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  1. Enforcer017

    My frustration with tier 8 carriers

    I'm still terrible with CVs so take this with a grain of salt but I think Kaga uptiers to T10 the easiest. I can use the rocket planes to scout early, then start attacking with TB/DBs in the second third of the match. If I dump an attack wing before going in on each attack run my planes normally last long enough to still have something at end game. My attacks being effective just comes down to me picking the right flight path and target. Which is still my biggest shortcoming as a player I think.
  2. Enforcer017

    Irrational love of a ship you are bad in..

    The entire CV class for me. I'm terrible with them but I enjoy the different playstyle. I dont know what I am doing wrong but I am determined to find out and get the full potential out of the class.
  3. Enforcer017


    Not that good? Short range secondaries? HA! I have 6.8 km secondaries on a Tier 4. Personally I think Arkansas is the best secondary boat in the game. Sure the german BBs and Massachusetts have better range and a more effective manual control of secondaries skill but the range that other ships have and the meta at those tiers leads to the secondaries not getting to work as much. Its fairly common for me to get multiple close quarters experts in an Arkansas match. Not to mention you get the sweet artillery plotting room to buff your accuracy..... and the choice between boosting your reload or your range. As far as rereleasing the ship? I dont see them doing it in its current form. It would be like rereleasing Nikolai. A nerfed version maybe. I imagine it would only have tier 4 equipment slots.
  4. Enforcer017

    Futuristic Friday - The Next Ship

    I don't think they know how to balance that. It has way too much firepower for low tier but its way too slow and poorly armored for high tier. It would be fun as hell though!
  5. Enforcer017

    Futuristic Friday - The Next Ship

    Now I am hyped that we are getting a Mackensen class battlecruiser even if its a fictional modernized version. I would like to see more of the German Battlecruisers though. SMS Von Der Tann or SMS Derfflinger. We need Battlecruisers from the British side as well. I'd also like that Borodino leak to come to fruition. More predreadnoughts would be cool.
  6. Enforcer017

    Alabama or Massachusetts??

    I think the short heal cooldown on the Mass is more important than the secondaries. I have found it allows me to get in closer and stay there longer than any other battleship, provided I dont mess up my positioning. I do run the risk of burning through all the heals quickly and getting sunk but I have found that I can slow an enemy push long enough for my team on the other flank to break through and either kill everything or hold caps long enough to secure a points win. Statistically speaking though, I am better in Alabama. Sample size could be bigger for both ships though so take it for what its worth.
  7. Enforcer017

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Ishizuchi

    Edit: duplicate.
  8. Enforcer017

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Ishizuchi

    Pretty much this. Just dont let aggressive become reckless. I find it works well to hit and run. You have the health to tank some damage, and the speed to fall back before you get overwhelmed, but you should have your escape route planned and be set on it before you even come under fire. Head back in once its safe or your team needs your health pool again.
  9. Enforcer017

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Ishizuchi

    I dont know. It could just be me but I feel like the guns handle better since 5.2 went live. I dont sail her often, in fact, only twice in PvP since then. I have played a couple more games in PvE with her. Not a big sample I know but I felt like the groups were tighter, and she shells were hitting for actual damage rather than 1k annoyance hits more often. Both of the PvP games got a Kraken Unleashed. I was top tier in both though, so its almost seal clubbing. I dont know. I feel like she is definely workable but she is underperforming compared to other BBs in the tier, according to stats. I guess this post wasnt helpful afterall....