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    PTS 0.11.6 pt 1

    I honestly really like the camo and bonus change. Previously i avoided using camos that i liked the look of because i either didn't want to run out of them or they had a bonus that didn't necessarily apply to the ship i was playing at the time, like a large XP gain on an elite ship when i don't plan on converting free XP. Now i can just use the cosmetic camo as a cosmetic and it looks like most of them can be replenished for silver. Like that a lot. I like the new location for the equipment and signal flags as well. Having everything that affects ship parameters/performance under the same tab is more preferable than having them split across equipment and exterior imo. New placement of the modules specifically is fine too. Definitely prefer the new xp/credit bonus system to the existing flag/camo one on live today, but there are two specific things i think should change. On the test server, it seems like the bonuses applied to ship currently are based on what we already had with flags and camo when our accounts were copied over, but for the live client, i think the bonuses should be off by default or at a minimum, set to the lowest (and most plentiful) bonus for everything. These 7300% bonuses are nuts and it would be a shame to accidentally waste them because we didn't know they were on. This mostly echoes some of the above comments, but having the currently applied economy bonuses window under the commander portrait seems kind of off? I'm not entirely sure where it would be better, but its current spot seemed odd at first. New container screen is also good. I will almost certainly just continue opening containers one at a time or all at once as i've already been doing, but it's nice to have the option to see exactly what containers i have in the pile before i do. Last thing, i'm noticing there's a discount for the first premium camo you buy per ship on the test server. Not sure if it's already planned or not, but please consider letting that one go live. Would love to be able to get the permanent camos for a couple ships i've been running for a long time. Overall, i really like these changes. Splitting the cosmetic stuff into their own category added a bit of flexibility to decorating your boat that i really appreciate. The art team did an excellent job on a lot of these camos and i'm looking forward to using more of them.