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    WW II Scenario designer for TOAW
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    Favourite game: AGEOD's Civil War II and Revolution under Siege (Russian Civil War). Unmatched historical detail in both.

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  1. Stauffenberg44

    Why BBs Camp & Snipe

    Playing the Izumo or Dunkerque or Nelson IS the reward. 😉
  2. Stauffenberg44

    Why BBs Camp & Snipe

    Really my response is that many BB players have a glass-jaw mentality and hate taking hits. So they stand back and lob. The thing is BBs have the best armour and highest HP per ship in the game--they are made to take damage... and survive: if it serves a higher team purpose to do so. I'm not going to get into the nuances of that but BBs need to support pushes. Floating around way back like an artillery barge is not the way forward. Keep in mind that most newbs want a BB asap--I know I did. So cut them some slack and politely guide them on how to effectively play BBs as part of a team, not long distance artillery support..
  3. Stauffenberg44

    I can't keep up with this sewage spill in MM tonight

    I just took almost 3 months vacation from this.. it helps.
  4. Stauffenberg44


    I think her response is natural and probably warranted--we all went through this. Every battle, apart from the logistics at work, is an emotional drama. Cut her some slack. Cowardly team play can be really infuriating... until you play thousands of battles and realize it's all 'meh'!
  5. Stauffenberg44

    Who is this Russian Guy ????

    Clearly that is John Major working undercover: and injecting Zbigniew Brzezinski with a mind-control serum from behind (who is smiling because it feels so goooood).
  6. Stauffenberg44

    The Roma Problem

    Well said. One always has to remember that it is game first for the developers BUT--that said they push as much historicity into it as the game can stand and still be a relatively balanced enjoyable game. Kudos to the devs for this and +1 for the OP for such a detailed and interesting post.
  7. Well said re the billionaire passing.

  8. Stauffenberg44

    RIP Paul Allen

    +1 for that.
  9. Stauffenberg44

    RIP Paul Allen

    Comes to mind with net worth of around $21 billion dollars...
  10. Stauffenberg44

    RIP Paul Allen

    +1 for that afterthought Lert.
  11. Stauffenberg44

    RN Destroyers

    Well you already have the Canadian DD Haida, a Tribal-class DD of which some 27 were built... what else could you want? ;)
  12. Really, as about as important to me as flame decals off the engine... on a Pinto with slicks on.
  13. Stauffenberg44

    Happy Birthday Skipper!

    Holy bald-headed! 26,133 battles??? I hope you take breaks and come up for air mate!
  14. Stauffenberg44

    Happy Birthday Skipper!

    Great stuff, my mother, a life-long pianist, is 95 and still gives little concerts. Mind still as sharp as a tack. Service comes in many forms. Happy B-Day Grand Dad!
  15. Stauffenberg44

    This Game, yet another MM rant

    I hear you. Look at it from the point of WG... they have an impossible conundrum to solve; the best they can do is ameliorate things, somewhat. My own way with dealng with the aggravation WoWs can cause is to step back and get "zen" about it: --learn from the mistakes you made --stop playing after 3 losses as its hurricane Losing Streak bearing in --Flip to Coop to blow off some steam and still play the ships you love --If it gets really aggravating step back and take a break. I just did, for almost 2 months. (Still love the game) Fair Seas mate