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  1. Admiral (film)

    Yes the Dutch were a fierce mercantile power for such a small country... as the English discovered. The film was good!
  2. Admiral (film)

    Michiel de Ruyter is a 2015 Dutch film about the 17c directed by Roel Reiné. On the English promotional website, the film has the title Admiral. A great film with some stellar naval battles, close-in cannonades from ships in-line with musketry as your secondaries: [Surely Lert has seen it]
  3. 459, almost all in random. I go there if I get a winning streak going lower down, just to "keep it real." lol
  4. Heat!!

    Oh blessings.
  5. Heat!!

    July was the mense horriblis here in Quebec and 90 people died from it. I have a putzy A/C in my study and my cat Leo and I shelter in here. He bats at ships on the screen and then gets bored--no idea why I waste time on this and sometimes neither do I. ;)) Please rain.... pleeeese.
  6. Another T8/T10 MM Discussion

    Wait what was the name of that tier VIII BB? More seriously, Tier VIIIs are a sweet spot for me and not because I have a stellar WR (I don't, and it gets even worse for tier IX & X), but because the ships are so interesting, multi-talented, and well able to punch above their weight as you demonstrate. Bismarck, Roma, Kutuzov, Hipper, the redoubtable Amagi, and yes I include the Asashi on a good day, along with Richelieu and N.C. How many play these fine ships at tier VII, think about tier IX & X and go... nahhhh?
  7. Decline of BB support role. Why?

    Loaded questions that bespeak a problem in WoWs from days of yore. In a nutshell my take is that newbs all want BBs asap... so the newb pool in BBs every battle is high. And to be fair I was the same when I was a newb, it's to be expected. You sail out in your first BB and whoa! getting hit all over the place, time to stay well back and lob shells. Give them time. I really think part of the problem is that many of them are sailing blind as it were, without the benefit of being on these forums to see what is what.
  8. American Dreadnought USS Delaware

    I think you're both right, and for similar reasons I think the Viribus Unitis which mounted twelve 12" guns in four turrets, would overpower the Kon. Albert and would make a better tier IV as well. SMS Viribus Unitis
  9. American Dreadnought USS Delaware

    Yes I agree, although she was basically swapped out for the Bellerophon, essentially the same ship with better torp protection. But Dreadnought has the quintessential name.
  10. American Dreadnought USS Delaware

    With her excellent hitting power and armour, this has to be the USN dreadnought to set against the Tier III British Bellerophon and German König Albert, although she might fit better into Tier IV given these attributes. USS Delaware (BB-28) was a dreadnought battleship of the USN and the lead ship of her class. She was launched in January 1909, and completed in April 1910. Delaware was armed with a main battery of ten 12-inch (305 mm) guns all on the centerline, making her the most powerful battleship in the world at the time of her construction. She was also the first battleship of the US Navy to be capable of steaming at full speed for 24 continuous hours without suffering a breakdown. Historical Notes: With her unique gun layout and interesting lines, she would be a good addition to a bevy of pre-dreadnoughts yet to appear in the WoWs. Have a look at some of the other candidates on my pre-dreadnought thread if you haven't:
  11. IJN Nagara--Kuma premium--why not?

    万歳 Banzai! +1
  12. IJN Nagara--Kuma premium--why not?

    Even so, as you well know, they will shoehorn certain things to create premiums here, and I actually don't mind.
  13. IJN Nagara--Kuma premium--why not?

    Based on what does the Gneisenau have 6 x 380mm rather than her historical 9x 28 cm (11" guns)? Oh yes, they had to go on the Scharnhorst.
  14. IJN Nagara--Kuma premium--why not?

    I hear you.
  15. IJN Nagara--Kuma premium--why not?

    The Nagara-class vessels were essentially identical to the earlier Kuma-class cruisers, using the same hull design, powerplant and layout of armament. The main differences were in the design of the bridge, which was raised to allow for an aircraft hangar and launch platform above the No.2 gun in front of the bridge. Another change was the installation of the new, larger Type 93 torpedoes, which required an extension of the main deck. All vessels in the class were modified extensively during their operational lives, with no two vessels modified in the same way. A Kuma premium, the Nagara, with better torps (10 km range thereabouts) and spotter/fighter plane--yea or nay? Enough higher-tier premiums, focus on quality not quantity, erm or somesuch.