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  1. Dragon ships?! More cartoonish rubbish?

  2. oooooh! NieR Automata DLC is coming!

    Only in June...
  3. It's still alive! Soon... Kyogre as well...
  4. Looking for Clan

  5. So I was reading the Wikipedia on Akizuki...

    Amerikantzy are just salty because they lost Cold War to glorious Soviet Union comrade!
  6. My take on the Stealth Firing Removal

    Welcome to World of Battleships)))
  7. I'm disappointed by you guys

    Sorry, I have no money.
  8. Fixed for you
  9. Any way to actively avoid super containers?

    Actually your question is very easy to answer... "Any way to actively avoid super containers?" Yes, that's simple and clear like vodka!... Do not open and ignore any container! No containers... No super-containers... No problems! You don't need to thank me! Happy games tovarishe))