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  1. I have the Tripitz B, only, I have the Tripitz Gold Rush personal challenge yet the battles done in the Tripitz B does not meet the requirements.
  2. bmagill0563

    Carrier Rework Beta Training

    Training would be great. Played it once so far as a CV and it was painful the point of view kept jumping around, could not tell were I was going. have no idea what I was doing.
  3. bmagill0563

    0.7.10 - Public Test Feedback

    I do not have a gaming computer. When playing the regular game I top out at 3 FPS. But when playing the Sunrise in the Darkness, it drops to 2 FPS which makes it impossible to play. It is very disappointing to die and have no Idea that you are dead for 2 seconds.
  4. bmagill0563

    California Offshore Patrol [COP]

    Do not know if you are still looking at this posting, but if you have a couple minutes one day we can use some help with the Clan. We would like you to upgrade me from recruiter to Deputy commander. Than you for your time.
  5. bmagill0563

    Clan Commander AWOL

    Our clan Commander Is AWOL for along with half our clan members. Is there any way for a member who is has a position of Recruiter to be promoted to Assistant Commander?