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  1. Crucis

    Why are 9 or 10 games losses in random play?

    Because random battles are RANDOM. There's no guarantee of a win whenever you hit the battle button. And there's nothing in MM that causes MM to look at some random player and decide that it's time for him to lose X games in a row. That's nothing but tin foil hat conspiracy crap. If you don't like losing so many in a row in randoms, after 2-3-4 losses, switch over and play coop or operations or something different to try to change things up. Or just take a little break, and do something else for a half hour or whatever.
  2. Crucis

    Go home, WG you're drunk again...

    Sorry, not buying it.
  3. Crucis

    MM is drunk again

    Wouldn't matter. Someone in the OP's battle had to wait 3 minutes to get into a battle, and MM turned off the soft limit after that 3 minute threshold. And given that this ALWAYS happens when new lines are released, there's no guarantee whatsoever that another 30 seconds would matter one good god damn.
  4. Crucis

    MM is drunk again

    When will people get it through their thick skulls that when a new line is released, you ALWAYS see a lot of ships of that type, usually in that specific line, and that the normal soft ship type limits end up having to be ignored by MM to form teams. It ALWAYS happens. ALWAYS.
  5. Crucis

    WHAT did you do to detonations?

    I wish that when ships were sunk/destroyed there was a more visually obvious difference between detonations and mere sinkings. Part of the problem, IMO, is that it seems like every ship when it's sunk explodes. Wouldn't it be better if mere sinkings were rather less spectacular and detonations were more spectacular? It would also be nice, though not important in the grand scheme of things, if when you detonated an enemy, something appeared on screen saying that you detonated (Player_Name):(Ship Name).
  6. Crucis

    WHAT did you do to detonations?

    I've seen them, Brush. When one dies to a gunshell, you see a gunshell between the killer and the killed. If it's a torp kill, you see a torp. Ditto for flooding, fire, and detonation with appropriate little icons in between. The detonation icon is a little explosion (exploding upward).
  7. Or if you got in trouble with a teacher or a police officer as a kid, instead of the parent complaining about poor little Johnny getting in trouble, the parent might whack you on the theory that you probably had earned your punishment in the first place.
  8. Arc, I guess that I'm picky about language usage but the way I see it, if you don't understand how something functions, you didn't truly know what the term meant. Regardless, the misunderstanding seems to be resolved. No harm done.
  9. You clearly don't understand what the term "soft cap" means. It means that when teams can be formed under 3 minutes, MM will use the soft cap. But if MM cannot form teams in under 3 minutes, likely due to an extreme number of DDs in the queue in this case, it will ignore the soft cap and form whatever teams it is able to form.
  10. And mother jokes weren't considered cool. They would usually cause the teller of the joke to get punched by someone who felt that their mother had been insulted.
  11. Crucis


    Actually, I think that your definition of kiting is too narrow. You can be kiting even if you're in a ship that's slower than the enemy, and thus unable to get out of their gun range. You can also kite by just constantly screwing up the enemy's aim with your evasive maneuvering, or using a BBs armor to bounce most of the enemy BB's shots in a running engagement. Kiting isn't simply trying to hit the enemy just at the edge of his gun range so his shells never have quite enough range to reach you.
  12. Crucis


    Oh never mind.
  13. The Wasp has always seemed like a good candidate for a premium to me. I'm thinking that the Lex drops to tier 7 and the Yorktown goes into tier 8.
  14. I'm sorry but I just have to disagree. There's entirely too much dumb luck involved when you have to depend on either playing selfishly to farm high damage, or hope to not end up on too many short battles where you don't have the time to produce serious damage. I think that the ship type emblems are silly for this reason. I think that the national emblems are much fairer because you aren't hurt by bad luck in spawn locations, enemy decisions, or short battles.
  15. Crucis

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    Not sure that there's a tier 4 Russian premium cruiser, unless you want to consider the Krasny Krym, which feels like it ought to be a tier 4.