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  1. Rocketdog2300

    Secondary gun range unfairness.

    I find it a bit strange the main guns range of a certain Hermelin i run across quite often. Probably has double the range of my all the bells and whistles Hermelin. The guy can literally pound away at me and I fall short of landing a hit by a mile. That and he can fire over mountains with incredible accuracy. There is basically no defense against this guy.
  2. Rocketdog2300


    Two enemy ships running side by side. So close, I could have read hull numbers if they had them. One disappears right in front of me, the other one doesn't. Explain how this is not a cheat without using the spotting mechanics crutch...
  3. Rocketdog2300

    Penalized for leaving game early

    Never singled out anyone. "Destroy your rig prematurely"?.... Had to laugh out loud at that one! OK, you continue to play it safe with your store bought rig, meanwhile i will continue to build and experiment all the while keeping a fire extinguisher handy in case my rig goes into destroy mode.
  4. Rocketdog2300

    Penalized for leaving game early

    A newly installed wifi/bluetooth card driver software was found to be the culprit. Another time was switching from air to water cooling which could not keep the CPU heat in check. One time the cat stepped on my surge protector switch. Random shutdowns?... no. There is always an underlying reason. Obviously, there are many here that have never pushed the boundries of overclocking or experimented with different hardware upgrades. Most stress test available online that only last minutes and can nowhere mimic actual time spent in game play where stress on the the GPU, CPU and cooling system can be pushed to it's limits.
  5. Being penalized for leaving the game early is a subject that needs to be addressed. I have never intentionally exited play in the middle of a game, but have had computer issues after new hardware installs or overclocking issues that might cause my computer to restart or shut down. The game sees this as if I left the battle to avoid... well I not really sure what. Anyways, you get two or three restarts in a row getting issues figured out and next thing you know, you are in the pink for five or more plays.