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  1. R_Razor

    Ok I decided to buy a ship ....

    You spelled Torpitz wrong. Fantastic ship all around though.
  2. R_Razor

    CV Rework - Was it Worth it?

    Given that, in my opinion, CV's don't fit well into the type of game WG has coded, I don't think it was a success, or "worth it", as it applies to the game itself. It was an astounding success in bring the toxic community members out into the light and getting them to show their true colors though.
  3. R_Razor

    The Case for IJN Long Lance

    Oh look, another weeb along to comment. That Wiki article can be edited by anyone, I suggest you actually DO some research that involves more than a google search. If you can pull yourself away from your cartoons that is.
  4. R_Razor

    The Case for IJN Long Lance

    You're really not too bright are you? I'll wait where you find any "claim" I've made in this thread. I've made a statement, that being that what he says can be proven by reading any number of valid historical texts covering WW2, a far better range of source material than wikipedia, nothing more and nothing less.
  5. In other news, water is wet.
  6. R_Razor

    The Case for IJN Long Lance

    Considering his comments can easily be verified by valid (not wikipedia) historical sources I'd say you're barking up the wrong tree. You weebs are all the same and no amount of truth is going to change your mind. I'll leave you and your boys to your anime' now.
  7. But that's my point, I'm not "dismissing" him, I'm merely pointing out that by all metrics that we have to judge by in this game, he is not in a position to accuse anyone else of using an "easy" ship to do well in, nothing more and nothing less.
  8. Again, I agree, and trust me I'm FAR from purple. That does not change the fact that claiming something is easy in an effort to belittle someone other persons choice of play style is just a little silly when you're not very good at it yourself. So since we're "talking freely" how is it that someone doing that is okay with you but someone pushing back when it happens is suddenly "an elitist doing a circle jerk"?
  9. Who am I to argue? Who is he to make a claim he can't back up? Who are you to jump in and defend a claim that can't be backed up? We can play this silly game all day but at the end of the day, whether you, he or anyone else likes it or not, I'm right. If it were EASY then HE would be BETTER at it than he is. If DD's were EASY then I'd be BETTER at it that I am. If being famous were EASY you'd be rich and on TV and you're not. Calling something EASY doesn't make it EASY and if you're going to call something EASY in an effort to belittle another players choice of preferred ship type then you should at least be COMPETENT at it yourself.
  10. I don't disagree. What I do disagree with is someone that isn't very good at something saying that someone else is playing something because it's "easy". If it were easy then he'd be good at it too and he's manifestly not. It's akin to me claiming that DD's are "easy". Just because I say they are doesn't mean that they are and I certainly don't have the skill (as evidenced by my stats) to make that claim and expect it to be taken seriously. When you have a PR rating in the toilet in a given type of ship you most certainly shouldn't be running around calling that ship "easy" just because you don't like it or the players that play it, whichever the case it.
  11. And yet you are unable to do it as evidenced by the publicly available stat website. It's not a knock, not everybody is capable of succeeding with every ship type, but don't pretend like you know what is and isn't easy when you can't do well with the easy thing.
  12. It's not shaming when you're merely pointing out that someone claiming something is easy is also incapable of playing well with that easy something. But then you knew that, and being the standard DD forumite, you want to try and play it as something different, as you usually do. Right?
  13. So again, if they are so easy, why would someone have a 702 PR in them after 700 games? My friend is REALLY curious.