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  1. Jack_Tar

    What currency(s) for Alaska?

    I hope it will be FXP, I just used all my coal to buy the Musashi
  2. Jack_Tar

    mini map

    Do you mean the range rings or the detection rings. I can see the range ring as being another check whether it is on or off but can't see the value in not knowing your AA detection range at a glance.
  3. Jack_Tar

    PSA: New Code

    Thanks for the heads up
  4. Jack_Tar

    They Shall Not Grow Old - Official Trailer

    I have seen it. Highly recommended
  5. Jack_Tar

    So...Who Got a 2nd Coupon???

    A second coupon? I didn't even get a first one I did get the camo though and that is more useful to me
  6. Jack_Tar

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Despite the vastly different play styles in co-op and randoms I still use much the same criteria as to whether I had a good game or not. Did I make a useful contribution and pull my weight and did I have fun? On a more specific level as an average player (on a good day) I feel I have had a good game if I score more than 600 base xp. I know that in randoms to get this amount I just have to be on the winning side and not AFK. Randoms are harder and that is why the rewards are commensurately higher. Now this is predicated on my playing mostly T8+, if I were playing lower tiers I would lower my xp expectations accordingly. If I may ask, what do you consider a good game?
  7. Jack_Tar

    Camouflage gift not showing up?

    If you click the 'i' button in the lower right hand corner of your port screen they show up under the notifications tab. I got them and I have been playing since closed beta.
  8. Jack_Tar

    Dark lair question

    I think it is about 5km
  9. I still have all my ships but do not have full access to doubloons or silver. I can research and buy a ship and can research upgrades but then can't buy them.
  10. Jack_Tar

    All the Codes in One Place

    much appreciated
  11. Jack_Tar

    PSA: Multiple Bonus Codes

    Much appreciated @AdmiralThunder
  12. Jack_Tar

    Overchin 5 Mission Set:

    I believe the collection reward is an american captain whereas the Alexander Ovechkin you earn from the missions is a russian captain
  13. Jack_Tar

    Overchin 5 Mission Set:

    Anyone still waiting might want to try lodging again. I just lodged a ticket and it was resolved within 5 minutes
  14. Jack_Tar

    This kind of Night!!!

    To be fair, they really didn't have a lot of options. Was the cruiser AFK?
  15. Jack_Tar

    0.7.10 - Public Test Feedback

    Just the extra flooding chance, and yes, it is poorly worded.