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  1. Dan_nukacola

    Suggestion for Lutjens

    I'm just frustrated that Lutjens was sold as this "Great for all builds" captain but is really only useful on cruisers. Need to pay $56 for the Graf Zep to us AS. ER is just set up very poorly because when you're spotting the most ships you're at full hp. SAE is okay..but the numbers are too low to notice a real difference, it should increase secondary fire speed and accuracy seeing how suicidal brawling is now. And IS is fine as like it is...forcing you to use him as a CA captain when he's supposed to be this "Good for anything" admiral.
  2. Dan_nukacola

    Suggestion for Lutjens

    I'm aware of his talent for Cruisers, I even said he's really only useful on the Hindy. I rarely see people running z52's nowadays and I rather leave mine spec'd for torps over a gun boat build
  3. Dan_nukacola

    Suggestion for Lutjens

    Exactly lol
  4. Dan_nukacola

    Suggestion for Lutjens

    So I was one of the idiots who purchased the new Kriegsmarine Admiral, Gunther Lutjens for the crazy price of 175k coal...and while he's not totally awful...most of his skills are useless or extremely situational. We'll start with the obvious ones, Air Superiority & Exemplary Reconnaissance. Air Superiority automatically is useless due to it forcing you to purchase the Graf Zeppelin due to the lack of a German CV line, so to even use the Air Superiority perk of 10% faster aircraft restoration...you not only need to get 30 hits with Rockets/Torps/bombs (which isn't very demanding) but you need to shell out 56 USD to purchase the only ship the perk is usable on. Now with Exemplary Reconnaissance you only need to get 3 spots to get the +300hp for 2-10s depending on your tier, which honestly isn't awful. The issue is that it FORCES you to use that health boost as soon as you spot 3 ships...and as a DD (the class of ship this is most useful for) you spot the most ships at the beginning of a match...when you're still full health! But with the worse two of the four out of the way we can move into the semi useful one, Secondary Armament Expert...after getting 100 secondary hits you get a 15% faster reload on the secondary guns which isn't even really enough to notice...even paired with my Gk legendary module for a total of 30% faster reload I don't really see it as much of an improvement. It's not a horrible perk...it's just so situational that its hardly worth trying to use it. Most of the time players are punished for Brawling in the German BB's due to the meta of spam fire HE ships that melt BB's fairly quickly. Which leaves us with the final perk, Iron Strike...after getting 140 main gun hits you're rewarded with a 7.5% faster reload which in combination with the reload boost module gives you a total of a 19.5% quicker reload on your 9.8s reload. Leaving it as the only good perk Lutjens offers...which will force you to have Lutjens helm your Hindenburg. As a suggestion we could increase the Secondary Armament Expert reload boost from 15% to 25-35% due to the sheer suicidal nature of Brawling in this meta & for Exemplary Reconnaissance you could give the players a "Heal Consumable" after spotting 3 ships rather than forcing them to use it on the spot essentially wasting it. The Air Superiority perk will become more usable if/when they add a paper Kriegsmarine CV line...but as of the moment its worthless unless you buy a Graf Zeppelin. Dunno if other people feel like this, But I figured I'd bounce the idea off of the forum. I mean 175k coal for a captain that is really only useful on the Hindenburg when he's advertised to have "Four amazing perks!" feels kinda wrong. I look forward to reading everyone's feedback and ideas. Hopefully we can do something about it, I mean ffs the Admiral costs the same as a T10 coal ship for some "meh" perks. (And before you say "Well Kuznetsov is 175k coal too!" he had an event grind which allowed you to earn him for free.)
  5. Dan_nukacola

    Ultimate grosser kurfurst

    So when are we making a floating Gustav Cannon? *sarcasm*
  6. Dan_nukacola

    So much fun

  7. Dan_nukacola

    So much fun

    Eh it happens I suppose, I'm sure i'm not the only pleb with a 90% finished PR. Just hoping the next dockyard event isn't a hell grind like this.
  8. Dan_nukacola

    So much fun

    They're fairly picky about what their house guests do, wasn't gonna argue lol
  9. Dan_nukacola

    So much fun

    Was just adding to the dozen's of PR salt posts, was annoyed and needed an outlet to vent with lol
  10. Dan_nukacola

    So much fun

    bout a week and a half, I live in a back woods place xD had to go stay with a friend and they would've been pissy had I brought the PC over JUST to play WOWS
  11. Dan_nukacola

    So much fun

    Welp, glad I wasted all that time grind this event just to miss out on the ship due to a storm knocking out my power, feelz good.
  12. Dan_nukacola

    Kriegsmarine CV

    If the USSR tech tree can have an ALL paper excluding the Gangut BB line...where's my make believe German cv's? :P
  13. Dan_nukacola


    That should be the only map that has Epicenter lol, and it's the map you get for being pink
  14. Dan_nukacola


    It's fairly annoying, it seems like people lose their minds when they get Epicenter
  15. Dan_nukacola


    After playing many rounds of this game mode i'm noticing a lot of teams play it very poorly, as if they have no idea what to do with the map...it encourages players to play poorly to capture the inner rings, I've seen land slide win after land slide win due to one team trying to cap the middle ring while half the team tries to play it like an A/B/C/D capture style map