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  1. Notser

    Where is Notser?

    Yep and it was wrong, game is completely different regardless and I’ve personally had to grow up way too much with real life.
  2. People are looking for ya dude hope all is well with ya and I am making these now 


    Might want to watch number 1 before number 2 of course. These should help you get caught up with what is going on with the game.


  3. SO has a failing gallbladder and with COVID they need proof of ailment to take the organ. Unfortunately it is one of those gallbladder issues with nothing showing up in any of the tests. I'm not streaming or making videos most days while my SO is dealing with massive pain everyday. Really appreciate everyone's support.
  4. Notser

    Can we stop testing ships with super unicums?

    Made me spit my drink out lol 🤣
  5. Sorry, I'm on vacation but hope someone will post or I'll try when I get back
  6. Notser talk some sense into these guys!!

    Homing torps NO good!!! Auto depth charges NO good!!! the whole fun of this game is the skill aspect !!! why do you think everyone liked the old cv style. I was excited to manually roll off depth charges and become a hunter or get good at leading my targets in a sub... not so much anymore... Why the lame gameplay look at a game called STEEL OCEAN they did it right.

  7. He dislikes me, make up your own mind
  8. Notser

    Yoshino Preview - Powerful T10 Cruiser

    Zao's got surprisingly beastly AP, my Yoshino tried multiple games and the ranges that I was forced to engage at with AP were really crappy compared to my usual ranges of engagement in my Zao. Zao can also drop off detection way easier for more stealthy AP usage where as my Yoshino had a tough time firing on anyone who wasn't alerted to my presence.
  9. Notser

    Jean Bart!

    I plan to make a official review for Jean Bart when we get that purchase method finalized, I hope we see it sooner rather then some goofy ship disappearing for 6 months with no communication but that is a possibility.
  10. I would be forced to, I ram way too many islands
  11. Notser

    Whats your luck with getting RN DDS

    Finally after 200+ containers I earned the last mission for Lightning, I really wish they would add RNG protection.
  12. Probably the most important point for all of this, speccing all my ships with the same builds is VERY boring and honestly a bit disappointing. The most important effect secondary builds give is the pure joy I feel when fighting in close with other ships, it just is a great spectacle to observe. I'm definitely someone who can check out from slow or boring games, I've never felt that way toward my secondary built games. They always have a fun story I can remember for later, definitely can't say the same about generic long range HE spam in a million different cruisers. Of course there are great moments but it comes more from what went wrong as the long range support ship rather then what went right for the battle.