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  1. Most fun thing I got to shoot during my last workup (many years ago) We absolutely destroyed the target jetski :) lots of fun.
  2. alexbennedict


    I actually believe that they are very separate. Simply because you KNOW they would force CVs into it if they had that much pull. Not that the don't have at least a couple of fingers in the "cookie jar". I did like that analogy..
  3. alexbennedict

    WW1 without the UK which side wins?

    Dan Carlin has a Podcast called "Hardcore History". His series on WW1, which is titled "Blueprint for Armageddon" is a six part series (about 24 hours) and is fantastic. Cannot recommend it enough if you are a history buff at all (both the series and the podcast).
  4. alexbennedict

    How do Captains take their Coffee?

    Grapes were the worst about this on the CV. strip tanks without telling me, [edited] later about fuel taste in the water. Never could get them to understand that the aft evaps were DOWNSTREAM from the fuel oil stripping discharge for JP-5 tanks...
  5. alexbennedict

    So kinda afraid to ask but.. whats up with the CC?

    Three. was a rabid WOT player and watched Jingles, Quicky, Circon, etc. I'm a US Navy guy, so when Jingles started doing WOWS videos, I was in. Even built my current computer to play it since my old one was Garbage. And for the record, I love Flamu as well. As LWM says, he "bends" ships into doing things that I can only dream of attempting. and he curses like a proper Sailor... I watch a lot of Twitch streamers and enjoy them all for different things. Ones that don't mesh with me for whatever reason I just move on from.
  6. alexbennedict

    New sounds overwhelming and distracting

    I'm a steam guy by trade myself, but there were ships that did that, and many of the ships in game did not have steam turbines for main propulsion (although I believe the vast majority do). Some diesel ships actually shifted Cams and ran in reverse, some had a reversing gear. Some of the ships in game were steam / electric (old US BBs) and some were diesel electric. But I agree in general that the sound is a bit silly.
  7. I don't post much, generally don't complain on forums much. I'm in a small clan, and play with friends for fun. Not a great player, but I do try when I am playing, and work to win. Used to be a very regular WOT player, in a pretty big clan, spent a ton of money. The changes they made, not listening to a lot of the player base drove me away. Now I play once or twice a month just to see how things are going. I am a retired Navy guy, so WOWS was right up my alley (actually built my current rig specifically to be able to play this game at high settings). shifted over and enjoyed myself for the last couple of years. Lately though I find myself playing much less. and generally spending my money on other things. I hate the CV rework, and Subs as a part of Randoms will likely send me even further away. It's an evolution of the Player base, if I stop enjoying this, I will take my time and money elsewhere and wish WOWS the best. I don't want to, but it is a natural evolution of the game no longer being as enjoyable for me. I will find something else to spend my free time and money on, and life will go on.
  8. alexbennedict

    USS MIdway - Underway

    Had a lot of friends who sailed on her, and they said after the sponsons were installed it was a crapshow. Lots of roll, fought stability all of the time. One of the many reasons she was finally decommissioned. Funny thing was that everyone I knew who served on her had very fond memories and spoke highly of her..
  9. alexbennedict

    I am scared to play ranked

    I don't for different reasons, mainly I am not good enough. I don't play a lot, don't know most of the meta (although I do watch Flambass, Flamu, etc from time to time), don't play tier 10 often enough to be really decent in my ships and I don't want to be "That guy". I know its is just a gme, but I feel like ranked is for more serious folks, and I don't want to mess up their games. I stick to randoms and annoy people there instead :)
  10. I cannot up-vote this enough. well said.
  11. This sucks. Drinking a toast to a fantastic drummer and all around interesting guy...
  12. alexbennedict

    Half off Premium Account - There is a better deal

    Fortunately for me, I screwed up last year and bought TWO years of premium time trying to buy a year for a friend. there are days I am not very bright..lol
  13. alexbennedict

    A video I was forced to make

    [edited] that other guy. Video away!
  14. alexbennedict

    Game Gone off to Kids Land just for the "Pros"

    THIS... I'd upvote more if I could. I don't like where WOWS is right now, so I don't play and spend nearly as much as a few months ago. I am not quitting the game, but my attention and money go other places. I don't intend to leave, but I find myself on less and less. It happens.
  15. alexbennedict

    Electrical power output of battleships

    I ran both WWII style and modern USN electrical plants, and while the newer ones are easier, the older ones were much more flexible, and set up to be able to shift around better in the event of battle damage. Big difference was you absolutely had to know what you were doing, or you could end up floating in the dark. Side note the emergency generators on old destroyers were abysmal. We went dark on the DDG I was on (Adams Class). I had the Aft EDG running a fire pump, and had to light off with the other. LOL 100 KW 150 Amps.. Normal power was from four 750 KW Generators... glorious.