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    WW II Scenario designer for TOAW

    Favourite game: AGEOD's Civil War II and Revolution under Siege (Russian Civil War). Unmatched historical detail in both.

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  1. Stauffenberg44

    "ADMIRAL" (Russian movie link)

    Agree. Davai!
  2. Stauffenberg44

    "ADMIRAL" (Russian movie link)

    Probably but I am just watching it now--I can tell you they missed the mine, and also the obligatory romance hottie for Kolchak looks a LOT like our lovely presenter in the WoWs upgrade vids.
  3. Stauffenberg44

    "ADMIRAL" (Russian movie link)

    Admiral Alexander Vasilyevich Kolchak was a seminal figure in the Russian Civil War, a naval officer who became a dictator of the Eastern Whites in their fight against the Bolsheviks. A fascinating study, here is the Wiki on him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Kolchak But my main reason for posting this is for the Russian movie "Admiral" (Andrey Kravchuk, 2008). Opens with some fine naval combat scenes in the Baltic:
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  6. Stauffenberg44

    Is there Russian Bias by War Gaming?

    Exactly so. But bringing in the Mikasa broke the taboo as it were and now we can hope and expect others to follow--the Borodino top of the list (yes! Russian!). Here are my notes on her: Notes This floating pitbull (attention, chien méchant!) is my absolute favourite for her sheer gnarliness and history. That this low-in-the-water iron and steel beast made it around Cape of Good Hope on her 18,000 mile journey from the Baltic to the Sea of Japan is nothing short of epic, not to mention tragic given her fate. For those interested there is a fine book about this arduous journey: The Tsar's Last Armada: The Epic Journey to the Battle of Tsushima by Constantine Pleshakov (Basic Books, 2003). "Borodino was the lead ship of her class of pre-dreadnought battleships in the Imperial Russian Navy although she was the second ship of her class to be completed. Named after the 1812 Battle of Borodino. The ship was laid down on 23 May 1900 in the presence of Tsar Nicholas II and launched on 8 September 1901. She was completed in August 1904. While exact figures are not available for Borodino, it is probable that the ship was approximately 1,700 long tons (1,700 t) overweight as she and her sisters were overloaded with coal and other supplies; all of which was stored high in the ships and reduced their stability. The extra weight also submerged the waterline armor belt and left only about 4 feet 6 inches (1.4 m) of the upper armor belt above the waterline On 15 October 1904, Borodino set sail for Port Arthur from Libau along with the other vessels of the Second Pacific Squadron, under the overall command of Vice Admiral Zinovy Rozhestvensky. Rozhestvensky led his squadron, including Borodino, down the Atlantic coast of Africa, rounding Cape Horn, and anchored off the north-west coast of Madagascar on 9 January 1905 where they remained for two months while Rozhestvensky finalized his coaling arrangements. During this time, Rozhestvensky learned of the capture of Port Arthur and changed his destination to Vladivostok, the only other port controlled by the Russians in the Far East. The squadron sailed for French Indochina, on 16 March and reached it almost a month later to await the obsolete ships of the 3rd Pacific Squadron, commanded by Rear Admiral Nikolai Nebogatov. The latter ships reached Camranh Bay on 9 May and the combined force sailed for Vladivostok on 14 May. The ship was sunk during the Battle of Tsushima on 27 May 1905 due to explosions set off by a Japanese shell hitting a 6-inch (152 mm) magazine. There was only one survivor from her crew of 855 officers and enlisted men." - from McLaughlin, Stephen (2003). Russian & Soviet Battleships. Annapolis, Maryland: Naval Institute Press.
  7. Stauffenberg44

    Don't mess with Le Terrible!

    Holy cr*p you eviscerated him. I can't remember getting so many cits in a battle. Very nice. They didn't even have time to announce "abandon ship."
  8. Stauffenberg44

    Is there Russian Bias by War Gaming?

    True. Well give them time and it will balance out I'm sure, although number of ships is not the be all and end all. A big thing of mine on here is to get pre-dreadnoughts included and the biggest sea battle before Jutland was fought by pre-dreads at Tsushima, between the Russians and Japanese. Bring on the Borodino! My pre-dreadnought thread, feel free to drop by and vote:
  9. Stauffenberg44

    Is there Russian Bias by War Gaming?

    Hello? The game for years focused first off on the USN and IJN... I rest my case.
  10. Stauffenberg44

    Is there Russian Bias by War Gaming?

    TRUE DAT. +1 But having said that, a real bias for your own ships by a game company would see you diminishing other nationalities and I just don't see it. US BBs are portrayed very well in my view--sluggish well-armoured tanks until you get up to tier VIII. Above all they have this game matrix going on with all these factions with their particular strengths and weaknesses going at it. It's a gas to play and their ship modelling and research is really informative... when I am not on a losing streak that is. ;)
  11. Stauffenberg44

    Is there Russian Bias by War Gaming?

    Oh you poor thing. I am quite alright with how they are doing things. "Paper ships"? You might as well complain about "actual" ships that actually never saw combat. If most of the Italian ships were "paper" they would do them as well: I don't see the bias in this as a game needing viable factions, at all. Classic straw dog argument in here that has frankly been beaten to death already. Be glad they do as good a job as they do on specific ships and st**, or something. And if this was an American company the US bias would be off the scales. Period. I am so glad it is not.
  12. She was not a turd, just rather under-rated. Now she can shine a bit. She's a unique CA and I enjoy playing her. Still do.
  13. She deserved better... and got it. Her torps can be a surprisingly powerful influence on cap captures. Her guns are fine now and she ranks right up there with the Molotov for me.
  14. Stauffenberg44

    Is it just me or...

    Well come on, after playing random battles for years I finally got into Coop somewhat, and here are the reasons: 1) You can play out ships you don't often play often and you don't take a WR beating losing. Especially if you are a collector, and as one, I was not fanatically worried about overall WR anyway. 2) Further to the above, you can take a break from Random play and paying for a premium account and just play Coop (for free! as the ad goes, and it happens to be true) the way you want to play against bots. It can be a real relief after that, speaking for myself. Took me years to discover this as I was loathe to play Coop and lose the money and credits you can lose game by game in random; ergo, the game, and your pleasure playing it, is much more than credits and free exp. Trust me.
  15. Stauffenberg44

    In Praise of Pre-dreadnoughts

    Bring on the Dante Alighieri! This would be the perfect low tier Italian dreadnought to round out the coming Italian battleship line, which should be very interesting indeed. History matters.