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  1. Jack_Tar

    I like Pi

    Free stuff is free stuff
  2. While the timing could be better, it still leaves over twenty British ships you can use him on including all the tech tree CVs. So not quite the end of the world
  3. Jack_Tar

    Alright Squids, test time!

    They appear to be following the guidelines for civilian ships when dressing overall. "When dressing a ship with International Code flags, the ship or boat is dressed at 8 a.m., and remains dressed until evening hours. The vessel is dressed while at anchor only, except for during maiden (first) and final voyages, and participation in a marine parade or other unique situation. When dressing a ship, the national ensign is also hoisted at the stern staff (and the Union Jack may be displayed at the bow staff on government vessels). The rainbow of flags of the International Code is arranged, reaching from the water line forward to the water line aft, by way of the bowsprit end (or stem if there’s no bowsprit) and the masthead(s). Flags and pennants are bent alternately, rather than in any indiscriminate manner. Since there are twice as many letter flags as numeral pennants, it is good practice, as in the Navy, to follow a sequence of two flags, one pennant, two flags, one pennant, throughout. The sequence recommended here provides a harmonious color pattern throughout: Starting from forward: AB2, UJ1, KE3, GH6, IV5, FL4, DM7, PO Third Repeater, RN First Repeater, ST Zero, CX9, WQ8, ZY Second Repeater." from FlagandBanner.com
  4. You don't need premium consumables in coop. That would have saved you 45k straight away.
  5. I had 4500 coal waiting for me when I logged in today so I think they may have fixed that
  6. Jack_Tar

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas. I hope you all got what you wanted and not what you deserved. Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous new year.
  7. My haul from 40 Large crates.
  8. Jack_Tar


    Well done. Are you trying to take over the Graf Zeppelin's role as queen of secondaries?
  9. Jack_Tar

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Thanks, it only took me 5,500ish co-op battles to do it
  10. Jack_Tar

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Finally broke the 1k bxp barrier.
  11. Jack_Tar

    Co-op courtesy

    I hadn't even noticed that. Probably explains why everyone is keen to cap all of a sudden. Here I was thinking the 12k base xp would be the hard part.
  12. Jack_Tar

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I don't think I will ever get better matchmaking in my Vlad. My team did make me work for it by dying with five enemy ships still alive.
  13. Jack_Tar

    Scenario Stats

    As you can see by the screenshot some data is stored.
  14. Jack_Tar

    Scenario Stats

    Not just the achievement count. Those achievements are cumulative in that they track progress across a number of battles. Take the Ravager achievement for example, that can only be done over a number of Operations so they must have a way of keeping track of the number of key ships that you have destroyed.