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    WW II Scenario designer for TOAW

    Favourite game: AGEOD's Civil War II and Revolution under Siege (Russian Civil War). Unmatched historical detail in both.

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  1. Stauffenberg44

    Low-dog BB Blues

    Well said! Morituri te salutant!
  2. Stauffenberg44

    Low-dog BB Blues

    Not so much time recently so I come on and play a BB or two and started noting how many times I am low dog BB. It seems... almost always starting up. Of the last 20 battles, 17 I started as low-dog fighting against BBs 2 tiers above mine. Anyone else notice this? Tired of being dogmeat for upper tiers.
  3. It can often be oppressive, certainly a handicap, but now and again victory never felt so sweet...
  4. Stauffenberg44

    How Many Hotel-Yankees do you have right now?

    You win!
  5. And how often has the ramming flag actually been useful? For myself, 274 on hand right now, and about three times useful for me over the years: the last collision with flag on allowed me to survive and get a kraken. Just under a week ago, hence my pondering this.
  6. Stauffenberg44

    teams tonight just wow

    Bad teams is like stepping in dog crap... ugh, it happens. Just more on here.
  7. Stauffenberg44

    Asymmetric Battles

    Fair Crucis, I wasn't completely clear. I meant that those who routinely avoid tier !X-X, I am one of them, also pay a price given the way the game is loaded up economically to play those tiers as the 'pay-off' for all that grinding... if that makes sense.
  8. Stauffenberg44

    Asymmetric Battles

    I am finally starting to look at playing Coop seriously... since i really don't have much more to grind for and have a fine cross-section of ships, as I see you do. Your point makes me wonder if a random insertion of one or two bots into random battles, even if not required by players available as it stands now, might not be a good thing.
  9. Stauffenberg44

    Asymmetric Battles

    ... or who don't want to play on those tiers.
  10. Stauffenberg44

    Asymmetric Battles

    Re "asymmetric battles", get the program to boot off any ship afk for 3-5 mins at battle start and put a bot in. Surely the wizards of Cyprus can finally deal with this. I'm more concerned about this than the OP's issue.
  11. Someone tell me if this replay post works pls: Hats off to the Gneisenau in this--my kind of BB player who knows how to push and fight, as opposed to the New York, like so many, who just floats around, waaay back, and lobs misses.
  12. Stauffenberg44

    In Praise of Pre-dreadnoughts

    Crikey let me sober up tomorrow and I will give it justice. And yes Leo is a BIG cat. I heard a commotion outside in the alley and I ran out the side door. A woman was semi-hysterical, with her little yapper dog hiding behind her, his leash wrapped around her ankles, and she was saying: "Ton horrible chat est sorti de l'obscurité et a attaqué mon chien !" (French city here: "Your awful cat surged out of the darkness and attacked my dog!") Leo was doing his puffed-up sideways thing and closing on the yapper. Gotta love Maine coon cats. Don't tell me cats don't have a sense of humour. ;) I said to her in French: "Sorry about that, but this is his territory, and he doesn't like dogs."
  13. Stauffenberg44

    In Praise of Pre-dreadnoughts

    I included in my list the French ironclad Redoubtable which would fit perfectly into your scheme:
  14. Stauffenberg44

    In Praise of Pre-dreadnoughts

    Thanks for that and I will have a look as soon as I feed my big Maine Coon cat. ;)