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  1. "You say toMAto I say tomato You say poTAto, I SAY POTATO" ya mato played more battles in her mate.
  2. Read Pope Shizzle on this. Also note it results in one less possible fire lit. Oh, and never use giant caps (shouting) unless you are being humorous, and you're not.
  3. I assumed they were island hobbits on the little known Hobbit Archipelago.
  4. Well for these people the mini map really is a distraction. Show some understanding.
  5. Yes nothing like a few torps to make those BBs act like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
  6. Oh tell us about it. You are pushing a cap in your BB--it's a tough job but someone has to do it right? You are taking focus fire but tanking it well. Then... You look behind to see various friendly BBs and CA kiting away from the cap worried about maybe getting hit. Not supporting any sort of push. "Hey guys/gals heard of caps? Capturing them helps you win!" Over and over and over. Once I see the match is a goner with these querulous schlubs I yolo in to score hits.... and to get the feck off that team asap.
  7. Captain Fire prevention skill and flags, positioning.
  8. The only US battlecruiser of the time, thanks for that: +1. I'll add that to my thread tomorrow.
  9. My thread also included dreadnoughts and battlecruisers. I know they are going to be challenged to find a balance as von der Tann for example has built-in OP qualities. Perhaps fast repairs like the Oktabyr Revolutsiya if you have tried her. Those would be ideal for those British BCs that got knocked down so fast at Jutland.
  10. Have a look at my dreadnought and pre-dreadnought thread for some of these. Goeben of course is a must, and von der Tann, a favourite of mine, considered to be much better than her British equivalents (she sank the British battlecruiser indefatigable at Jutland). Apart from which she is just a beautiful ship:
  11. Agreed, and as far as the Japanese go with oxygen this should be a module option--greater range torpedoes with higher detonation risk; but, these should also have the option to remove completely in battle which is what many IJN DDs did. IJN cruisers should also have the Type 93 option and the ability to jettison.
  12. +1 for that uncomfortable observation, likely true.
  13. He stands like a statue Becomes part of the machine Feeling all the bumpers Always playing clean He plays by intuition The digit counters fall That deaf dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball. - Rock Opera Tommy, The Who
  14. Try to see it from their point of view. It really is distracting.
  15. Yes, and +1 for that.