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  1. JTM78

    Subs Feedback Thread

    I stand corrected.
  2. JTM78

    Subs Feedback Thread

    Not one USN BB has any ASW! Yes the USN cruisers can have hydro or radar, so they can detect subs but have no way of engaging them unless the sub is on the surface. WOWS devs said all light cruisers would have ASW. It is true that USSR BB don't have ASW but neither do any other BB. The USSR light cruisers have hydro, radar and ASW! I wonder why the USSR has all of that? Yep the Germans have hydro on there BB but no ASW. None of this changes the fact that all ships are expected to fight against sub but all of them are armed to fight subs. EVERY SHIP SHOULD HAVE ASW!
  3. JTM78

    Subs Feedback Thread

    I agree every ship needs ASW and the skills to boost it. Just about every ship in the game has kind of AA because their are CVs and every ship needs ASW because of subs. I want to know why NONE of the USN tech tree cruisers have ASW? I thought all light cruiser were going to have ASW.
  4. JTM78

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    Every dang ship in the game better have Anti Sub weapons!! Every ship in the game needs a way to detect Subs also, period!
  5. JTM78


    Why has viewing all ships in tech tree been removed from all mods? Is wargaming trying to hit information from the players? Is wargaming hiding information so you buy garbage ships? Is war gaming hiding ships so you don't now where to shoot the premium ships? Wargaming put all of the premium ships into the tech tree to be viewed. That way we don't need a mod to see them!
  6. JTM78

    American Cruisers?

    We can start with tier 8 CA. Tier 8 Italy, UK and USN are the only Heavy cruisers that don't have torpedo bulges. The tier 8 UK and Italy CA both have 19% torpedo damage reduction while the USN tier 8 has 4%. All number are from stock ships. The Des Moines has the WORST range of ALL CA! 15.8 at tier X. Which will face ships that can shoot out too 22 km and greater. Looks like it is coming up very short.
  7. JTM78

    American Cruisers?

    I am talking about the Pensacola, New Orleans, Buffalo and Des Moines. All of them have garbage armor when compared to the other Nations Heavy Cruisers and none of them have torpedo bulges. I am also stating that the Dallas through Worcester have DD armor but don't have torpedo launchers like other light cruisers. The American cruisers are lacking.
  8. JTM78

    American Cruisers?

    At least the Royal Navy gets torps on their heavy cruisers. The USN is the only heavy cruiser line with no anti-torp bulge.
  9. Why do the American Heavy cruisers have little to no armor and garbage Firing range? When compared to other heavy cruisers, American Heavy cruisers come up short. Why do American Light cruisers have DD armor? Is this part of the Russian Bias?
  10. JTM78

    Balance Pass

    Any Idea on when we get a balance pass? I am not enjoying the game since the captian rework. I am finding the cruisers weak and without enough range for the new meta. Brawling BB are dead because of dead eye.
  11. JTM78

    203 mm??

    I have noticed something and I am to see if you under why. The IJN tier 8 Cruiser with 203 mm/50 3rd year has 3,300 HE damage, 4,700 AP damage, rate of fire of 15 seconds and a range of 15.7 km with a fully upgraded ship. The Tier 8 Hipper has 203 mm/60 SK C/34 has 2,500 HE damage, 5,900 AP damage, rate of fire of 11 seconds, and a range of 17.7 km with a fully upgraded ship. The Baltimore has 203/55 Mk.15 2,800 HE damage, has 5,000 AP damage, rate of fire of 10 seconds, and a range of 15.8 km with a fully upgraded ship. Why are they different? Why do all of the IJN cruisers have garbage range and rate of fire per tier compared to every other cruisers?
  12. This update is PURE GARBAGE! Since the Cruiser have lost ever survivability skill except Survivability Expert. My Cruisers are totally pointless when I am forced to fight two tiers higher! I would also point out that my New Orleans has only 4% torp protection but CV can get a negative 10% to that! Where the heck is my skill to increase my torp protection like the BB or even a skill to reduce burn time or burn chance!? All the skills that have to meet a condition to be used are stupid and I won't be using them at all. All Wargaming has done is narrowed the meta even more. I for one look forward to whe the subs come out because I will play then is CV and subs. You guys sure have screwed up the game. I can not wait for the premium time my friend bought me for christmas to run out. I am looking forward to walking away from thsi game like I did tanks.
  13. JTM78

    Dead Eye

    So that mean what? oes it only work on the first volley since you are not dected? Does it not work on the second volley because the dection range on your second volley is the range of the guns?
  14. JTM78

    Dead Eye

    Is the Dead Eye skill only active only on the first volley? I ask because once you fire the volley your detection goes all the way out to your ship's max gun range or does the skill keep working as long as the enemies are not inside my normal none firing detection range. FYI this skill rework is PURE $HIT!!
  15. JTM78

    Weird MM?

    I have been seeing some weird matches in the last week with very bad MM. Multiple matches with 4 tier spread and no they are not because of fail divisions. I am seeing tier 7, tier 8 and tier X matches the most but I have seen tier 6, tier 7 and tier 9 matches also. Also other weird 4 tier spreads too. I thought matches like this were not possible with the current MM?