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  1. Rocketdog2300

    A Tier I ship for a reward? Gee Thanks Wargaming

    No. He just has to be a d**k.
  2. Rocketdog2300

    A Tier I ship for a reward? Gee Thanks Wargaming

    Damn, make i made a simple mistake. Get over yourself.
  3. Rocketdog2300

    A Tier I ship for a reward? Gee Thanks Wargaming

    Patato... patoto.
  4. Looks like a push to get more players in the lower Tiers...
  5. Aegis. 5 minutes into the game and i am toast. 3 to 4 ships in much closer range to the enemy, but for some reason i draw all their fire which seems to become more intense as my HP is drained. Meanwhile, Teammates are steadily laying down fire on them, but the enemy continues to focus their fire on me as i try to put some distance on them. Is this a mechanic of the game? Doesn't bring much joy to the game. 1188_1664070565_20220924_203613_PGSB507-Scharnhorst_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  6. Rocketdog2300

    Ping rate woes

    That can all depend on what you consider a surge protector. Lightning and power spikes can blow right through most cheap off the shelf (such as you might buy from Walmart) surge protectors. They basically give you a false sense of security. Brands such as Tripp Lite and ISOBAR are the real deal and give your equipment a fighting chance of surviving a damaging surge or strike. ( I believe that Tripp Lite now owns the ISOBAR brand) I personally use a Monster Power HTS 3600 MKII to protect my TV, DVR and surround sound system. That dude reacts as fast as the lightning flash that trips it immediately shutting of power to everything connected to it. My computer is protected by ISOBAR surge protectors and have paid for themselves many times over.
  7. Rocketdog2300

    Heal zones in Operations

    What's really irritating about Heal Zones are players who camp out the entire game inside the zone not leaving room for those who really need it.
  8. Rocketdog2300

    Torpedo Soup...

    I was turning because I was trapped up against the map edge barrier and a fleet of DD's in the final minutes of the game. I found myself in a no win situation. I understand the mechanics of the game. For you to sit on your high horse and judge my gameplay from one screenshot is asinine. That and you've obviously payed your way into the Tiers you play. Here's the difference between me, others who have responded... and you. I realized I got myself in a tight spot. I figured I would post a screenshot, be a man and admit my mistake for a laugh. Others who responded got a laugh themselves with some even sharing their similar experiences including a WOWs history lesson on torpedo soup. You however, come on here a begin criticizing and belittling me and my game play. I'm not perfect. Not every game is perfect... at least not for me.
  9. Rocketdog2300

    Torpedo Soup...

    I will admit I got myself in a fix. Not the usual outcome playing Hermes.
  10. Rocketdog2300

    Torpedo Soup...

    Quite the opposite...🤯
  11. Rocketdog2300

    Torpedo Soup...

    I got hung up on the map base line and was just trying to get the hell out of there...
  12. Rocketdog2300

    Torpedo Soup...

    Yeah... I stepped off in it... 🫣
  13. Rocketdog2300

    Are Bots reading our keystrokes?

    I have seen this and thought how's that happening. I believe I've also witnessed two different aim points fired in Random.
  14. In the upload (Co-Op) as i'm coming around the small island to set up up the DD, i immediately go into full reverse to not give the DD a clean shot at sending torps my way. But it's like the Bot knew the second i went into reverse, including the second round of torps that appeared and would have both struck if i stayed in full reverse. The torps appeared to be well on their way as i slowed and went into full reverse. Is it possible the game/bots are able to see our keystrokes? 20220918_212758_PGSB507-Scharnhorst_25_sea_hope.wowsreplay
  15. Rocketdog2300

    PSA: Don’t Sell Your Camo Inventory For A While

    I unloaded most of mine last night, did I make the cut?