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  1. JTM78

    Secondary Armament Dispersion?

    Do it without the Manual Fire Control Skill.
  2. JTM78

    Secondary Armament Dispersion?

    If those secondary dispersion value are true. There is no reason to ever build a secondary built ship!! A Mass with a secondary built captian is 310 disoersion without Manual fire control. This is crazy!!
  3. Why are the Secondary Armaments Dispersion values not show? Is there a website that lists the Secondary Armaments Dispersion? If we have signals and captian skills to improve the Secondary Armament Dispersion it should really be listed in the game.
  4. STOP prompting me to use EXTERIOR upgrades!!! I know I have the stuff and if I wanted to use it, I would! I would also like to see the equipment tab roled back to how it was before. The new way stops me from being able to see the ship and click the upgraded modules to see what happened. I don't care for this new equipment tab at all. Changing thing to just change things is not an inprovement. Did anyone complain about the UI the way it was? Nope, if it is not broken don't touch it. Maybe try fixing the CV or game balnce or the garbage MM.
  5. Does the Victor Lima signal flag increase the secondary guns too?
  6. I am having issues opening the battle reports after the matches. I leave the battle once I am dead, go play another match and get the first match's reprot after I leave the second battle. I can not open up any of my battles at all! Is this a know issue? Are other players having this issue? Is it just me?
  7. Why did they change the module tab to the equipment tab? This lay out sucks and does not provide enough information! Is there a way to change it back?!
  8. Is there a maximum number of signals, camos and flags you ccan have at one time? I ask because I am grinding low tiers and not using the camo, signals or flags yet. I just want to make sure they will just get stored and not lost when i win more of them.
  9. JTM78


    How do you get a complete team list on you match screen and not that pop up window? I know in World of Tanks it is ctrl+tab but it is not working for World of Warships.
  10. Does Advanced Firing Training increase the range of AA guns?
  11. JTM78


    Why do none of the Premium tier VI cruisers have ASW?
  12. I bought myself the P.E. Friedrich last night and came to the forum to ask for advice on skills. I was informed this ship is the worst tier 6 battleship to buy. What tier 6 premiums are worth having to grind credits?
  13. Hello and good day all, with the help I have recieved I decided against getting a tier 8+ premium. I did buy myself the P.E. Friedrich. This brings me to why I am here, I need a little help spending the 10 skill points for the captain. I did watch a lot of Youtube videos about the game and premiums before I bought it. I watcha video but can make out what a couple of the skill icons. They are at :24 in the video. If you can make them out or even have a better skill lay out please post them. Thanks for the help all.
  14. I have some newbro questions 1. If I buy premium time for World of Warships, will I get premium time for World of tanks from the same purchase? 2. If I want to buy a premium ship or premium ships to grind credits, which ones would you recommend? I am thinking Tirpitz or Massachusetts. 3. What is long range secondary build and how do you do it? 4. How do you avoid the torpedo walls from destroyers? 5. Are the tier IX and X premiums worth the money to help grind credits? 6. Is there a World of Warship site like tankgg? If you have any other advice for a newbro let me know. Thanks for your time and help.
  15. JTM78

    Premium ship, no show

    Well this sucks! I went to file a ticket with support about it but check the topics first. WoWS states that even if the transaction goes through it can take up to 24 hours for the purchased item/items to show up. https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/10207/ So much for using the premium time I won and using a premium ship to grind out some much needed credits.