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  1. Och aye lads and lassies so ye want to know what premium ships are for do ye? It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma... [also used to perpetuate the risible myth of the 'wallet warrior']
  2. One of those (few) ships I'm purple in over 70 battles so she is a keeper. Now that her rear turrets can full rotate forward from side to side things are even better. A fun ship for her tier.
  3. Actually I think being made to drink big tropical fruit juice drinks with booze in a fake coconut mug and a paper umbrella is punishment enough for ending up pink. [Hi thailor! kithy kithy!]
  4. Oh get a life, he churns out excellent reviews and I would send him a bottle of slivovitz if I could. If you don't have some pet issue that gets your blood up... [well clearly yer a bot]
  5. I would like much of that just to take pictures. Aslain puts up his mods with alacrity I would suggest him.
  6. Oh I liked her, miss her even. See Flamu's review.
  7. But I have my Nelson! [and it's all in my head]
  8. Being pink is rather old at this point. It happens. A minuscule percentage of players do it intentionally: the rest of us bork it up at times and learn not to. Perhaps we should set up a permanent thread for those newly pink, along the lines of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting... "Hello my name is Friendkiller99 and I am a pink player. I am not going to play out my pink cruise of shame in Coop but have come before you to seek absolution for my sins."
  9. This gets tiresome and is not just bias, it is uninformed. The Germans in the Crimea under Manstein certainly knew the Russians had a navy as it kept Sevastopol supplied through a lengthy siege and provided support for numerous amphibious landings in the Crimea and later in the Caucasus with fleet gunfire support. The "fleet in being" dynamic has pinned many a fleet to "apparent inaction" when in fact it's very presence exerts a huge influence into adjacent seas.
  10. Really if someone is that bad at BBs their ship should appear as a bathtub toy to give the rest of us the heads-up. If I get two losses with schlubs like that on my team I pack it up for the day... Not at home for another losing streak thanks!
  11. ? Because it's off-topic and I can. ["You say tomato and I say tomato, you say Yamato and I say Space Battleship Yamato"] Set in the year 2199, an alien race known as the "Gamilas" ("Gamilons" in the English Star Blazers dub) unleash radioactive meteorite bombs on Earth, rendering the planet's surface uninhabitable.Humanity has retreated into deep underground cities, but the radioactivity is slowly affecting them as well, with humanity's extinction estimated in one year. The inhabitants of Earth secretly build a massive spaceship inside the ruins of the gigantic Japanese battleship Yamato which lies exposed at the former bottom of the ocean location where she was sunk in World War II. This becomes the "Space Battleship Yamato" for which the story is titled. Using Starsha's blueprints, they equip the new ship with a space warp drive, called the "wave motion engine", and a new, incredibly powerful weapon at the bow called the "Wave Motion Gun". The Wave Motion Engine is capable of converting the vacuum of space into tachyon energy, as well as functioning like a normal rocket engine, and providing essentially infinite power to the ship, it enables the Yamato to "ride" the wave of tachyons and travel faster than light. Star Trek eat your heart out:
  12. Aslain has proven himself to be diligent and always gets his mod back up to speed with the new patch in a day or so. It doesnt affect my game or WR when I am back to vanilla for a day or two, it affects my enjoyment ín playing it. It's minor stuff but aesthetics are'important to me, even down to having a realistic ship portrayal on the carousel as opposed to a stock cut out. Each to his own.
  13. It's Aslain and it's really a comfort level on the eyes, on how the information is passed, there is no play advantage per se. When I have to go back to vanilla when a new patch comes out and he has not caught up I just feel irked at the visuals is all. Like having to go back to the Volkswagen because the Maserati is in the garage. ;)
  14. Yes Little White Mouse nails that with her review... stopped me from trying it given the liabilities. König Albert is a good low tier battleship... until we get the pre-dreadnoughts I am pushing for. Check out my thread on them:
  15. Aslain mod has some great visual options and you can turn team speak off.