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  1. I got 2 SC's yesterday, and got 14 days of prem time and 1k gold. Pretty good haul, I think.
  2. I don't really care about the people who whined about so-called "torpedo spam". I really don't. Offensive smoke is completely and utter nonsense and a garbage mechanic that needs to go.
  3. Yes, but consider that dumping all those BBs into a single battle may have made a lot of the other battles MM formed immediately after this one have quite a few less BB's in them, due to the BB dump. Regardless, I look at that battle and I see a VERY fun battle. 2 fleets of BB's slugging it out looks like a crapton of fun to me.
  4. If it weren't for the CVs, those DD's would have a field day. But with the CV's, I can see a smart CV player finding the enemy CV and doing his damnedest to get it perma-spotted and dead ASAP.
  5. I don't agree with your assessment. I hardly every use smoke offensively with German DD's. I play them as torpedo boats primarily, but am willing to fire guns when an enemy is otherwise occupied with some other threat. As for RN CL's, boo hoo. I play them too, and completely loathe the sitting in smoke game play. If they need to tweak RN CL's to make the more capable of operating without this stupid offensive smoke meta, so be it. But offensive smoke is a totally garbage mechanic.
  6. Honestly, Prophet, it seems like the real problem here is your lack of self control. I get that people can get frustrated. I have been rather frustrated of late with high tier game play. Heck with PvP in general. And have played a lot of coop to de-stress. As for why would a CV go further to get you than other targets, well the most obvious answer I can give is that maybe you're in a ship that is perceived as having weaker AA and you're separated from your teammates, and can't get any help from their AA. Frankly, it's completely normal for CV's to go after enemy ships that have separated themselves from the pack of their team mates. It's sorta-kinda in the unwritten CV players handbook.
  7. Yeah, I agree with that. Definitely not worth 4 points, even IF it was tweaked in the way I suggested.
  8. The camping you describe is not the fault of DD's. It's partially the fault of offensive smoke, and partially the fault of allowing ships to take target spotting from other sources, such as team mates' ships, planes, team mates' radar or hydro, and so on. If you REALLY want to get rid of the passive play, or at least a big chunk of it, the place to start is to require every ship to self spot its targets. And make it so that anything a friendly spots only shows up on the minimap. This would get the job done, for the most part. What it will not do is change the players who are just plain passive and want to snipe from extreme ranges in their BBs.
  9. The machinery as a skill thing aside, I don't like how the ship located by RPF is alerted that he's been located. Exactly how is a ship supposed to know that he's been located? I mean, really... RPF is supposed to be a passive receiver of radio signals, not something active like radar! There's no way in hell that an RPF located ship should even know that it's been located if the process RPF supposedly uses is entirely passive! RPF might be a little more useful if the ship located by it wasn't alerted that it'd been located.
  10. Personally, I'd still submit a support ticket regardless. Whether they did anything about it is their decision. But I'd feel a bit morally obligated to submit the ticket. Besides, it seems to me that jumping out of the cap to give the other team the win AND saying so in chat is an extreme example of unsportsman like behavior. And quite frankly much more egregious than being AFK (which can happen for completely honest reasons), and many other things that you submit support tickets for.
  11. Honestly, Syn, if that was me, I'd have taken a screen shot of his chat message and then submitted a support ticket. To heck with in game reports. They're largely useless.
  12. While that's arguable, I'd rather that skills were skills that made more sense. Skills that obviously represented things that the captain (and his officers) could be teaching his crew to improve their skills. And not things that made no rational sense at all, like the current "Expert Loader" skill.
  13. Or as Jingles would say, "Brown Alert!!!"
  14. Agreed. Yet at the same time, it really is pretty dumb to make a "skill" out of something that's equipment. There are a lot of skills that I have issues with, for various reasons.