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  1. MajorPlagge

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    Thankful for the Bot modes. Not as much time to game as I used to have. And PvE modes (and even the Twilight mode) is a great distraction and fun that one can jump right into without the competitive stress. And a Scharnhorst would probably be good for both Co Op and Operations.
  2. MajorPlagge

    Head back to High School - 11th - 18th

    Read the fine print in the News. For example, so many haven't heard that they will be able to win 3 Port Slots per month, starting in December. See here: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-0810/ Thea please.
  3. MajorPlagge

    What if; Leyte Gulf - 14th - 21st

    Commonwealth was mentioned, so I had an excuse to break out this old ship. Question though: Why does the Vampire not show up in the Tech Tree? Well, for those that own it, I mean. Update edit: Guess we mention a ship we would love: Atlanta
  4. Good excuse to use this old coal ship I bought.
  5. MajorPlagge

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

    Furball was safely rescued from this 'deep blue sea' shortly after this picture was taken.
  6. Back when Dynamo existed, my favorite memory is when I beat out a Sims in a 4-man division with only the lowly Aigle. Best coal I have ever spent so far. If we could wish for something other than a ship, then the Admiral's Bounty pack from the Premium shop would be nice. If that's not the case, then a Tirpitz plz.
  7. ===================================================== EDIT UPDATE I am asking about the _LAST YEAR'S_ container boxes added to the Arsenal for only coal (5000 coal for 5 boxes) The ones for the 2017 collection. Not the new ones that we either have to earn or buy starting tommorrow ===================================================== First off, it is great that the "2 Years of World of Warships" Collection containers were added to the Arsenal. Thank you to Wargaming for that. But my only question is this a PERMANENT addition? Or when the next patch comes along, these containers will be removed? Just wondering how much time I have to try to gather up the coal. The information I found here: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/update-078-wows-birthday/#collection https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/gamestuff/all-about-collections/ Doesn't seem to have a direct answer to that. Thank you.