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  1. Operation: Random

  2. Hangout by the Sea

    Hmm ._.
  3. So will asashio torps...

    Sadly, no.
  4. owo visited by another duk~


  5. Axis vs Allied mode

    Eh... no. Gaijoob's War Thunder have this disastrous game mode.
  6. plz just hurry up and remove CV WG

    lol I tried
  7. plz just hurry up and remove CV WG

    Great idea! You could just play CVs and help the team-mate players in IJN DDs do their jobs :)
  8. plz just hurry up and remove CV WG

    This is not seem a constructive thread, but for you with so many matches played to be easily salty and insta-mad about everything and everyone you should take a break and start play different games... Maybe Fortnite or Minecraft :)
  9. Hello! Do you know our clan have a Discord channel? You received an invite?

    1. Wombatmetal


      Thanks. I'll log in, maybe this weekend. Between work and school time is tight during the week

  10. Asashio loves you.
  11. Really liked Asashio! It's a very fun DD \o/

  12. Asashio over rated or over powered

    Nah, it's over rated.
  13. Asashio

    Music for that moment.
  14. 12 DD's per game?

    In the past we had 12 BB's per game so I'm not even surprised