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  1. Best or Most fun gun boats?

    Yeah. Halloween St. Louis is a blast. I really like Nassau too and managed to pick up that halloween camo as well.

    Yes please. I am all for more dreadnought era ships!
  3. Best Ships of All Tiers

    T1, Erie I guess. T2, Umikaze. A clubbers club. Some people would take it into T10 matches back in the day. T3, St. Louis. A ton of fun and very powerful, plus I have the sweet Halloween camo. I really enjoy Nassau as well. Bellerophon should be better, but I still see better results in Nassau. Cant forget to mention Konig Albert T4, Arkansas Beta. 6.8 km secondary range at T4 lul. 12 guns and has accuracy mod available. CVs it faces got nerfed so no AA doesn't hurt nearly as much as it used to. ....now that adrenaline rush is useful I am tempted to swap the accuracy mod out for the reload mod. T5, Hmm. Gremy. I hear Furrytaco is good now but I haven't played it since just after the game went live. Konig is probably best BB but I have enjoyed Iron Duke as well. T6, Bayern. Its a complete package. It has less guns than most of the others but the 15 inch guns and okay speed allow it to uptier well. The same can be said for Warspite and that also gets a plane but I feel like the shells shatter more easily than Bayern's. Its a toss up. I have not played it in a long time but Farragut was amazing. T7, Scharnhorst. Again very well rounded and uptiers well but has to be used differently than Bayern to work. Myoko and Nagato are also good. T7 Kiev was a beast. T8, I have to go with NC. I found it to be much more consistent than Bismarck. I suck with DDs at this tier. 155 Mogami gets an honorable mention. T9, Of the few I have played..... FdG. Its not a great ship but i am fairly consistent with it. Fletcher is a better ship but FdG is a better ship for me. T10, Again, I don't have a lot but my pick is Montana. Armor that works well when angled(not just camping bow in), 12 accurate guns with good angles, monster AA for swatting mosquitoes. Yeah, I like this ship.
  4. Seagal's departing!

    Franz Von Hipper or Reinhard Scheer. No reason not to use imperial Germany since that covers up to T6 for the most part.
  5. Why did you pick your patch?

  6. US Army Military Police. 2005-2010
  7. HMS Repulse can now come to WoWs

    All I know is the German battlecruisers should be classed as BBs in this game. BBs with smaller guns than their same tier actual battleship counterparts. Their armor is much more BB like. Maybe the British battlecruisers could be implemented in the cruiser class? I think they should be BBs but I guess an argument could be made to go the other way.
  8. I think the solution is to either give BBs aside from the germans citadels that can actually be hit, thus making positioning and timing important again, and making poor play easier to punish. Let the Germans keep their turtleback, thats their thing. But almost every BB since they were introduced has had either a turtleback or an underwater citadel that does essentially the same thing. So most BB drivers cant be punished for mistakes like they used to be. It has not really created more aggressive play however. I'm pretty sure that BB players who move up were doing that before the influx of hard to citadel BBs. The other option would just be to remove citadels altogether. This buffs survivability of both cruisers and older BBs that still have citadels that are easy to hit and brings them closer to balance with the newer BBs.
  9. Favorite BB Line

    Its a tough question. I picked US because I enjoy them the most at higher tiers but Germans are close. It really depends on the tier. T2: Mikasa because there is no other choice. Its not that good. T3: Nassau. I thought Bellerophon would replace it with its better range but I still enjoy Nassau more and tend to do better with it. Plus I have the halloween camo for it. T4: Arkansas Beta. Its a mini Montana with the accuracy mod and 6.8 km secondaries at T4 is lulz. Kaiser is a fun ship as well. T5: tough choice. I dont play it a lot but I have enjoyed Iron Duke here. Probably more than any other tech tree RN BB. T6: Tough choice again but Warspite takes it. Bayern is pretty close. I like New Mex as well but she struggles more when uptiered due to her speed and the reload is painful. T7: Scharnhorst. The turret rotation and reload speed more than make up for the lower caliber. Nagato is nice as well. I enjoyed Colorado but the slow speed really hurts. T8: North Carolina. Possibly my favorite ship in the game. Good guns, armor that works when used properly. Decent speed, and when uptiered it has the advantage of good cam and a tighter turning circle than the bigger behemoths that come afterwards. T9: Big Freddie. This is my worst tier but I can usually live long enough to squeeze a half decent game out of FDG. T10: Montana. I haven't played this since I took a break from the game over the past couple months but I like it. The guns work, the armor works with angling, it can get where it needs to be, and it can scare off CVs. My biggest struggle at this tier is using the right amount of aggression. I also had a Yamato but I got mad and rage sold it one day. Maybe I will buy it back someday when I get better at high tiers. I do not have a Grosser Kurfurst.
  10. Bayren

    My mileage varies. I generally find Bayern to be very tanky, but I usually try to stay at 10-15km. The turrets are very slow for point blank brawling. There arent many BBs that worry me. Only Warspite, Mutsu, and another Bayern can overmatch my bow in the tier, but I dont usually sit straight on either. I try to take incoming fire into my belt, or avoid them entirely. Because the guns are so slow I tend to fire them in front and rear pairs, with a lot of maneuvering in between. The other day I fought a delaying action against 6 ships, 3 BBs and 3 CA/CL ranging from T5 to T7. I knew I couldn't kill them all but I knew I could tank them all for several minutes and keep them busy long enough that hopefully my team could take the other 2 points and come give me back up. Sure enough they played well and came to my aid several minutes later. I did make a mistake and showed too much broadside to the Colorado which resulted in taking some big damage but other than that Bayern held up really well.
  11. Tier 7 USN BB proposal SD(1920)

    Ehh. Maybe it could work at T8 even with good gun handling, using the poor survivability at that tier as the balancing aspect. Extremely good guns on an extremely bad hull. I don't know if it would be fun to play like that though. At T7 though it outclasses Colorado in pretty much every category except AA.
  12. German Battlecruisers. T3- Von Der Tann, T4- Moltke, T4 premium Seydlitz, T5- Derfflinger (might sadly be the turd of the line), T6- Mackensen, T7- Ersatz Yorck, T8- O Class. The line would for the most part have smaller or fewer guns than their BB coubterparts at their tier. Derfflinger is slower than her predecessors and only has 8 12 inch guns at T5, which is pretty anemic, but I think the 11 inch guns on the earlier ships are fine at their tiers. I would assume that those ships get Nassau's reload so maybe Iron Dog gets a sub 30 second reload as well. I think Mackensen would be fine at T6, but Ersatz Yorck could be a problem. It would actually have more 15 inch guns than its BB counterpart Gneisenau and would be slower without fictional upgrades but a lot of ships have them at this point. Also althougb it has more guns of the same caliber these are Bayerns guns not Bismarcks. With some tweaking it could probably work. With O class the player would lose 2 guns but.... 35 knot speed to make up for it. It would be the best german BB at closing into brawling range. I am counting battlecruisers as BBs for matchmaking, obviously. For T9 and T10 if the line goes the whole way they can just make some stuff up, just keep them as faster than their BB counterparts but less well armed. The line doesn't even have to go to T10, but I think that for the role these ships played (the ones that were completed anyway) in the first world war, that they should make an appearance in this game.
  13. Alright time to nerf Monty

    I have only played a few games here and there over the past couple months so my opinion may not be worth anything but.... I sort of agree that the Montana did not need a lowered citadel. I only had the ship for a handful of games before they lowered the citadel but I didn't find it overly difficult to protect. If I ate big damage its because I was in a poor position or did something stupid. That being said I think the lowered citadel is part of a larger problem of battleships as a whole getting citadels that are too protected. The novelty of the german line with their hard to hit citadels is not novel anymore. The british line is the same way, Amagi got a turtleback. Iowa, Alabama, Missouri, and Montana are not impossible to cit but much more forgiving now. I dont know about the french BBs but I wouldnt be surprised if they cant be cit either. At this point they should either lower the citadel of Yamato, Izumo, and Musashi, or raise the cits of most of the high tier battleships so the playing field is even. Maybe not as high as they used to be, and leave the Germans the same since thats their gimmick and you can just normal-pen them for days.
  14. Best Use of Jack Dunkirk

    Since I only have T3 in the RN CL line and don't have plans to focus on continuing any time soon he will be going into an RN BB. Probably a low tier one where the EM boost will matter the most. Reduced cooldowns on consumables will help with survivability as well.
  15. Franz Von Hipper. Would be nice if we got some German Battlecruisers to go along with that though.