were sunk and how that affects any balance of power between the teams, different battle modes (i.e. standard vs encounter vs domination) and so on. The reality is that when one team falls behind another team, it's difficult to come back from that deficit, unless that team does it quickly. And the larger the deficit grows, the more difficult coming back becomes. @Gene_Inari You also have to remember that not everyone takes the game as seriously as others. And casual players who don't give a flip can be a major source of your frustrations if your team gets saddled with more casuals than the other team. And this is probably true of any online PvP "team" game.
  6. I Love the Republique

    I enjoyed the Richelieu a lot as well. My gripe is that IMO, the Dunkerque should have been a tier 7 BB rather than tier 6, because it was the immediate precursor to the Richelieu class.
  7. No, there shouldn't be hard limits (except on CVs), but there should be soft limits. That is, limit BBs and DDs to 4 each per team. But if MM can't form a team after a certain amount of time, then it could increase the soft limits to get teams formed.
  8. Consider this, Blasto. If you had the same short gun range but with faster, lower shell trajectories, you'd be in a worse situation, because you wouldn't be able to hide behind islands and lob shells over them. As annoying as floaty shell trajectories can be, those high, floaty trajectories come in handy when you NEED to hide behind islands and lob shells from behind hard cover to stay unspotted and safe. No doubt. But the reality is that luck is an element of ALL gunfire in this game because RNG is involved. The skill come in because you try to aim the best you can to increase your chances of getting a hit or hits. But, of course, at that great of a range, the usual chance to hit is so low that getting any hit can seem like dumb luck. But just for a reality check, imagine if guns in WoWS were modeled using historical hit rates, where a 5% hit rate was considered good, at least around the WW1 era. This would have made gun duels at almost any range feel like getting hits was blind, dumb luck. It's actually pretty nice that in WoWS, a main gun hit rate of 25% is very achievable and pretty decent.
  9. The real question is why do you have 100 unopened crates in the first place! If you can't be bothered to open 3 (or less) freaking crates per day, don't expect any sympathy from me when you procrastinate and let it go for a few weeks and let them pile up. Mind you, I wouldn't mind if WG would remove the animation. But at the same time, we don't need a bunch of drama queens making mountains out of mole hills!!!
  10. Boy. Talk about a first world problem. Get 3 crates throughout the time of earning nearly 40k XP in a day, and it's too much, too boring to take a few seconds to open each of 3 containers. Good grief. Cry me a river.
  11. Actually, part 4 looks rather difficult, unless you have a tier 8+ CV, or can div up with one. Otherwise, you're at the mercy of MM as to whether you end up in a battle with a CV. And worse, even if you bring a great AA cruiser, decent CV players aren't usually dumb enough to feel you planes. Of course, I suppose if you're divved with a CV, your div mate could drag the enemy over your cruiser, or perhaps one of those strong AA DDs.
  12. ^This. 1000000% This! I also hate that they're naming ships after politicians. It wouldn't be quite so bad if the people in question had been dead for something like a century, as with the Washington and Lincoln. But to be naming them after far more recently deceased ones or even some that weren't even dead yet is unacceptable to me. I liked the old naming conventions where famous people got their names stuck on lowly DDs, while CVs were generally named after famous battles and battleships after states. I'm not certain, but I think that the first "famous person" CV name was Forrestal, while the first "president" CV name was the JFK. I can understand why the JFK name was used, but I still think that it was a terrible precedent.
  13. Play The Z-39? How was it?

    I think that you're forgetting the Shiratsuyu, which IIRC can get her concealment down to 5.9. But I don't have the game open to check.
  14. Ahhh, but if you're doing that, it's because you have a lot of top loser losses, which have the effect of removing those battle from ever having existed, for the sake of your effective win rate in ranked. The ranked stats really should count how many times you were top loser, at least as long as it's still a thing.
  15. The Okhotnik and Leningrad play very differently. I own both, BTW. The Leningrad is very much a traditional Russian, run-and-gun style DD. A baby Khab, as a previous poster put it. The Leningrad just happens to have usable 8 km torpedoes. As for the Okhotnik, I suggest that one not get suckered into trying to be too aggressive with all its torpedoes. They are 4 km ones after all. They're really more for ambush situations where you can catch an enemy coming around the corner of an island too closely. I suppose that one could try to use the Okhotnik as a traditional run and gun Russian DD, but in my experience, it played better when you were more cautious with it. Trying to use islands to shoot over and smoke shooting are both very effective tactics for the Okhotnik. And don't be afraid to look for potential ambushes. Just don't try to force the issue, because that's the easy way to die fast and bloody. One last point. The Okhotnik with a CE trained captain has excellent concealment, so don't be afraid to play the role of spotter for your team on occasion. You can also contend for caps, but your slow RoF can make cap brawling with other DDs rather painful. I usually prefer to avoid cap brawling enemy DDs, except perhaps for same or lower tier IJN ones, and use my concealment to spot them for friendlies.