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  1. Last evening playing, just as the game/battle loaded, I was booted off the server, why? IDK! It wasn't MY internet either. Its usually a pain to get logged back in as this has happen in the past a few times. So I just shut the game down and finish my evening elsewhere. I login today, There a big banner in port screen, basically saying I've been a bad boy for leaving a battle without playing it. REALLY!! YOUR software boots me, and you turn me pink!! REALLY???? Ya might want to look into your screwy software! I'm sure everyone on my team in that battle comp me AFK. I have never done this to anyone at the beginning of a battle b/c you just don't what going on with them. It not their fault internet went down, or maybe they had small 911 for all anybody knows. ( ͡❛ ︵ ͡❛) Gezzzzzzzzz
  2. steelfingers

    I got a "Gift" from World of Warship Today>>>> NOT!

    I know what I seen! its isn't like I just join WG yesterday either, has I'm sure you looked at my profile already. I could care less about getting a free gift, I just thought it was funny you have to pay for a gift. That is why I posted it.... I do consider this close now........but I'm sure some smarta**es will comment again... BUT. I do have one last question , to the 3, I quoted above "How much are YOU getting paid? 57 minutes ago, desmo_2 said:
  3. steelfingers

    I got a "Gift" from World of Warship Today>>>> NOT!

    I said , if you can read, I was login. So, I did take the suggestion to look in the Armory, on the original free gift banner, it did NOT say this. Going to the Armory, thru the ship port link, I came to what you are seeing in the pic.. The only difference in the 2 pic i posted here are the words "Santa's Gift " and Premium shop @ the top Has your can see there Mr Salty, the gift still will cost me! And yes, I've been to Vegas,,, you got a point there. ...................................................................................................... On a another topic, why do some people here get Salty with others here? I've seen it 100's of times here. Its like they get paid for being a Butt Hole here! ( ! ) cough cough Desmo_2 cough cough
  4. Just had to share this. After login today, a gift banner was present on my screen. (no pun intended) "Go to Premium Shop To Claim you Gift" or something to that effect. After getting to the Premium shop, there are 3 containers to choose from, with discounts I might add. (see pic) I thought, is this a joke??? WOW! I can honestly say now, this is the 1st time in my life, the person "giving" me a gift, wanted me to PAY for it.......WOW...LOL!!! Just saying!
  5. After clicking "leave battle" after death, game takes 15-30 seconds of nothing,(meaning, stays in game like I click nothing) then kicks me off the server. no problem with this issue before the latest update. I should add, I did run the "check and repair" nothing changed.
  6. steelfingers

    SMOKE and Mirrors?

    This complaint is to the developers . I mainly play DD.. When I am in smoke, I can see ships that my team mates has eyes on. Which in turn, I feel this is very unfair. If I'm in smoke so players can't see me, then how can I see out of this smoke? I have killed and BEEN killed (many times) because of this over-site. Smoke is smoke, can't see in it , shouldn't be able to see out of it. The only time this should be overridden is when ships are very close to each other.
  7. steelfingers


    @ Capt Ahab. I couldn't have said it better.! It is something different. Why spend all that time building the game just to remove it. I don't understand that. I would bet 1000's of hours went into building it. I liked it caz it is/was very fast paced. I could lmbo after getting my a$$ kick caz it was that fun, then compliment the player who killed me. I tried playing a random game for the 1st time after savage...........after 3-4 minute I died on propose. just was't the same anymore. I can't go back....... bring SAVAGE BACK !!
  8. steelfingers


    DUHHHH..........dam, didn't have to be a genius to figure out it was over. This question was aimed toward the admin.......sorry, I should have stated that in my 1st post.
  9. I've been playing sunken city for the past few weeks now. Login today, had to do the update, and NO MORE SUNKEN CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something I finally enjoyed playing and ya take it away!!!!!! I would bet I'm not the only one that pissed about it. wth?????????????????????????????
  10. steelfingers

    Small rant

    I've been Bit*hing about this since radar was added.....but I do believe WG has fixed the issue of PLANES seeing you through islands. Radar CAN still see you through island. With the new updates to CV's , with a double CV and radar match, dd don't have a chance to play playing more.
  11. steelfingers

    New Radar is a Buff to Radar Ships

    What did I tell ya..........exactly!!!!
  12. steelfingers

    New Radar is a Buff to Radar Ships

    Criminal You won't win with these people b/c they all play ships with radar.........I've been bitc*hing about this for a long time. People don't see eye to eye here. Best thing to do is drop it and move on.
  13. I just finished with my 1st battle after this update. (Random). It was not pretty. I have been playing this game since Beta. It WAS really fun back then and pretty fair play across the board. Until the Atlanta came out. You players that had one early know what I'm talking about. It was a killing machine, but actually kinda unfair to other players. But that soon went away, other ships was developed, and now, I rarely see a Atlanta in game. This last battle I played, there was so much radar and hydro I thought I was going to have to go to the ER for radiation poison! I had another thread here about radar recently, not to mention the spotting with radar and planes, so I won't go there again. For me, I feel this game has been ruined by dozens of updates over the last 2 years. Where some people/players might feel just the opposite, it just not fun for ME anymore. I just feel it is to unfair to the smaller class ship and some cruiser ships. To make it fair now, I would love an update to make torpedoes with huge magnets on the front of them so the player can't miss. Ya, I can see that update going over well! That all said, after my doubloons and credit are gone, I will be closing out my account. I will NOT be spending money, getting new ship(s) or anything special. When it gone, I will be gone. And if I see ya on the playing field, I hope I get to kill ya one last time, which will probably be the other way around b/c you will radar and a plane that can see through rock. WG, thanks for screwing up a great game!! So now, bring on the haters!
  14. steelfingers

    UnFair Gaming Advangage

    I really thought I said a few blocks upward that I have consider this CLOSED... what idiots.