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  1. SwirvinBirds

    Tactical Tip Tuesday - Death from Above

    Sounds like a dead enemy team or a bad CV player to allow a cruiser into their backfield to chase their CV down.
  2. Umm... It's not a tk that does, it's the possibility of such that does. Not that hard to understand.
  3. FF isn't the issue hampering torpedo play and removing FF isn't going to fix that.
  4. How can it be a massive nerf to torpedoes when it has been this way from day 1? You have never been able to throw torpedoes around without risk of FF.
  5. Too aggressive most of the time, put myself in bad positions all the time (citadel me here sign), run into torpedoes in DD's, run into torpedoes in cruisers, gets cross-dropped by CV's in DD's, finds a way to beach myself in anything that floats, drop smoke for a BB that is obviously just going to continue sailing out of it... I'm just happy when something actually goes right.
  6. Anyone still play Blitz? Can't really compare a mobile game to this. It's been awhile since I played Warthunder so didn't know they made a change. Of course if you do a little redit search on it it's not all peaches and cream. It's created it's own set of problems. Armored Warfare did have team damage. Just looked. I can't really compare games like LoL to a shooter war game like this as It's much too different of a game. My best guess is with WG's game model and it being this way since WoT launch, it's not going to change. I guess this is why it doesn't really bother me. Been playing WG games for 7 years now with FF being a thing. It's always been about being careful with your ordinance and if you goof you wear the hat of shame.
  7. It's in all 3 of WG's PvP games. It's in their main competitions game Warthunder as well. Not sure but I believe even Armored Warfare had team damage. So I am not sure what other similar PvP game you're talking about. Seems to be a pretty standard concept in war games.
  8. I don't play CV's and I dislike the RTS playstyle. But I am in the camp of CV's in their current state is bad for the game. The problem I see is the interface and controls. They suck... but at the same time it's what is keeping CV's from running amok. Even in their current state they are the biggest damage dealers in the game, the least likely to die early in a match and are the best at vision control. It's the only class where if one team has a bad one and the other a good one It's very difficult to overcome. But in all honesty I won't pretend I know a solution to the issue, but WG has said they are addressing the issue. It's kinda like old WoT arty in many ways. Someone basically playing a different game than the rest on the team. Heck, comming out of Beta there were CV players maintaining 90+ % win rates in random.
  9. SwirvinBirds

    Someone defended a "friendly-fire" torper.

    Your ordinance, your risk and your responsibility when it doesn't go as planned. I honestly have never seen anyone purposefully drive into someone's torp spread. If it happens, it's rare.
  10. SwirvinBirds

    DD Line / DDs for a total DD potato?

    Seems to be decent at everything imo. But a total beginner at tier 7? No.
  11. Then I simply don't understand why you can't seem to grasp the concept. You keep asking the same question again and again. Another just gave you the answer again above this post. I am getting this feeling since you are predominantly a DD player, this change would effect your play the most. You would no longer have to endure the shame of a bad torp launch. Now it's about spelling and grammar... while posting with grammatical errors, and on a game forum of all things.
  12. Yet you disparage them as soon as they are brought up. Mistakes? Says who? You? Who made you the players mouthpiece? Well others claim it isn't a mistake. So there you have it. Sigh... I can't teach you compression. You simply fail to understand why. Doesn't matter if multiple people have explained it, you simply just don't get it. Time to move on. BTW, OP wanted removal, not reflection and even he admitted to the dumbed down torp spread.
  13. You got me. I almost never play Co-Op. I'll give you that one. Why are you playing a game who's developers you think are so terrible? Can you answer my question? I've been trying to answer yours. Already been explained by myself and others here. Are you simply refusing to read the answers to your question? Meaning right now damage is not reflected upon your 1st mistake. You're wanting to skip to step 3 with damage reflection from the get go.
  14. If you think these developers are so bad then wth are you doing still playing this game? You are credited in silver and the team damager now has ticks against him. They may have to wear the pink shame robes for a little while or if it is a continuing issue they will only get to enjoy co-Op where there is no team damage (where this no FF rule should stay). They could even recieve a ban. Like I said, not perfect but preferred over the removal of some decision making and dumbing the game down for people who simply don't get the concept of holding fire to avoid friendlies or having situational awareness of whats going on in front of them on the battlefield. The difference is you want to be able to throw from step 1 with no consequences except to your own self. I only want to see that happen if somone is obviously trolling the match.
  15. The developers put it in the game for the reasons that have been stated time and time again. You think they put that in there for no other reason? Get real. It punishes the guilty. They turn pink, then orange then banning. The Tker is fined and the victim is compensated. If the fool can't keep from damaging his teammates then the damage is reflected back. I would rather that be the case then taking away an element of the game. It's not perfect but I believe it's better than the removal of FF. End of story. Well by looking at stats and this problem you seem to have with it.... The pink guy would be you.