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  1. Why would PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) care? Most people don't eat cat, at least on this side of the world.
  2. Crucis

    Arpeggio of blue steel

    Not that I like anime (cuz I don't), but just because one contract ended is no barrier to getting another one. It all comes down to whether the owners of ARP and WG can come to some agreement. Thinking about it, like some have said, it has been a few years since the ARP collaboration. And there are undoubtedly new players in WoWS, so maybe those new players would be a reason to do it. Honestly, I don't know how these contracts work. I suppose that WG pays ARP's owner for a license to use ARP ships, etc. Stepping back, it'd be nice if part of doing a second collaboration included updating the ARP skins to include the basic camo bonuses (i.e. the -3% and -4% bonuses), and perhaps add some unique benefits to each so that each ARP Kongo and ARP Myoko clone were nothing more than perfect replicas of each other beyond the skins. It'd also be nice if the Takao wasn't a perfect clone of the Atago. I tend to doubt that anything will every come of it, but ya never know.
  3. Honestly, it'd be nice if WG could go back and give her some gimmick to make her more interesting. (Me asking for gimmicks on a ship. I'm shocked … shocked … at myself.) But I pretty much know that they won't. Besides, what would it be? If the Leningrad had any gimmick, it'd probably be her 8 km torps at tier 7. But the Blys already has those, even if they're nothing special. Give the Blys RN-like torp spreads, i.e. narrow and single fire, since she served with the RN during WW2? Actually, this one might not be so bad, since it really doesn't make her any stronger or weaker. Just a little different. Give her shorter duration, but more numerous RN smoke, for much the same reason as the RN torp spreads? Give her RN baked in engine acceleration? Or here's a wild one that might be OP. Give her the 5th upgrade module slot (which would pretty much allow her to have the concealment module)? Meh, that's probably just plain OP, since I think that it'd drop her concealment down to about 6.1 or so km. That's all I've got.
  4. I don't think that the torps are all that important, Tekina. Oh, maybe a somewhat quicker reload on the torps would be nice, but overall, she's a gunboat. Her gun reload is pretty slow compared to the Leningrad, which is odd, since the Leningrad's guns are 130mm while the Blys' guns are 120's. And yet the Blys' guns hit harder. So, I suppose that maybe the devs could shave a little off the Blys' gun reload. Overall, beyond fiddling around with the gun and/or torp reloads, I'm not sure what they could do for the Blys. It's not really a bad ship, just a little power crept. I will say that because she's now part of the Pan-European tree (along with the Friesland), I think that that makes the Blys more sellable, as she's no longer the only ship in her "tree". I foresee there being a Pan-European DD line at some point which would further increase her value as a trainer.
  5. I agree, Tekina. It IS an incredibly stupid way of thinking.
  6. Crucis

    French DD's, good for the game?

    ^1000% This. Honestly, I'm not real big on trying to run down previously spotted, but currently unspotted enemy DDs. I greatly prefer ambushing enemy DDs while working with a stealthier team mate who can spot the enemy DD for me, thus allowing me to open up on the spotted enemy DD and blow him away before he has much of a chance to do anything about it.
  7. Crucis

    French DD's, good for the game?

    French DDs just aren't spotting DDs, any more than the Russian DDs are. And it only gets worse with the tier 9 Mogador and perhaps the tier 10 Kleber (I don't own her yet). When you have hardcore DDs whose job is to keep their guns hot, you can't expect them to fill the roles of more stealthy DDs. I'll admit that tier 8 and below have somewhat more competitive concealments, but they're not exactly great as spotters. And they're not cappers either. That's not to say that they can't take a cap AFTER they've sunk the enemy DD that was trying to take the cap. But French DDs just don't have the stealth to lead the charge into a cap. They're better off working with a stealthier team mate DD, and then ambushing any spotted enemy DD, while using their gun reload booster.
  8. WG is NOT going to do Italian BBs immediately after doing Italian CAs. Be patient. I have no doubt that there will be another Italian line in 2020, whether it's DDs or BBs. I don't think that Goliath for a name at tier 10 is a big deal. After all, the RN CL tier 10 is named after a mythical beast.
  9. Crucis

    still not fun

    Sorry, but I'm seeing a DD that outright suicided. He yolo'd directly towards the enemy. He didn't stop to lay smoke. He didn't move with his fleet. HE SUICIDED! He deserved exactly what he got!!!
  10. Crucis

    Solo Warrior In the Freisland

    First, good work on your solo warrior. You did indeed have some work to get it. Secondly, IMO, much more often Solo Warriors occur due to circumstance, i.e. one is able to cap out a standard cap because the enemy is out of position, or your team has a big lead with the clock running out and there's no way for them to gain enough points even if they managed to retake all the caps before the clock ran out. Those are situations where the solo warrior gets it mostly due to luck, i.e. the luck of the situation, not of RNG. And because it's the luck of the situation, you don't have to work hard for it, hence "not difficult to achieve". Just because something's rare doesn't mean that it's difficult to achieve. Solo Warriors by situation aren't difficult to achieve. They just aren't. What are difficult to achieve are Solo Warriors that require you to actually defeat at least one enemy (and possibly more) and win. Those are rare and require some skill and work. Seriously, guys, you need to think before you type and consider the subtleties of language. Just because something is rare does not mean that it must be difficult to achieve. The reality is that you cannot forcibly create by your own will and actions the situation where it's even possible to be down 1 to 4+ enemy ships, as well as having them out of position, and having a quick path to the enemy standard cap or have a big points lead on that enemy and the clock running out. Those are situations that are out of the control of any single player to create. The single player can only take advantage of them when he recognizes them.
  11. Crucis

    What is this?

    Looks a little bit like the Star Trek Enterprise.
  12. Crucis

    Solo Warrior In the Freisland

    Not to dismiss your accomplishment, but solo warrior really isn't that difficult to achieve. That said, it's usually more about luck than skill, in my experience. In my experience, I'm almost always in a DD. Sometimes, I win because I cap out a standard mode cap and the enemy team is out of position to get back to defend their cap or put enough of their ships on my cap to out cap me. Or it's a case where my team has a really big lead in points and little time left on the clock, and the enemy team is out of position to either stop the caps my team controls from gaining points, or the clock runs out and our lead could not be surmounted regardless of what they did with the caps. This last situation is how I happened to get my most recent solo warrior. The one thing that is required in these two situations is the situational awareness to understand that you do NOT want to go engage the enemy, but rather hide and stay unspotted, and let the clock run out or capture the enemy's base.
  13. Crucis

    Very disappointed in the Sound

    Soshi, I suggest going to the support page. There, you will find that in the current topics, the 8.8.1 sound issues is listed. And in the article, it lists out some things to do to adjust the various sliders to help. It does help somewhat. But overall, I feel that the sound in this update is now worse than before 8.8.0. While 8.8.0's sound needed some tweaking, I don't think that the fact that gun booms and ship horns being overly loud was a problem, because you could always adjust the sound settings sliders to adjust them to a more pleasant level. Now, they've softened them so much that at 100% on the sliders, they're too damned quiet, IMO. Somehow, the sound devs have managed to screw up the sound and made it worse than it was last week in 8.7.
  14. Crucis

    My case for Siegfried release tomorrow

    Jeez, that would put me in a bind. I've burned through a lot of my coal reserves and am trying to build them back up for the Thunderer. Now, you mention the Siegfried... Honestly, I'm hoping that she'll be a FXP ship. That's something I have a lot of at the moment.