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  1. Where's my kraken?

    The closest Operations equivalent to the kraken is the 'Natural Selection" award. The award description is "Destroy 4 ships of the same type as your ship, or 8 ships of any other type. Can be completed in operations." It looks like this
  2. Have a code for July 4th!

    Just worked for me. Thanks OP
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    I see four DDs and 3 light cruisers
  4. 70 Years... I'm gobsmacked!

    I noticed a few Australian and New Zealand ships in there. I wonder if he has done Haida as well
  5. This time with the Kii. No mods and AFT only. Last run only went for 4:34 instead of the full five minutes. Run One Run Two Run Three - only 4:34 due to fires
  6. North Carolina, with no modules. AFT only. All runs were five minutes Run One Run Two Run Three Run Four If I were a NC driver I don't think I'd be relying on my secondaries to get me out of trouble
  7. Amagi with no modules and AFT only. All runs were five minutes Run One Run Two Run Three
  8. @LittleWhiteMousecan I do it on the test server? That way I can use all the ships and configure them at no cost
  9. Another Prinz Eugen game
  10. I think that may be because there is no option to turn the dunkirk collection off so it doesn't over ride which ever collection you have active when it starts
  11. On top of this you also have to complete the final task in each stage which adds up to another 110k XP meaning 160k XP all up. At least they let you apply modifiers to this.
  12. I also got all five mission drops from the 30 crate package. it would seem that the odds of doing so are fairly good. You can also complete the missions in scenarios as well as the other game modes.
  13. I immediately thought of Nosferatu
  14. Hunt for Bismark Containers

    Bismarck containers are being given as rewards for the "German Attack!" and "The hunt for Bismarck" challenges