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  1. Crucis

    I have a Great Idea!

    Hell to the no. That said, a WW1 mode could be interesting. However, it would probably require all ships to be stock. Also, a fair number of tier 5 ships are not WW1 era ships. They're between war designs. A WW1 mode should probably cover tiers 3 through 6.
  2. I don't see the Ragnar as a power creep DD. Its game play style seems to be that of a long range sniper, which makes it not be a very good DD. It's more of an ultra light cruiser disguised as a DD. And as such, cannot do most DD tasks given its lack of stealth.
  3. Playing competitively is about playing to WIN, not just playing to blow crap up for the lolz, blah, blah, blah. I know of at least one (ex) CC (quit being a CC during the great LWM debacle last year) who view not playing to win as an inherently selfish act. (FYI, this ex-CC is actually a pretty laid back sort of guy.)
  4. Crucis

    players say one more time...

    I have no problem with team spotting by subs if they're at periscope depth, because there's some inherent risk to operating at that depth. I might not mind team spotting by subs a max depth as long as the range to target is quite short, but not team spotting at that depth above that point blank range.
  5. Of course, subs spew out torps like crazy. It's not like they have any other weapons to choose from. The question answers itself. As for DDs and their ASW, that's definitely an issue. Subs don't have airstrike based ASW. They have to sail over the enemy sub and effectively attack at point blank range. This puts those DDs in the very risky position of being a lot closer to the rest of the enemy fleet than the enemy sub is to the rest of your team's ships. DDs might have a better (or at least safer chance) vs. enemy subs if their ASW was more like shorter ranged ASW air strikes that some cruisers and BBs have. Just a thought.
  6. Crucis

    DevBlog 337 - New Map — Closed Testing

    Interesting looking map, but I notice that it's another high tier map. Could we PLEASE get a new map for the mid tiers, i.e. tiers 5 to 7? For the life of me, I can't remember when the last time we saw such a map and what that map may have been. (I also strongly believe that Riposte should be added as a mid tier map.)
  7. I don't like the collaborations where the devs add a bun of collab camo but do nothing to the ship to make it at all unique or special. The HSF Harekaze may be the best collab ship in the game because it's unique. The AL Yukikaze isn't bad in that regard, though 8 km torps at tier 8 are difficult to use in the presence of radar. At least, they're fast and hard hitting, even if the perma camo is an annoying pastel. Overall, the Yukikaze seems to be little more than a tech tree Kagero with F3 torps, i.e. nothing to write home about. The HSF Spee isn't even worth being its own ship, since it's exactly the same as the regular Spee. Also, the ARP Kongos and Myokos are just pure copies of the tech tree ships with nothing unique to make them special.
  8. Crucis

    What to see in 2023?

    I don't think that we'll get NEW operations this year. I think that what we'll see are the update old operations first. For what it's worth, one limiting factor will probably be the presence of subs. If subs are allowed in the old ops, then they'll have to update the old ops' maps subsurface environment.
  9. CV's, sure. Buit subs, not so much. It's not like they have planes in the air that you can trace back to their ship. And a grounded sub may have never been spotted, so you may have no idea where to start looking.
  10. Crucis

    Congrats. on the Faroe Islands map

    Nice map, but if I have one gripe about it, it's that the map feels like a land-locked lake, since it has or seems to have land all around it. Now, how about a nice mid tier map?
  11. Crucis

    Brown skin Commanders

    Orion slave girl commanders from Star Trek?
  12. Crucis

    Brown skin Commanders

    Not often enough.
  13. Crucis

    First Look: "1776" Camo for San Diego

    I don't like this "camo". I don't like any camo that has crap added beyond the paint job. In this case, the bow addition of the statue of liberty. Just give me the paint job. Nothing else.
  14. Ditto. I've been wondering if this map wasn't coming out until update 11.6.
  15. Reasons why low tiers aren't fun to play these days. 1. Tier 5 is the minimum tier for most missions, thus locking out low (i.e. tiers 4 and below) tiers from being used. The fix here is rather obvious. Reduce the minimum tier for missions down to tier 2 or 3. 2. Tier 4 CVs. Don't take this as an anti-CV rant. It's just that many if not most low tier ships have no AA. And no AA makes many ships next to unplayable. I rather wish that CV lines started at tier 6, which would allow (have allowed) WG to avoid any need to enhance the tier 3 and 4 ships that lack any AA. 3. The lack of development of low tier pre-DNs and Armored Cruisers. All low tier cruisers are "protected" cruisers, not "armored" cruisers. "Armored Cruisers" would be the pre-DN equivalent of Battlecruisers, possessing multiple heave secondary gun turrets, like the Mikasa, just on a relatively fast cruiser hull. This one would require the most investment, obviously, but would also indicate a commitment to low tier play. 3a. If the above ideas were implemented, they could then do low tier premiums. That said, the problem would remain. How much could they really charge on low tier premiums and would it be worth the investment? These are just some thoughts.