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  1. alexbennedict

    USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63)

    Thanks for the info, been waiting for her to get down here :)
  2. alexbennedict

    USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63)

    We all called her that. But we'd still fight anyone not from her about it LOL I hated the entire AIRPAC group, but she was fun to steam. My first ship commissioned as an LDO, Got my SWO pin on her, did a lot of fun stuff (2000 - 2003). During OIF we were the only CV that didn't lose a mission due to equipment. we did some squirrely stuff to make that happen, but she was from the post WWII era design school of thought, and very..configurable. We made that plant do interesting things to keep things rolling. Great crew, but definitely an antique..I'll probably drive down to see her before they break her up :)
  3. alexbennedict

    PTS 0.11.2 pt.3

    Want to know how to play subs, listen to Archetype_404. Played against them several times on PTS tonight wicked to play against. Just wrecked my teams ship and other subs.
  4. alexbennedict

    Forest Sherman overhyped?

    This. was on an Adams class. Basically a Forest Sherman with a missile launcher instead of a rear gun. Loved that hot uncomfortable hot rod of a ship :)
  5. alexbennedict

    PSA: Ship Currencies Announced & GK Khabarovsk Info

    Yes! USS Waddell DDG-24 was my first ship in 1988. Fast, she had a nasty propulsion plant (I was an MM) that ate your lunch if you did not know what you were doing. Loved that ship!
  6. alexbennedict

    I'm done

    I enlisted in 88, so not too far behind you. I retired several years ago, and Sailors are Sailors, definitely a different culture. Not saying better or worse, just different. :)
  7. alexbennedict

    I'm done

    Not in the US Navy..LOL Common saying is "A [edited] Sailor is a Happy Sailor". And I had some of the happiest Sailors around :)
  8. alexbennedict

    I'm done

    I run into this a lot. I don't know what has been declassified, but even stuff that has can still be not awesome to put in a public forum so I am very careful about posting anything that might not be great. Good thing was most of the equipment I worked on when I was Enlisted was steam.. Dead dino powered steam. Nothing really classified in there since the 1880s..lol
  9. alexbennedict

    Sailor charged with Arson in USS Bonhomme Richard fire

    I served on 3 LHA/LHD's in roles varying from LCPO (Senior Enlisted person) for Auxiliaries division and later Engineering Department, as well as a Main Propulsion Assistant after I had been commissioned for a few years. These ships are big, complex, and can be difficult to fight fires on with a full crew on board, much less a duty section. We had an LSD in Virginia Beach burn for several hours after some linseed oil soaked rags (been illegal onboard forever, but some "old school" guys felt it worked better and brought some onboard anyway) caught fire, and that ship is much smaller than an LHA/LHD. I'll read the whole report before I jump to any conclusions. The trend when I left my last job was to actively improve our in-port and shipyard firefighting capabilities in the wake of the USS Miami fire in 2012 Miami Fire. I know that was several years ago, but there were pretty specific policies we were drafting to go into the Shipyard Instructions that both Pacific Fleet and Atlantic Fleet (where I worked) agreed to. I would hate to think those were dropped, but sometimes that can happen. This really sucks all the way around, and I hate that we seem to be having to learn hard lessons all over again.
  10. alexbennedict

    Remember, red is positive...

    Great channel.. Sunday morning staple at my house!
  11. alexbennedict

    I am done

    Most of my old ships are reefs or razor blades, but the Adams Class DDG I was on carried bout 700 rounds total; 350 or so forward gun, 350 aft. Loading ammo onto the ship was an all hands fun fest, and every single time (well 3 times) we did it some [edited] dropped a round from the top of the magazine and scared the crapout of all of us.
  12. alexbennedict

    Five years and likely >$800 spent. No more.

    I finally wrote it out to get it organized, because I knew it was a bit much but not sure HOW much. Between WOT (active $$ 2013 - 2016 ~$100 a month plus much more at Christmas/ Specials) and WOWS (not including building a gaming PC to run it well) I spent ~6-8k on WG titles. That includes premium ship/tank purchases, premium time, gifts for friends, setting my son up with an account and a bunch of ships, etc. So not a whale, but I have spent more than I probably should have. This was my outlet instead of Movies and other entertainment and I did not really buy a lot of other games during that time. I stopped spppendingn in WOT because it just wasn't as much fun anymore. I just spent money here Friday morning to work on a dockyard ship. But I think that's done for now. I shifted money to LWM Patreon (she needs to add more $25 sub slots!) and I have supported Jingles there since he quit the WOT program. I spend money where I have fun and enjoy the content. When a company makes that difficult for me to do, I stop doing it. Now I don't think for a minute that the loss of my paltry investments in the game will hurt WG, and I still play both games occasionally, WOWS much more than WOT. But I have other games now... and they are fun.
  13. alexbennedict

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Yep, What he said. But I joined after close Beta.
  14. alexbennedict

    Remove Detonations, or give us back the flags

    Especially in this era of Planes that used AvGas and not Jet fuel. We still had tanks with a way to safe them from explosions on my old conventional CV. There was no real risk, that stuff had been removed decades before, but it was a real hazard with that much gasoline onboard..