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  1. Fiona_Marshe

    "There is Australian people here..."

    Been running 2 accounts since it released. Was trying to roll my WoT account back to SEA last timd they offered, but it was a total migration, not just WoT (wanted to keep my WoWS split). Have a few free premiums on NA that have never been offered on SEA server.
  2. So many BB and CL players appear to haved failed their way to tier 10, based on last night. Fighting for caps and spotting... enemy radar covers the cap, friendly radar not even in my gun range, 2 friendly BBs hugging the opposite map edge to the teamtring to fight for a cap. Every loss, 2 or more friendly players did this while enemy were in radar/ BB secondary range of the caps. Only wins, those specific players were on the enemy team.
  3. Fiona_Marshe

    Make Jingles Crap Again!

  4. Regularly topping my winning team in ranked... in a rental Shima. Not hard once the CV goes after easier prey (admittetly, most of the good CV players have already ranked out...)
  5. Fiona_Marshe

    How do you actually detonate a yamato?

    Did it yesterday in Ranked using a Shima rental. Odd results vs CVs, 2 wins, 1 loss (rest no CV). Doing much better than using BBs (v.low win rate until I switched.)
  6. Fiona_Marshe

    Seriously?!? Operation Aegis... O_O

    4 matches last night. Friendy CV was first to die in 3 of them. HOW can they die first, when basic navigation prevents attack?
  7. The military term is " Combat Loss Grouping ". Its a real thing.
  8. Fiona_Marshe

    WG - Please look at the uncounterable DD rush

    Warspite could regularly delete bow-on DDs using AP. Used to be fun rushing at a DD, knowing that *they* will turn and run first.
  9. Fiona_Marshe

    Where do you shoot Warspites?

    The deck plate over citadel is still weak just forward of turret X. Every time a shell lands there I take a Citadel.
  10. Fiona_Marshe

    T3-5 Battleship dispersion

    Close to secondary range and shoot from there. Dispersion doesn't really improve until aorund T6 or 7.
  11. Fiona_Marshe

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Possibly worth seeing about getting your own sub-Wiki instead of trying to maintain it on the forums.