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    WW II Scenario designer for TOAW

    Favourite game: AGEOD's Civil War II and Revolution under Siege (Russian Civil War). Unmatched historical detail in both.

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  1. Stauffenberg44

    The Mighty Jingles finally loses it

    Gorgeous little cat, s/he will have him figured out in no time. +1 of course! My Maine Coon Leo:
  2. Stauffenberg44

    It's official Yamato Kobayashi Camo overpriced

    If it has a big can of Kirin beer on the superstructure as the Roma does with its Brio can, count me in. [Not]
  3. Stauffenberg44

    Should WG listen to this type of player.

    The dogs bark, the caravan moves on.
  4. I don't play CVs but I admire a good CV player. I'd pay just to remove feckless potatoes from MM, I don't care what boat they float.
  5. Stauffenberg44

    Naval Legends in World of Warships: Yamato

    Well we have the Mutsu at least. ;)
  6. Stauffenberg44

    Naval Legends in World of Warships: Yamato

    If anyone had any doubts about the extra miles the Devs go to incorporate as much historical accuracy as they can, this Naval Legends vid on the Yamato will put them to rest. Really well done. And btw one of the presenters looks a lot like Samwell Tarley in Game of Thrones. ;)
  7. Stauffenberg44

    Warspite: The Old Grey Lady

    Warspite players past and present, pls give me your latest impressions of how she is doing with the latest patches. Thank-you.
  8. Stauffenberg44

    So my stats are horrible.

    lol, well said. +! Half the game is psychology. I'm +7000 battles into this and finally don't give a damn if I am 50-51% WR--mind you and am over 60 and perhaps my reflexes are not so swift but no excuses! I used to play chess with a Croatian friend and he beat me 3 out of 4 games, but those wins!. My unexpected daring plays won the game... worth the satisfaction of the losses. Just enjoy your battles and note you do well at. Learn from them.
  9. Stauffenberg44

    don't lose hope when the team's down

    I hear you, but on the other hand pushing intelligently, "death or glory", can win the day in the endgame.
  10. Stauffenberg44

    don't lose hope when the team's down

    True dat. I've seen some great turn-arounds, some of my best battles coming back from a seeming sure loss to WIN! Those end games can produce some nail-biting results. WoWs at its best with two teams with equal talent: too bad MM did not make it more often.
  11. Stauffenberg44

    Modeling Takao?

    Good luck with that project. I did a thread on her once but could not find it. She and the Atago (in the game) are perhaps the most beautiful cruisers ever built IMHO. I can offer a lovely painting of her though: IJN Heavy Cruiser Takao (artist unknown)
  12. Stauffenberg44

    CVs for Dummies

    Namely myself. I did try early on to give them a go but realized it's a different game, map oriented, and while I love maps I have other online pbem battles and wars for that. But I am getting the itch to give them another go. I've commented on the CV-slamming in the forum and I've defended their presence on numerous occasions. They are much needed and add a ton of drama to any battle, but I won't go on about that here. I admire a good CV player, even whilst sinking from their assaults. To cut to the chase... I want to give them another go. I have this love affair with the Kaga, but really, starting from scratch, some direction to some helpful videos or threads would be appreciated. Recommended CV starter ships. I can start dive-bombing and torping bots in Coop until I summon up the nerve to go into random with my carrier of choice. Not so much nerve (I am a bullish BB player mostly), more not wanting to be a team liability. Thanks in advance. Love them or hate them they bring a feckload of presence and threat to any battle:
  13. Stauffenberg44

    The Real Issue With CV Play, And A Solution

    I'm not convinced of that. I do feel that they are finding their way with CVs as we go along here and that's fine by me. CV's are a critical element to fit into the matrix, either your ace (Pearl Harbour), or your Fail (Midway etc). It's not an easy task the developers have here. A more realistic prep and load out of planes on the deck rather than instantly appearing and taking off etc. CV CAP to counter strikes against planes on deck above all etc. All sorts of things that could be better represented and handled, some of which already mentioned in this thread. And Maine a fine thought-provoking thread, keep it up. +1 You have to know they are wrestling with the CV conundrum as we speak. All the grief they cause me aside, I really value their presence in the game (I don't play them for reasons I have stated elsewhere) and look forward to their evolution in game terms. Hell I may even try my hand at them again (I love the Kaga).
  14. Stauffenberg44

    I designed a Lego castle

    yes Carcassone would be lovely - been there many times. You do realize that the Disney castle is basically lifted from Neuschwanstein Castle which exists?