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  1. R_Razor

    If CV's are so balanced

    Huge difference between ASKING and DEMANDING, something a lot of the anti-CV (radar, AP shell etc etc etc) crowd doesn't seem to comprehend. You can ASK all day long, unfortunately for you guys, said business has said no. I guess it's time for you to employ option #2 and stop utilizing said business right?
  2. It's the same player group that complains about everything though..........Radar, CV, AP, nothing new at all about that.
  3. I'd be willing to bet that the majority of Missouri owners spend as much, or more money, than the average person does on this game. It's human nature, if I can play the Mighty Mo without premium and earn X amount of credits, or I can spend $10 for 30 days worth of premium time and increase the earnings by an order of magnatude, I'll spend the $10. Additionally, Mo owners are no different than any other player in the game, we buy other premium ships just as often as those without it do. I'm sure there was some arcane reason WG had for removing it for sale, but I don't think it was entirely because people that owned it stopped spending money on other stuff in the game.
  4. DD's are gimmick with unlimited Torpedo reloads................BB's are gimmick with instant "heals"................the list goes on and on, EVERY class in the GAME has a "gimmick", if they didn't people wouldn't play it in the numbers that they do. Deal with it.
  5. R_Razor

    Destroyers role

    Right in the AP shell when you whiners got them nerfed against your precious DD's............. Try harder to get more reactions from your fellow whiners next time please.
  6. R_Razor

    Destroyers role

    DD Role? To whine about CV and Radar..........occasionally launch skill walls, and if it's a good DD player, try and cap once other ships have gone out in front and made sure said DD can't get shot at.
  7. R_Razor

    Rocket Planes out of control

    CVs are bad for the game, tactical level "shooter" games shouldn't have strategic level classes in them............what's worse for the game though are the non stop (primarily DD main) whiners that constantly whine about CVs being in the game.
  8. R_Razor

    Ok I decided to buy a ship ....

    You spelled Torpitz wrong. Fantastic ship all around though.
  9. R_Razor

    CV Rework - Was it Worth it?

    Given that, in my opinion, CV's don't fit well into the type of game WG has coded, I don't think it was a success, or "worth it", as it applies to the game itself. It was an astounding success in bring the toxic community members out into the light and getting them to show their true colors though.
  10. R_Razor

    The Case for IJN Long Lance

    Oh look, another weeb along to comment. That Wiki article can be edited by anyone, I suggest you actually DO some research that involves more than a google search. If you can pull yourself away from your cartoons that is.
  11. R_Razor

    The Case for IJN Long Lance

    You're really not too bright are you? I'll wait where you find any "claim" I've made in this thread. I've made a statement, that being that what he says can be proven by reading any number of valid historical texts covering WW2, a far better range of source material than wikipedia, nothing more and nothing less.
  12. In other news, water is wet.
  13. R_Razor

    The Case for IJN Long Lance

    Considering his comments can easily be verified by valid (not wikipedia) historical sources I'd say you're barking up the wrong tree. You weebs are all the same and no amount of truth is going to change your mind. I'll leave you and your boys to your anime' now.