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  1. Crucis

    5 DDs have not seen before.

    It'll probably make the BB players frustrated, if those DDs wipe out the enemy that much more quickly.
  2. Crucis

    Think of the players

    Personally, I like the variety these limitations require. They force players away from the various metas we see each season. It wouldn't bother me if all non CVs were limited to one per team. Note that I see non-CVs because CBs currently have a max of 1 CV per team so any limitation of one CV of a given class would be pointless. All they can really do to limit CV is to ban certain ones. Also, when you say "think of the players", I happen to think that what they've done actually *IS* thinking of the players, many of whom want to see more variety and less meta in team comps.
  3. You sure that it's not the Hammer and Sickle Blow?
  4. Crucis

    CV moan

    That's just the game. RL WW2 carriers were just mobile airfields, with the possible exception of the Ise. And IRL, she was more of an emergency design, than anything else. Even the Shinano could fall into that category, I suppose.
  5. Crucis

    CV moan

    The second sentence makes zero sense. It's like it's written in a language other than english. As for the third sentence, the reality is that CVs don't fight one another. Their air wings fight one another. The CVs themselves are just mobile airfields.
  6. Crucis

    CV moan

    It was absolutely a good change. The old system was an only unicums need apply system. Now anyone can play CV without getting cancelled in the first 5 minutes.
  7. Crucis

    CV moan

    In essence, the OP's Goliath was tanking CV damage (and shooting down lots of planes) and thus helping to protect the rest of his team. Personally, I think that he probably helped his team greatly in the process.
  8. Please fix your thread title. You're (as in 'you are'), not Your.
  9. Stop whining. This is the reality of strong AA ships. They often scare more planes away than they actually shoot down. The Halland and Smaland both have excellent AA for tier 10 DDs, but they're often ignored by CVs because those CVs would rather not lose 30 planes just to attack them when there are other, less dangerous (to their planes) enemy ships out there. And AA is fine as is. The problem is whiney players.
  10. You're making a false assumption. I don't play CVs all that often because I'm just not very good with them. And you should stop abusing people who do play CVs because I'm quite sure that there are many like me who also aren't all that good with CVs, but perhaps they just like playing carriers. My god, the amount of self-entitlement in this post is staggering. I manage to do just fine against CVs and on those rare occasions where a CV does focus me, I don't come running to the forum to throw a temper tantrum.
  11. Crucis

    Please fix Carriers

    1. It's NOT a stupid mechanic. People were asking for planes in the air to remain active even after their CV was sunk. What would be stupid is thinking that planes magically get shot down just because their CV got sunk. 2. I'm not a nobody. It only shows how lazy people are that they won't use proper terminology.
  12. Crucis

    USS Louisville '34 proposal T6

    Perhaps a choice for a tier 6 USN premium CA. Tier 7 is already pretty well populated with premium USN cruisers.
  13. AA *is* useful. The problem is that complainers like you seem to think that unless you swatting entire squadrons from the air at once, AA must be useless. What drivel.
  14. Crucis

    Please fix Carriers

    1. Sinking a CV doesn't "sink" that CV's planes that are in the air when the carrier is sunk. Deal with it. Those planes have a limited amount of time that they can stay in flight. They can't remain in the air for the rest of the battle, unless the remainder of of the battle is fairly short, i.e. like a minute or two. 2. CVs are a ship type, NOT a "class". In short, cry me a river.
  15. Crucis

    Campfest meta

    So what is it you don't like? More specificity would be helpful.