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  1. Crucis

    Toxicity at its finest!

    Shannon, I don't buy that excuse. I don't think that anyone should have a legal expectation of privacy for their gaming name. Their real name, sure, but not their gaming alias. Of course, if a player is stupid enough to use his real name as his gaming alias, I see that has having willingly and knowingly given up their expectation of privacy.
  2. Crucis

    Toxicity at its finest!

    Hapa, maybe I'm just jaded, but I don't believe companies when they make this sort of claim (i.e. just because you don't see anything occurring publicly doesn't mean something not occurring). For YEARS people and the players themselves accused MLB of doing nothing or just giving offending umpires slaps on the wrist. It literally … LITERALLY … took the players demanding that punishments against umpires be made public before umpires got proper punishments and that players and fans would believe them. And it literally took a threat by the players' union to strike over the issue for MLB to finally cave on the issue. This is why I don't believe big companies when they say trust them that things happen that you don't see. To me, if the punishments aren't made public, they didn't happen, no matter how long and loud companies will try to claim otherwise. I do not believe them any more and never will again.
  3. Crucis

    should do a pirate theme next

    I'd rather not have age of sail broadside cannons and sails. I'd rather that pirate camos worked with the more modern naval ships. Regardless, I am in favor of the idea of a pirate themed event and camos (perma or expendable). That said, I fear that we'd end up with camos that looked somewhat like that waterworld-ish event from a couple years back. (Don't recall the name for the event.)
  4. How about this... Imagine creating a game about WW1 and WW2 era naval warfare and NOT including carriers. That'd be pretty fudging dumb.
  5. I wish that they'd use some of the maps they've created for the special events in the regular game, though after "normalizing" those maps (i.e. removing the fantasy elements, etc.).
  6. The thing with Ultimate Frontier is that the underlying story for that operation is about protecting an island long enough for convoy of aircraft to airlift the base's personnel away. Now, IMHO, I think that it would be possible to keep the airlift part of the op's story while removing the CV from the bot team, but perhaps the developer's disagree. As for why they don't, you should know the answer to this by now. WG feels that the numbers show that the level of players playing operations is too low to justify putting any effort into fixing the removed ones or adding new ones (though annoyingly they don't seem to be against investing those resources in creating operations for special events).
  7. Crucis

    Wows a social experiment

    I don't believe in the concept of "if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all". In fact, I find the very idea to be grossly offensive. So, to your idea I say "hell no!"
  8. I think that the problem with the ops that were removed is that they all had carriers or at least CV planes on the bot team. And would require a considerable amount of additional development to produce proper bot AI. Alternatively, I suppose that some of the removed Operations could be "redeveloped" into not using any carriers or their planes on the bot team. This wouldn't really be out of a "hatred" of bots so much as I think that it might just be easier to create carrier-less operations.
  9. Actually, any mode that's going to represent true WW1 naval warfare should be more like tiers 4 through 6, and with no CVs.
  10. While I tend to think that what the OP is asking for might be prohibitively expensive for WG, just a point. It's possible for good actors to speak lines in a language without actually knowing the language. The actor would be merely sounding out the words without actually knowing what they mean or knowing the language in question.
  11. Crucis

    Could It Be Time To Consider Bastion Mode Again?

    I honestly never liked Bastion mode. It wasn't self-explanatory or intuitive how to play the mode. That said, it might be possible to find some way to tweak the concept to make it better. One idea might be to make the forts permanently hostile to both sides with the only option to destroy the forts. Another option might be to create a "Bastion-enhanced" version of Standard mode, where each team's cap had some (1-3) forts defending their cap. These defense forts would only be hostile to the enemy team.
  12. I suppose that if you don't feel like you're losing out, fine. But, for what it's worth, I have no problem with any of those 4 items you list. 1. +/-2 MM: From my perspective, if one can't handle playing down 2 tiers once in a while, it says quite a bit about that person's ability in the game and their ability to adapt. 2. Detonations: They're realistic and a significant part of naval combat history, and thus belong in the game. 3. CV play: IMO, it's better than it was with RTS CVs where if a unicum CV main decided that it was time for you to die, you were probably dead unless perhaps you were in a dedicated AA ship. Beyond that, thinking that carriers have no place in a game about early 20th century naval warfare is delusion in my considered opinion. (Mind you, I'm not saying that you're making this specific complaint. I'm just hitting the various complaints from various people I've seen about CVs from time to time.) 4. Nerfing premiums: I wish that WG was more aggressive about nerfing premium ships. It disgusts me that there are premium ships in the game that WG pull from sale because they're too cowardly to rebalance them out of fear of the self-entitled whiners. And if they can't rebalance premium ships, all that you're left with is WG releasing underpowered premiums that they can incrementally buff without complaint from those same whiners.
  13. Agreed, though honestly, after 3.5 years, I'd think you'd get the hint that some of those things just are not going to change and that your stance is being pretty much ignored by WG.
  14. Then I suppose that you'd better be prepared to be a freeloader (meant in the gentlest sense) for a very long time.
  15. Crucis

    Wall riding and how to STOP it.

    1000000000000000000% this!!!