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    WW II Scenario designer for TOAW

    Favourite game: AGEOD's Civil War II and Revolution under Siege (Russian Civil War). Unmatched historical detail in both.

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  1. Yeah ok, mea culpa? this place need a major shot in the arm and I am doing me wee bit.
  2. Some very interesting footage for those who love their German ships:
  3. Stauffenberg44


    Off-topic rather but when my neutered male feline mounts some other cat, either sex, we call it a "dry-mount."
  4. Stauffenberg44

    Musashi coming back?

    Counseling is available.
  5. Stauffenberg44

    Quote of the day

    woot, time to deal with the garbage here. And I enjoyed the exchanges. Fair seas all.
  6. Stauffenberg44

    Quote of the day

    "Big words" lol Heard that all my life frankly from sub-literati bottom feeders. No offense.
  7. Stauffenberg44

    Quote of the day

    Yes it's called hyperbole, look it up. We all engage in it at times. I really do detest PC chat Nazis piling on the wagon after obvious froth like this.
  8. Yes we lost, but the Shima came within a nose hair of taking down the Yamato at the end. I do wish they could figure out a way of creating protracted fleet engagements where the DDs, CAs and BBs have the time and space to do so (nevermind the will do it amongst players). This was one game where this happened. The Reds played well with their inexorable advance in the west as a fleet, and won the day.
  9. Stauffenberg44

    OH those tasty Lemmings ....

    That's a recipe for coward BBs to lemming instead of push overall, and lemmings are losers. literally and figuratively. "There was a swagger, we knew we were good" - John Paul Jones
  10. Stauffenberg44

    OH those tasty Lemmings ....

    I still get them way too often, on either side. But lemmings have more dark meat than hamsters.
  11. Stauffenberg44

    The Problem with the game

    A zen-perfect comment: +1 Lert. ;) I love the Asahio, the challenge. It's almost like playing a Uboot stalking those heavies and closing on them. I play it daily, win draw or lose. Newbs at tiers higher than they "should be" are all part of the matrix in here, fish food for the high-tier sharks--why not? RL fleets suffer decimation of top commanders and end up pushing inexperienced captains into the fray, if you need a *real life* justification for this in-game. Forge onwards. Love of ships at sea trumps all sez I.
  12. Stauffenberg44

    Why play it?

    That made me smile, thank you. :))
  13. Stauffenberg44

    Why play it?

    Yes it's really a tough choice to make and you have to make it early on. Charging en masse is highly effective... if you can get the malcontents, idlers, and basically BB cowards way back to support you. I call it "Fleet Awareness", FA for short. Form up into fleets, the usual, a DD or two out front, CAs and then BBs, preferably fast BBs like the Amagi or Bismarck to just go into a zone, crush it and then a right or hook left to the center. But naw, the "endzone floaters" are not into that and you are on your own most of the time with a few brave hearts that are into your charge. BBs, biggest guns and best armour mind you, are like elephants afraid of mice: Get over it, especially with a fleet in front of you, push and support, it's my biggest complaint in random is these wussy BBs.
  14. Make it about bacon and I am in.