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  1. My_Other_Car_Is_A_Tank

    Unable to download updates

    I'm trying to come back to the game after several months, but as soon as I try to update I get this: What I've tried so far: allowing it through my firewall, running as administrator, reinstalling game center, using the check and repair thing in game settings, switching to another internet connection. Nothing has worked.
  2. I, for one, welcome our new Azur Lane overlords. It's actually a nice change of pace from KC, I'm sick of beating my head into an RNG wall and hoping it'll break eventually.

  3. Officially given up on IJN DDs. I hate Shira so much I'm not even going to try for Akizuki. The money I get from selling them will really help, though.

  4. 55 page AP Physics C packet... Yawn...

  5. Off to Korea for two and a half weeks. Till then, see ya'll. 

  6. I just bought a ton of new ships and now I have a port full of stock ships that I hate. Fantastic

  7. My water heater just burst... This goddam house is just falling apart

  8. A complete list of all the drawups I've finished so far. It's only 5 ships, but it's something I'm very proud of. Give it a look at if you're interested.
  9. I lost literally every single statistics writeup both planned and already done because I tried to switch to SpringSharp 3.0 and it didnt't work.

    1. Hiroe


      That sounds extremely painful.

  10. Haha, my computer crashed and I lost two draw-ups that I hadn't saved. HAHA.

    1. SubTender_Taigei


      I got that feeling. Lost 3 weeks of work very recently, and I'm too bummed about it to start over again

  11. Excuse the delay in my writings, I'm currently in Georgia on vacation until Wednesday

  12. I'm sorry Pensacola, I didn't understand what a bad ship truly was until I played Minekaze and stock Fubuki

    1. Sumeragi_Lee_Noriega


      I miss the original Minekaze. In all of its OP 10km torpedo glory.

  13. Pensacola is singlehandedly worsening my stats

    1. Sumeragi_Lee_Noriega


      The Pensacola doesn't forgive mistakes. Even the slightest ones.

  14. I am no longer a grape, I have descended into a full blueberry. RIP Car's purple stats, 2015-2016.

    1. khaenn35


      *pats* there, there... They have gone to a good cause.