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  1. Raipier6

    Research Bureau

    I'm not really worried about the reset or the ships, been there done it before no biggie. IMHO I just don't really see the upside to it!
  2. Raipier6

    Research Bureau

    First off I would like to say, when I first heard about being able to reset tiers after you have gotten the level 10,I was excited in a big way! Now having that said, I do believe the Research Points should have been explained a bit better. I was under the impression that the T6 and above ships, would reset everyday like the other dailies as i call them. As I found they don't. So I do not see the bonus in resetting at all, Sure you can get different stuff, Flags, Ships, even 250000 Free XP which is really what I was after. Unfortunatly now I no longer have my Harugumo T10. Now I have to regrind the whole line again, sure I can get the free XP but would still have to grind some serious credits to buy them all back, not to mention that the 250k XP wouldn't even unlock the whole line again only a few ships, so basically your restarted back to the begin with very little to show for it. I guess i can see the appeal of this for those that are bored and want to start over. Heck like i said I was all excited. Anyway I do think that it should be explained better, so other's can make an informed decision! I however do not like the idea anymore. Good luck to those of you that have tried this already. Sorry for my rant, have a great day Captains!
  3. Raipier6

    Hall of Fame

    Thank you for that explanation was very helpful!
  4. I was told thre was an in game flag for Military vets, though I seem to have failed to locate any info in forums or on the main site any help would be appretiated.
  5. Raipier6

    Help with Clan

    I just wanted to let you all know, I am surprised and happy. Wargaming managed to get my clan back for me. Thank you to all of you that leanded your support!
  6. Raipier6

    Help with Clan

    Thank you also for trying to understand.
  7. Raipier6

    Help with Clan

    Thanks Kapitan_Wuff, well now at least I know this has happened before! Well knowing this it might be helpful if Wargaming as I know they can track Credit and other assets. Maybe if I am lucky they can track down everything. Though I also realize that would require them to pay someone to search, that means a loss of profit for them. If I was not so upset at myself I would just retract this ticket! Unfortunately I just believe this type of error should be considered, if Wargaming cane track the players, and what they do. Once again thank you for your reply, Raipier6
  8. Raipier6

    Help with Clan

    That's my fear Brush, though it is not really a true hardship, my only regret would be that I used my name and all in that TAG and clan name. I have not heard back from Wargaming yet, so there may be hope still. I will however try and keep you all up to date on this, as this may happen to someone else down the road. Thank you to all that replied and tried to help, Respectfully Raipier6
  9. Raipier6

    Help with Clan

    I am almost certain they cant, and this person wont even reply to my messages. Guess I maybe out of pocket on this one. Though like I said it really was my fault for not paying attention to the buttons lol.
  10. Raipier6

    Help with Clan

    Thanks Nugget will try, If not guess I'll just have to start over again. Just a tad upsetting that I basically wasted $5 for something, but it is my fault though, for not watching what I was doing.
  11. Hi, well this will sound silly, I just created a clan and make a major mistake at appointing a recruit as commander, was trying to make them a recruiter not take over my clan, now I can not get them to respond nor give the delegation back, any help would be great or am I going to have to start all over? Thank you for any help you may be able to provide if any.
  12. Raipier6

    Shoutout To Some Players.

    It's really great to see that some players are, at the very least trying to enjoy a great game. Kudo's all!
  13. Raipier6

    World of CVs

    I always find it funny, first it was to many torps I can't play, or thats to OP now it's planes. Come on people get a grip lol.
  14. Raipier6

    Any time I play, I leave feeling like I should delete the client.

    Well said! The fact that this game changes and adapts is excellent. I used to play Battlestar Galactica Online look what those [edited] did to that game. I spend a lot of money on WoWS, and this is only because I have been with this game before it was even released, and like you said I want to help support the game. I do not want this game to go down or to become stagnant.
  15. Raipier6

    That "Useless team'" comment

    I guess one thing we will always get to look forward too, is the fact that those love seekers will always have something to complain about lol.