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  1. TheGreatKiller26

    WG really blew it with the Italian BB line

    THIS was not the problem.
  2. TheGreatKiller26

    Having Disconnection Issues

    well me. i had a disconnection in middle of a Kots game. so dont worry u re not the only one with problems.
  3. TheGreatKiller26

    Matchmaker yeah right

    well farewell my friend :S(8)
  4. you can. problem now is that u have ranked every two weeks.
  5. TheGreatKiller26

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    nothing yet.
  6. TheGreatKiller26

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    someone had the Achievment yet, i did not.
  7. TheGreatKiller26

    Who are the top clans?

    IF i would have to pick 3 teams, then i would choose o7, ROXY and SCCC
  8. TheGreatKiller26

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    is exactly what he meant in previous message. same here. i finished all damage games, which unlocks all modules and yet i dont get any achievment
  9. TheGreatKiller26

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

  10. TheGreatKiller26

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    use TAB and then u can select below the div u are in
  11. TheGreatKiller26

    Engineer of the Future Achievement a no show

    hey @Happa_Fodder, any ideas about this problem?
  12. TheGreatKiller26

    Big Hunt is stupid

    i got erverything already, except maybe the Engineer of the Future Award cause reasons.
  13. TheGreatKiller26

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    someone can tell me if this is fixed or not?
  14. TheGreatKiller26

    Austin needs buffing BAD

    I saw you playing Austin twice yesterday and you did not play it correctly. One main problem is that you are playing it as it was a mino, when clearly is not one. You have to play it like an Atlanta with the potential of eating tier VIII cruisers all by yourself. Of course Austin have one of the highest if not the hightest skill roof of all tier X at this moment in time. so is not anormal that most players would not like it.
  15. TheGreatKiller26

    Fen Yang HE Pen bug?

    just refund. the ship have worse reload, worse HE pen and DW Torps, so is in fact, worse than lovely akizuki.