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  1. Jack_Tar

    This kind of Night!!!

    To be fair, they really didn't have a lot of options. Was the cruiser AFK?
  2. Jack_Tar

    0.7.10 - Public Test Feedback

    Just the extra flooding chance, and yes, it is poorly worded.
  3. Jack_Tar

    0.7.10 - Public Test Feedback

    The reason the 'Victor Lima ' flag is not greyed out is because it also increases the chance to cause flooding and all RN cruisers have torpedos.
  4. Jack_Tar

    Bonus Code 04 Oct 2018

    Thanks mate
  5. Jack_Tar

    United states ONLY

    It would probably be closer to 10% if companies actually paid the full rate of tax. However because many overseas companies (google, apple and amazon among many others) have their nominal headquarters in non taxing countries such as Ireland and Luxembourg and the like they pay little to no tax on billion dollars sales. Tax rates and exchange rates alone don't account for the fact that it is demonstrably cheaper to pay to fly from Sydney to LA to buy a copy of Photoshop than it is to buy it in Australia.
  6. Jack_Tar

    United states ONLY

    Only because you blokes revolted and they had to find somewhere else to send their criminals . On topic, it isn't such a big deal. I have no social media presence so would be ineligible anyway.
  7. Jack_Tar

    0.7.9 Public Test Bug Reports

    For some reason I have two clan chat windows, one of which has given me a free member.
  8. Jack_Tar

    Where's my kraken?

    The closest Operations equivalent to the kraken is the 'Natural Selection" award. The award description is "Destroy 4 ships of the same type as your ship, or 8 ships of any other type. Can be completed in operations." It looks like this
  9. Jack_Tar

    Have a code for July 4th!

    Just worked for me. Thanks OP
  10. Jack_Tar

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I see four DDs and 3 light cruisers
  11. Jack_Tar

    70 Years... I'm gobsmacked!

    I noticed a few Australian and New Zealand ships in there. I wonder if he has done Haida as well
  12. Jack_Tar

    Mouse Needs Your Help: Massachusetts Review

    This time with the Kii. No mods and AFT only. Last run only went for 4:34 instead of the full five minutes. Run One Run Two Run Three - only 4:34 due to fires
  13. Jack_Tar

    Mouse Needs Your Help: Massachusetts Review

    North Carolina, with no modules. AFT only. All runs were five minutes Run One Run Two Run Three Run Four If I were a NC driver I don't think I'd be relying on my secondaries to get me out of trouble
  14. Jack_Tar

    Mouse Needs Your Help: Massachusetts Review

    Amagi with no modules and AFT only. All runs were five minutes Run One Run Two Run Three