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  1. Munkeetwo

    Update of the Ruckus in the Depot Event

    Ah, they don't show up on the armory if you aren't logged in. That's weird. even weirder that I wasn't logged in, I am always logged in
  2. Munkeetwo

    Update of the Ruckus in the Depot Event

    odd, those aren't on my premium shop anywhere I can find, certainly not the first page. nor are they anywhere I can find on the armory either
  3. I personally have all the dockyard ships, I usually buy all the pre event packs and then somewhat casually grind to the end. Not this time. Too many stages of nothing great to get a ship I couldn’t care less for.
  4. Munkeetwo

    Torpedo Aiming

    I’ll take a stab at this one, and yes, it really is that their speed and headings are changing. Even just a few degree swing to either side will dramatically slow larger ships. If you can get a nice lumbering ship to sail straight long enough you can hit all your toros into their broadside with the aiming guide. The best use of the aiming guide is to use it to watch whether enemy ships are slowing or accelerating and how often they do it before you launch
  5. The difference really though, and it’s a big one, is that dd’s counter themselves. CVs just farm the other classes. If the primary role of a cv was to kill the other cv and then farmed the team after they were done it would be a much more enjoyable experience all around.
  6. I shot down, 94? I think in my Worcester one game, not a double cv, just a very stubborn single cv that wouldn’t stop trying haha
  7. Munkeetwo

    Smoke mechanics

    Basically, if a bb is semi close to enemy ships and shooting, a smoke screen does it no good, a good bb player will use a smoke screen to make turns or run or surprise broadsides, or maybe just sit and let it’s secondaries do some work, but depending on the situation it won’t be helpful for them and maybe even help the enemy cruisers and dds he is fighting more.
  8. Munkeetwo

    Small Poll On The State Of Subs

    A well constructed, biased attack on subs this is not. But I commend the effort.
  9. Munkeetwo

    Homing Torpedoes Have To GO!

    I am sure it will be the breaking point for some players, it will probably also draw in new players and ultimately, it’s whether adding in subs will make wargaming more money or less that determines when and if they are introduced full time (they will be, btw). other than wasting your time posting, you’re doing the right thing. voting with your wallet is the best thing you can do.
  10. Munkeetwo

    What are your funnest ships to play

    Love Friesland, love, love , love it. I love the Worcester, it does not love me in return love the Massachusetts B. I also love my Somers, it’s the only steel ship I have and I do not regret it’s purchase even one little bit. honorable mention to the conqueror, my first tier 10 bb
  11. I feel exactly the same about this, I don’t care what port just got added, I selected the Philippines and I want it to stay that way until I decide to change it
  12. So here’s what I don’t get… why sell them? It gains you nothing if you’re just gonna play premiums
  13. Munkeetwo

    Mouse's Take on the Short-List Fiasco

    I buy these crates every year, because I like ships, but for some reason I don't like "wasting my money" on cheap ships that I know I won't play, so I drop a couple hundred dollars on loot boxes every christmas just to see what I get. I like the randomness of it and if I get a missouri someday great, if not... I will try out the low level premiums I "win" and see if I like any. I think the trick is knowing what you're getting into. loot boxes in any game are designed to suck money out of wallets. some people have no impulse control. it makes them a ton of money. Until they're illegal, companies will sell them.