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  1. TheGreatKiller26

    CV so OP now

    Just leave
  2. TheGreatKiller26

    Question for owners of the Flint and Black

    never use steel to buy coal ships.........and i'll send you a print screen of my black in a co op match with the perma camo crocodile.
  3. TheGreatKiller26

    Premium Halloween Containers

    yeah the bundles actually are pretty crap, anyways, someone here got the old camos from previous years?
  4. TheGreatKiller26

    why do US cruisers underperform

    usually US cruisers are ships that are hard to play, second is normal that the stats of the US cruisers are worse because it was the first line to enter for the US, so more battles can equal worse stats, third, the US cruiser lines becomes really good in high tiers, while at middle tiers they can be enjoyed.
  5. TheGreatKiller26

    I paid for a camo Twice

    Hello, i wanted to advice WG and other players of a bug with the Camouflages When you buy the camos in the port, the ships Gascogne and Hood, for some weird reason you can pay 1k doubloons for the custom Type 10 camo for both Hood and Gascogne (the ones they already have by default) someone else having this problem? Note that in Hood pics, the 2 camos have the same name but the color pattern is different (one is the default one and the other the new 1)
  6. seal clubbing in tier 1 - 4 is boring
  7. TheGreatKiller26

    Not Happy with "Go Navy" Containers Removal

    i would like to buy 3 crates pliz WG
  8. TheGreatKiller26

    How to get the Recruitment to switch in Go Navy?

    who is a recruiter and how can i recruit people to change sides........i know that we only need to play enough games to receive an invite.
  9. hahaha nothing like a rendering time of 3 minutes where im the one spotting everyone in a flank they shoot at me and i cannot return fire cause i only see shells coming from invisible ships
  10. TheGreatKiller26

    Spotting invisible ships

    Hi, i wanted to ask if someone else have had a problem when spotting a ship but cannot actually see them, for example in this game i have spotted with hydro a mahan behind the Island but i cannot see it even if i am the one spotting him.
  11. TheGreatKiller26

    Premium Ship Doubloon Compensation

    I as a veteran player and someone who owns a lot of premiums ships, i have always used the bundles only to collect the flags, yet all other stuff in the bundle for me is not worth anything mainly cause i can get them easily in the game.I would really like to see flags and permacamos in the Arsenal and not simple camos that i can get in the premium shop.
  12. TheGreatKiller26

    Mystery doubloons addition????

    Its because i change in the doubloons politics by WG they re sending mails
  13. TheGreatKiller26

    The GZ Represents Everything Bad That WG Can Think of

    Honest opinion of Graf Zeppelin.....is not overpowered, only bring a competent lex or enterprise and GZ will struggle to do any damage.
  14. TheGreatKiller26

    Update 0.7.3 Bug Reports

    i have been having a [edited]problem with the fps/lag in the game client, is unbearable to play the game right now! it started with the last patch, it had problems with sounds and a couple of regulars lags then it became even worse to the point that the game itself is extremely slow; takes forever to start the game, years for getting in a game (co-op, Scenario, not even trying in random anymore) and even closing the app is a oddysea because takes too long to close. i have contacted WG "support" twice the last 3 days and no a single word of them (why i'm not surprised) and now they make a stupid video saying everyone, hey we fixed it!! and we will give you 3 days of premium.....for god sake thats exactly the premium time i have already lost because of their imcompetence.