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  1. They can save face with a small part of it's player base is what you meant to say right? Because there appear to be a lot of members of said "player base" that don't care that they are balancing an over performing ship class and that aren't stamping their feet like entitled little 4 years old children that didn't get the candy bar they grabbed while mommy was checking out at the grocery store. The only people with weird vendettas and acting like trolls are the people that insist that if you don't agree with their point of view then you are a troll. Mirror Mirror on the wall......................
  2. You should practice what you preach in your quote.
  3. It's a fake, the Wave Motion Gun is covered. I wouldn't pay anything for that one. hahaha
  4. R_Razor

    I'm Sorry but this game is all about the DD

    I see a LOT of these after the CV rework hits the live server.
  5. DD players will stop whining about BB players. BB players will stop whining about DD players. Cruiser players will stop whining about BB and DD players. DD players will stop whining about radar. CV players will stop whining about the re-work. Everyone except CV players (CV players will be whining about the re-work still) will stop whining about CV players. Everyone will stop whining about the MM.
  6. People complain about BB's not pushing when what they're really upset about is that the BB isn't out front getting shot at and spotting in order to allow them (in a cruiser) to park behind an island and farm HE damage on the targets the BB is getting shot by, or if in a DD, to sit just outside the CAP and spam skill walls towards the targets the BB is getting shot by. Should the day ever come when cruisers and DD's actually screen and support their BB's then maybe the BB's will push more.
  7. R_Razor


    Great, que the "Montana OP PLZ NURFZ" posts. Awesome game OP, congrats.
  8. R_Razor


    No, stop torping.
  9. R_Razor

    Bonus Codes

    In terms of pure numbers you're probably right as far as the number of codes. Also, in terms of pure numbers, I believe WG makes more money overall from the other servers but NA players as individuals spend more money than individuals spend on the other servers.
  10. R_Razor

    Bonus Codes

    Player population. EU has a much larger player base. I'd be willing to bet that if there were a way to look at the number of codes given as a percentage of the population there wouldn't be much of a difference.
  11. R_Razor

    CV Rework Feedback

    What was that about personal attacks? Hypocrite much do ya? I think anything that balances the game is a good thing, and CV's needed to be brought into line with the rest of the game in WG's eyes. So you can keep on with your whines and your attacks on anyone that doesn't agree with you, well until it's time for your next ANTIFA meeting anyway, and I'll keep laughing at your pedantic posts.
  12. R_Razor

    CV Rework Feedback

    Didn't mean to hurt your feelings, perhaps you can find a safe space there in Berekley and recover? And I know this is probably a difficult concept for you to grasp, but it's possible to get your meaning (as sad as it is in this case) and know that you're grasping at straws and therefore fail to agree with said meaning.
  13. R_Razor

    CV Rework Feedback

    Bit of a difference griping about balance changes and wholesale "I demand a refund" whines about came play mechanic changes. Do I think there's a VAST difference between a software package that allows the operation computer hardware which is used to make a living for countless people and a VIDEO GAME? You betcha, please see Ad Absudum again Sir.
  14. R_Razor

    OP CVs (Premium)

    There's probably nothing that will help you, you're right about that. Please, continue wasting your "bad" votes on me while everyone laughs at your pathetic hypocrisy. It's funny as hell after all, and the fact that you choose to double down on your whine is just icing on the cake.
  15. R_Razor

    OP CVs (Premium)

    You can downvote me all you want my hypocrite little buddy, but when you post a whine about how OP CV's are and how they need to be removed because they're bad for the game and it's followed by a screen shot showing you IN A CV it becomes obvious that your whine was in fact NOT about OP CV's but more about how you most likely got SPANKED by someone else in a CV and it rustled the holy hell out of your jimmies.